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Arkansas Council on Human Relations Office Records (MC Ar4 ACHR)

Office Records and Sound Recordings, 1954-1968

Table of Contents

About the Arkansas Council on Human Relations

The Arkansas Council on Human Relations was organized in December 1954 and incorporated and staffed in 1955 as a voluntary non-profit, non-political organization. It was associated with the Southern Regional Council. The purpose of the ACHR was to seek improved human relations by working to secure equal opportunity for all people.

N.B. Further information about the organization can be found in the Vertical File in Special Collections.

About the Collection

The records of the Arkansas Council on Human Relations for the period 1954-1968 were given to the University of Arkansas Libraries by the Little Rock office in April 1968. The records pertain to the creation, organization, and functioning of the Council, and to the activities and interests of its officers, directors, staff, membership, supporters and opponents in regard to race relations in Arkansas. They include office files and sound recordings.

The finding aid was recreated in electronic format by Kim Janssen in 2002. Although the arrangement is different from that of the original typed version, the contents are the same.

Contents of the Collection

(36 containers)

Series 1. Office Files (34 Boxes)

Records pertain to the creation, organization, and functioning of the Council, and to the activities and interests of its officers, directors, staff, membership, supporters and opponents in regard to race relations in Arkansas.

Numbered entries represent folder titles, inclusive dates of the contents, and brief descriptions of the file contents.

Box 1.

1. ACHR Annual Meeting – 1956 Sep. 20, 1956-May 28, 1957. Contains one item of correspondence and other material relating to the Council's annual meeting on Oct 12, 1956, in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the program for the 82nd commencement of Agricultural, Mechanical, and Normal College at Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

2. Action on Act 10. Sep. 24, 1957-Dec 13, 1960. Correspondence, printed material, clippings, etc. pertaining to the challenging of Act 10 of 1958 and Act 115 of 1959.

3. Affiliated State Organizations – General Information. May, 1955-April 10, 1959. Contains newsletters and printed material from human relations councils in states other than Arkansas.

4. [American Friends Service Committee]. Sep. 25, 1960-Oct 25, 1960. Contains memoranda and printed material from the American Friends Service Committee.

5. American Friends Service committee – Little Rock Seminar. Aug 17, 1955-Sep 9,1959. Correspondence and memoranda pertaining to the desegregation of Little Rock schools; an organized tutoring project and temporary schooling for high school students; and a World Affairs Seminar for Teen Agers in Little Rock, Arkansas, Nov. 4-6, 1958.

6. [Americans for Democratic Action]. Dec., 1964. Contains one-page clipping from ADA World.

7. Annual Meeting, 1955-1959. Sep. 19, 1955-Jan 27, 1968. Correspondence, memoranda, programs, lists, etc., relating to the preparation of programs and speakers for the Council's annual meetings.

8. Annual Meeting – 1958. Oct. 24, 1958-Nov 7, 1958. Memoranda announcing the Council's annual meeting for Oct. 30, 1958; lists of persons making reservations for the meeting.

9. Annual Meeting, 1960-1964. Nov. 23, 1959-Dec 27, 1963. Correspondence and memoranda relating to the preparation of the programs and speakers for the Council's annual meetings.

10. Annual Meeting, 1960-1964. Oct. 24, 1958-Feb 13, 1964. Memoranda, announcements, lists, etc., concerning the Council's annual meetings.

Box 2

11. Annual Reports. Oct. 1, 1957- Feb. 5, 1966. Annual reports of the Council's achievements, and proposed yearly budgets.

12. Antagonists To Change. 1953-Mar, 1966. Correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, and other printed material concerning organized groups opposed to Communism, integration, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

13. Antagonists to Change May 26, 1955-Mar 22, 1966. Printed material and clippings concerning organized groups opposed to communism and integration.

14. Arkansas Branch, Southern Regional Council. Mar, 1950-Sep 30, 1954. Correspondence and bank statements pertaining to payment of dues; lists of members making dues payments.

15. Arkansas Branch, Southern Regional Council. Apr., 1950-Jul 13, 1954. Bank statements, deposit receipts, and canceled checks.

16. Arkansas Council. Mar 2, 1955-Nov 5, 1964. Correspondence pertaining to the sending of monthly community progress/problem reports to the Council; suggested personnel policies for ACHR; invitations to the Council's programs; and miscellaneous newsletters, memoranda, and clippings.

17. Arkansas Council of Churches. Nov. 19, 1957-Nov 9,1959. Reports of the Commission on Program to the Arkansas Council of Churches; and one report of the United Church Women of Arkansas' annual meeting in 1959.

18. Arkansas Council of Churches. Sep. 14, 1956-Nov 21, 1965. Newsletters and clippings pertaining to the Arkansas and National Council of Churches.

