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Dates: ancient - recent
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Description: This collection of architectural images from the Smart Media Center in the University of Arkansas School of Architecture consists of several groups:
  • Archivision is core architecture collection purchased by and for the UA School of Architecture representing major Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, 18th & 19th Century and Modern sites.The collection also includes gardens & parks, city skylines, cityscapes and public art as well as other design related topics.
  • Art and Architecture consists of 30,000+ images drawn from the School of Architecture's Smart Media Center and includes landscape and art images as well as architectural photographs, drawings, and plans
  • Art Images for College Teaching (AICT) offers almost 3,000 images in the public domain
  • Historic Illustrations of Art & Architecture offers nearly 300 images published primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries
  • Historic Posters includes 167 illustrations from the 19th century
  • James Collection of English Architecture offers more than 600 images from the Norman, Gothic; Tudor, Baroque and Neoclassical periods
  • James Madison University Art Collection includes more than 1,000 images from all time periods and styles
Images can be browsed or searched by keyword. Students and faculty may use low-resolution images in instructional settings; faculty may contact the Smart Media Center for information on setting up customized slideshows or collections for classes.
Note: Images are licensed for instructional, noncommercial use ONLY. Any images used on instructional web sites MUST be password-protected.