Members of the Board of Foreign Scholarships call on President Dwight D. Eisenhower at the White House on June 15, 1959. Left to right: Dr. Elmer Ellis, president, University of Missouri; Dr. John N. Andrews, Veterans Administration; Dr. Hurst Robins Anderson, president, American University; Daniel W. Hofgren, student, Columbia University; Dr. Robert G. Storey, dean, Law School, Southern Methodist University; President Eisenhower; Senator Fulbright; Bernice B. Cronkhite, dean, Graduate School, Radcliffe College; Robert H. Thayer, special assistant to the Secretary for the Coordination of International Educational and Cultural Relations; Felton G. Clark, president, Southern University; Dr. John Orth Riedl, dean, Graduate School, Marquette University; and Dr. George C. S. Benson, president, Claremont Men's College.

Photo: Robert H. McNeill. Department of State Photograph.