19. Arkansas Council on Community Affairs. Apr. 23, 1953-Aug 2, 1967. Correspondence, memoranda, clippings, and printed material pertaining to the Council on Community Affairs efforts toward integration.

20. Arkansas Industrial Development Commission. May 16, 1958-Apr 25, 1965. Correspondence concerning the effective use of Negro manpower in Arkansas industries; and clippings pertaining to comments made by AIDC Director Carl C. Hinkle.

Box 3

21. Arkansas Information. May 17,1959-1964. Pamphlets concerning events and public affairs in Arkansas, especially Pulaski County.

22. Arkansas Information 1954-Jul 16, 1963. Pamphlets concerning events and public information in Arkansas, especially Pulaski County; also one copy of Arkansas state constitution.

23. Arkansas Schools May 16, 1954-Mar 10, 1967. Correspondence, memoranda, and clippings concerning desegregation of Arkansas schools.

24. Arkansas Schools – Negro Oct. 26, 1956-1965. Memoranda concerning Negro victims of economic pressure; and list of Negro schools in Arkansas.

25. Arkansas Schools – Pulaski County Jun. 10, 1965-Sep 14, 1965. Clippings about desegregation of schools in Pulaski County, Arkansas.

26. [Bank Account Statements]. Dec. 24, 1954-Sep 23, 1955. Bank statements and canceled checks of ACHR.

27. [Bank Deposit Receipts]. Dec. 24, 1954-Sep 2, 1955. Bank deposit receipts of ACHR.

28. Bibliographies. Sep., 1956-Jan, 1966. Pamphlets listings publications by the American Jewish Committee and the Children's Bureau, U..S. Dept.. of Health, Education, and Welfare.

29. Bibliography. Apr. 1957-Jul 6, 1963. Pamphlets listing publications concerned with integration, intergroup relations, education, and other miscellaneous topics.

30. Bibliography. Aug, 1945-Jul 7, 1963. Pamphlets listings publications concerned with community relations, prejudice and children, human relations, and other miscellaneous topics.

Box 4

31. Bills and Resolutions To Watch, 1958. [n.d.] Description of House Bill 62, House Resolution 2, and House Joint Resolution 1.

32. Bills Paid – 1957. Dec. 18, 1956-Sep 9, 1957. Records of bills and invoices paid by ACHR.

33. Bills Paid – 1957. Oct. 1, 1956-Aug 23, 1957. Records of bills and invoices paid by ACHR; and bank deposit receipts.

34. Bills Paid, 1958-1959. Sep. 25, 1958-Feb 1, 1959. Records of bills and invoices paid by ACHR.

35. Bills Paid, 1958-1959. Feb. 17, 1959-May 31, 1959. Record of bills and invoices paid by ACHR.

36. Black Muslims. Aug, 1959. For Your Information, published by American Jewish Committee, vol. 4, no. 8, containing an article about black supremacy movements.

37. Board Meeting – June, 1960. Dec. 12, 1959-Oct 8, 1960. Correspondence and memoranda involved with planning the Council's Board of Directors meetings; minutes of the Board's meetings; and lists of Board members.

38. Board of Directors – Correspondence, 1956-1957. Jan 5, 1956-Jul 8, 1957. Correspondence and memoranda involved with planning the Council's Board of Directors meetings; also lists of Board members and officers.

39. Board Workshop, June 23, 1962. May 29, 1962-Jun, 1962. Mimeographed materials used at the Council's Board of Directors workshop for composing a manual and defining the position of Board members.

Box 5

40. Brotherhood Week – 1957. Dec. 7, 1956-Apr 5, 1957. Correspondence and memoranda pertaining to teams of ministers speaking on race relations in Arkansas churches as a part of Brotherhood Week.

41. Budget (Estimated) April 15-Sept 30, 1955. Apr. 15, 1955-Sept 30, 1957. Mimeographed material and notes pertaining to the Council's estimated budgets.

42. Businessmen. Apr. 16, 1956. One item of correspondence about corporations guiding the thinking of the employees; also a statement from the Council regarding "reverse freedom rides."

43. Camp Aldersgate – 1956. Feb. 3, 1956-Dec 23, 1964. Correspondence about planning a workshop at Camp Aldersgate for the Council's board and staff members; and lists of persons attending the workshop.

44. Center for Study of Democratic Institutions. May, 1956-Feb, 1965. Publications from the Center for Study of Democratic Institutions, also one pamphlet from The Fund for the Republic.

45. Center for the Study of Democracy [sic]. Oct., 1961-Mar, 1965. Pamphlets published by the Center for Study of Democratic Institutions.

