Printed Maps and Aerial Photographs

The map resources of the University of Arkansas Libraries are found in several different locations within Mullins Library, depending on the type of map.  Aerial photographs are part of the Special Collections Department, and are limited in coverage to Arkansas.

Printed Maps

The majority of printed maps are located in the Map Collection on Level 4 of Mullins Library.  The maps include U.S. Topographic Maps, Geologic Maps, and World Maps.  Arkansas maps, including many historical maps, are housed separately in Special Collections on Level 1.  Current world atlases and select thematic atlases are also located in the Reference Department.  Assistance with map resources is available through the Reference Desk, with specialized questions referred to the Geosciences/Maps Librarian.  Arkansas-related map questions are addressed through Special Collections.

U.S. Topographic Maps

Topographic maps show the shape and elevation of the terrain using contour lines and name prominent natural and cultural features.  The topographic maps for the United States are produced by the U.S. Geological Survey, with the 7.5 Minute series offering the greatest detail and complete coverage for the country.  Other series with map sheets that cover larger areas with less detail are also available.

Fayetteville Quadrangle, Arkansas. 1:24,000.
U.S. Geological Survey. Fayetteville Quadrangle, Arkansas. 1:24,000. 7.5 Minute Series. Washington D.C.: USGS, 2011.

Geologic Maps

Geologic maps show the composition and structure of earth materials and their distribution across and beneath the Earth’s surface.  Our geologic maps are organized in the filing cabinets by series, in the Map Collection (Level 4 East). 

Geologic Map of Arkansas. 1:500,000.
U.S. Geological Survey and Arkansas Geological Commission. Geologic Map of Arkansas. 1:500,000. Washington D.C.: USGS, 1993.

World Maps

World maps provide coverage by continents, regions, countries, and states, and by subjects of topographic, transportation, geologic, and other natural and manmade features.  Most are government-produced map series.  The World Maps section is found on Level 4 West and is arranged in Library of Congress call number order (by geographic location).  Current world atlases are part of the Reference Department on Level 2. 

Arkansas Maps

Arkansas maps relate to the history, culture, and development of Arkansas and neighboring regions. The Arkansas Collection in the Special Collections Department contains a sizeable number of maps.  These maps date back to the eighteenth century, and range from statewide to local coverage.  Most maps of the Arkansas Collection have been cataloged, with records in the library catalog.  For more information, see our handout on Arkansas Maps (PDF).

Aerial Photographs

The Libraries’ collection of Aerial photographs of Arkansas is currently comprised of scattered coverage and limited years. This collection is housed in the Special Collections Department.  Most of the aerial photographs are organized by county; a few sets are organized by watersheds. Specific photographic frames can be noted using flight line indexes, when available. Aerial photographs are managed as manuscript collections, and can be identified through an index to county sets.  Sets of aerial photographs that are not fully processed will not appear in this index. 
Please contact Special Collections staff for assistance with aerial photographs.

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