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Dates: mainly 1700 -
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Operators: Use Advanced Search to combine criteria such as artists, instrument, period, or country.
Description: Naxos Music Library [NML] is the world´s largest online classical music library. Currently, it offers streaming access to more than 125,500 CDs with more than 1,920,400 tracks of both standard and rare repertoire. Over 800 new CDs are added to the library every month. The library offers the complete catalogues or selected titles from over 650 record labels, with more labels joining every month. Along with classical music, jazz, world, and pop/rock are also represented. The contents can be searched by composer, work, genre and label; by keyword search. Additional resources include: information about the history of classical music and opera with listening examples, libretti and synopses of over 700 operas, a pronunciation guide for composer and artist names, a glossary, an overview of important musical terms, work analyses, work details with instrumentation, publishers, duration, other information and available recordings.
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