46. Charges Against ACHR. Mar 15, 1957-Jan 17, 1964. Correspondence, memoranda, clippings, notes, etc., pertaining to the accusations against the Council by Orval Eugene Faubus, Bruce Bennett, William Ruck and others; the filing of certain information by the Council under Ordinance #10,638 of Little Rock City Council; and the hearing before the Special Education Committee of the Arkansas Legislative Council held Dec. 16-18, 1958.

47. Church Programs. Mar 1, 1956-Oct 7, 1965. Correspondence, memoranda, lists, clippings, etc., relating to the preparation of programs and speakers for workshops and meetings with ministers and other church-related persons.

48. Churches – Local. May 18, 1955-Mar, 1966. Correspondence, memoranda, lists, etc., relating to the preparation of programs for workshops and meetings with ministers and other church-related persons; also correspondence about an effort to establish full-time welfare and religious services for the Booker Homes community in Little Rock, Ark.

49. Churches – Local. May 20, 1955-Sep 15, 1966. Memoranda, clippings, programs, speeches, etc., pertaining to the involvement of ministers in racial and civil rights affairs.

Box 6

50. Churches – National. Feb. 21, 1956-Feb 8, 1966. Correspondence, memoranda, newsletters, clippings, speeches, programs, etc., pertaining to the involvement of ministers and churches in racial and civil rights affairs.

51. Churches – National. Feb. 10, 1958-Aug 30, 1965. Memoranda, speeches, clippings, newsletters, etc., relating to the involvement of ministers and churches in racial and civil rights affairs.

52. Churches – Students. Apr. 10, 1958-Jun 10, 1967. Correspondence, memoranda, newsletters and clippings relating to student religious groups and activities.

53. Churches – Women. May 18, 1955-May 1, 1964. Memoranda, programs, clippings, etc., pertaining to the involvement or women's religious groups in racial and civil rights affairs.

54. City and State Human Relations Commissions. Feb., 1963-Feb, 1966. Newsletters published by various human relations groups.

55. Civil and Human Rights Organizations. Sep. 11, 1956-Apr, 1966. Correspondence, memoranda, newsletters, pamphlets, etc., about the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and American Jewish Congress.

56. Civil Liberties – Role of Negroes. Aug, 1955-Jul 25, 1965. Correspondence, memoranda, clippings, etc., pertaining to organizing the Negro community in Little Rock, Arkansas, establishing better inter-racial relations, and efforts to desegregate schools.

57. Civil Rights. Jan, 1955-Aug 29, 1965. Miscellaneous pamphlets and printed material pertaining to school desegregation, the Civil Rights Act, and employment opportunities for Negroes.

58. Civil Rights. Feb. 22, 1955-Jun 14, 1967. Miscellaneous pamphlets and printed material pertaining to school desegregation, Civil Rights enforcement funds, and racial of human relations groups.

59. Civil Rights – American Civil Liberties Union. Sep. 18, 1963-Apr, 1965. Newsletter and clippings pertaining to the American Civil Liberties Union.

60. Civil Rights – American Friends Service Committee. Jun. 14, 1955-Aug, 1965. Correspondence, memoranda, newsletters, pamphlets, clippings, etc., pertaining to the activities of the American Friends Service Committee in Little Rock, Arkansas, especially during the 1957 school desegregation crisis.

61. Civil Rights – Arkansas State Advisory Commission. Jun. 2, 1958-Nov, 1966. Correspondence, memoranda, and other printed material relating to the formation of the Arkansas State Advisory Committee ti the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Box 7

62. Civil Rights Information. Aug, 1964-May 7, 1966. Printed material relating to school desegregation and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

63. Civil Rights – Labor. May 5, 1955-Jul 31, 1965. Correspondence and clippings pertaining to equal employment opportunities, racial integration in industry, and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.

64. Civil Rights Laws and Compliance, 1965. Aug 6, 1964-Aug 10, 1965. Correspondence, memoranda, and printed material relating to compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by U.S. Department of Agriculture agencies; reports and clippings on compliance with the Act by hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, and public facilities.

65. [Civil Rights – Literature]. Jun. 1, 1964-Feb 28, 1965. Printed material relating to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Little Rock urban renewal projects, and the Council's first decade of achievements.

66. Civil Rights Organizations. Feb. 15, 1959-Apr 29, 1966. Correspondence and memoranda related to planning various meetings and workshops by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, Young Women's Christian Association, and other organizations.

67. Civil Rights Organizations – Catholic. Sep., 1962-Jan, 1966. Bulletins from National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice regarding civil rights, printed information describing Friendship House Weekend, 1966; pamphlet On Human Rights, notes and other miscellaneous.

