Guidelines for Visits by Non-University Groups

The University of Arkansas Libraries welcome those who wish to use our resources, particularly high school students working on specific assignments and college students or faculty members from other institutions. However, to get the most benefit from your visit and help ensure that all our patrons enjoy an environment conducive to study, please follow these guidelines.

Making Arrangements

Please make ADVANCE ARRANGEMENTS at least seven days prior to your visit. Contact Norma Johnson, Research and Instruction Services, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, AR 72701-1201; telephone: 479-575-3498; email: Or you may email

We suggest that secondary school groups limit their visits to half-day sessions, preferably in the mornings. We have found that students find a full day of library research difficult.

We usually provide an orientation session as the first hour of a group's visit in classrooms in Mullins Library. This program will describe the basic access points of the Libraries' collection as well as the physical layout of Mullins Library.

As there is more and more competition for computers in the Libraries and a limited number of guest logins available, we suggest that students begin to search OneSearch and gather call numbers for materials before the visit.

Student groups are better able to make the most of their time here if they have assignments to research when they arrive, both to make immediate use of the skills taught in the library orientation, and to focus their time while in the library. When you schedule a visit, please supply information about the students' assignments or research projects so the program can be tailored to the students' interests.

Although we offer tours to groups of junior high/middle school students on a limited basis, our experience has shown that our resources and environment are not best matched to their needs. If you wish to bring a group of students below the ninth grade to the Libraries, please call us far in advance to discuss your plans and the objectives of the visit. Adequate chaperonage is crucial for these tours (see below under Adequate Adult Supervision).


The University's Transit and Parking's home page at provides information on parking fees and lot locations.

Other Campus Facilities

Timing of Visits

While we are glad to be able to serve the needs of the schools and the public when we can, the needs of the library's primary patrons (University students, faculty, staff and individual researchers) must take precedence. Therefore:

  1. Visits by non-university groups are generally not scheduled during:
    1. the first month of a semester (especially in the fall)
    2. after November 1 of fall semesters and April 1 of spring semesters
  2. Preferred times for visits include:
    1. between University semesters
    2. the middle of each semester

Adequate Adult Supervision

Please arrange to have a minimum of one adult for each group of 10-12 students. Visitors need to be considerate of others. Behavior of a group's members and their compliance with library policies are the responsibility of the group's adult leaders. If one or a few members of a group do not follow library policies, the entire group may be asked to leave.

University Libraries policies and procedures:

  1. Please be familiar with library Food and Drink, Cell Phone, and other policies.
  2. All book bags, purses, and other containers may be inspected at the exit.
  3. Be quiet while you work. Students working together are encouraged to use the Reference area tables. Work in groups only in specified public service areas such as the Reference area.
  4. Quiet areas include all of Levels 1, 3, and 4, as well as the Walton Reading Room and the Periodicals Room on Level 2.
  5. Leave library books on tables after use. Please do not reshelve materials.
  6. Maintain a general attitude of consideration for other people using the library.
  7. Smoking or chewing tobacco products is prohibited in or near university buildings.
  8. Persons 18 years of age or older may apply for borrowing privileges, for a fee, at Help Desk in Mullins Library. High school students also may apply for privileges, but the application requires the signature of a parent or guardian. Applications are usually processed within two working days and require a photo ID.
  9. Other policies as posted or provided by library employees must be observed.