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For access, input your UARK username and password when prompted.
Remote access help is also available.
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Dates: varies
Titles Covered: Content Coverage FAQs
Full-Text: Yes; links to available full-text
Operators: Connectors: and is assumed; OR; - = not (e.g., mexico -new); + = item must be present (use for stop words, e.g., museum +of art)
Wildcards: not available
Adjacency: place phrases in quotes
Description: Google Scholar indexes hundreds of open access and subscription journals, books from the WorldCat database, conference papers and proceedings, white papers, and other academic materials posted on the Web. Google Scholar is not as comprehensive as many subject databases, but it is useful in that it provides one handy place to search across many different disciplines and subject areas.
Please NOTE that not all materials indexed by Google Scholar are available to members of the University of Arkansas community.
If you identify a citation that you would like to acquire, be sure to check the library catalog, under the journal or book title to see if it is available.
Setting up Find it! to work with Google Scholar.
Help: Google Scholar Help
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