68. Civil Rights Organizations – Encampment for Citizenship. Jun. 14, 1957-Spring, Summer, 1966. Correspondence in reference to applications for admission to the Twelfth Annual Session of Encampment for Citizenship (1957) held in Berkeley California, and New York. Also clippings relating to Encampment for Citizenship.

69. Civil Rights – Southern Christian Leadership Conference. [n.d.] Article written by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "Negroes Are Not Moving Too Fast."

70. Civil Rights – Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Mar 21, 1960-Nov 17, 1966. Reports from Southern Regional Council, a pamphlet titled "Why I Sit In" by Barbara Ann Posey, and clippings – all regarding student sit-ins. Clippings also on the Negro student demonstrations in Forrest City, Arkansas. Printed material by the Student Organizing Committee of Nashville, Tenn., concerning their conference of 1966. Miscellaneous clippings pertaining to such items as the Black Liberation Front and the Progressive Labor Policy, also Julian Bond's speaking to a group at the University of Arkansas.

71. Civil Rights – The People. Dec., 1956-[1966]. Miscellaneous correspondence regarding legislation and Negro deprivation. Miscellaneous clippings including an article in a kindergarten in Little Rock, Ark. (KEEP - Kindergarten Enrichment Program), Arkansas' Governor Orval E. Faubus' desire for a fourth term and attitudes toward desegregation.

72. Committee of the Future, 1960. Feb. 6, 1959-Mar 24, 1960. Correspondence, printed material, schedules, and memorandum regarding the retreat of ACHR at Ferncliff Presbyterian Camp at Little Rock, Ark., on February 20 and 21, 1959; also invitations to serve on the "Committee of the Future," at Fernclliff on March 28 and 29, 1960. ACHR minutes of February 5, 1960.

73. Constitution of ACHR. Mar, 1965. Contents as title implies.

74. Consultative Conference on Desegregation. Jun. 11, 1958-Dec 2, 1958. Memorandum from the Consultative Conference on Desegregation regarding the Loser Bill (H.R. 11806) which would facilitate FBI investigations of bombings in the South. Also minutes of the Executive Committee and the Mass Media Committee of CCD. Memoranda regarding items to order for groups from CCD.

75. Conway – Miscellaneous Correspondence. Dec. 14, 1956-Mar 19, 1957. Correspondence to and from persons in Conway, Arkansas, regarding the following subjects: a UCYM [United Christian Youth Movement], Community Youth Worship Service in Conway on Feb. 3, 1957, ACHR membership dues, a meeting of CCHR (Conway Council on Human Relations) and the subsequent setting up of neighborhood meetings of six to ten persons to talk about desegregation.

76. Conference on Religion and Human Relations. Jul. 1, 1957-May 21, 1965. Schedules, printed material, correspondence, minutes, memorandum, and clippings relating to a meeting of the Interfaith Workshop on Racial Justice sponsored by the Greater Little Rock Conference on Religion & Home Relations. This meeting was held at Aldersgate Camp in Little Rock, Arkansas, on May 30, 1964 and featured information about racial justice in fields of Education,Public Accommodation, Housing and Employment. Clippings concerning the originating of the Greater Little Rock Conference on Religion and Home Relations. Printed material, clippings, and miscellaneous regarding other meetings sponsored by the above. Form letters to the Mass Media Mailing List in reference to clearance materials. Newsletter from National Institute Religion and Race, Inc. of March 29, 1966, concerning various desegregation matters. Clippings relating to urban renewal and the formation of racial ghettos in Little Rock.

77. Correspondence, 1957-1960. Nov. 29, 1957-Dec 29, 1960. Miscellaneous correspondence pertaining to various matters such as funding for ACHR through Southern Regional Council and Arkansas Teachers Association, Application to Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and contributions. Other topics were sit-ins, placing people on ACHR's mailing list, sending out and receiving printed materials, invitations to Nathaniel Griswold, Executive Director of ACHR, to speak or to be present at a meeting. Memorandum and miscellaneous written material also included.

Box 8

78. Correspondence, 1961. Oct. 15, 1957-Jun 29, 1961. Miscellaneous correspondence regarding various aspects of the Regional Conference of NAIRO (National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials) at Camp Aldersgate near Little Rock, Ark., on June 1st and 2nd, 1961; also Ferncliff Camp – near Little Rock – sponsored by Arkansas Synod of Presbyterian Church on April 28th and 29th of 1961. Letters of appreciation to and from Nat Griswold, Executive Director of ACHR, for services or favors rendered. Correspondence regarding ACHR's application to Rockefeller Brothers Fund, also other various matters of funding and ACHR's tax exemption status. Desegregation and sit-ins are also topics, along with Ralph Creger's book, This Is What We Found and other miscellaneous topics.

79. Correspondence – 1961. Jul. 3, 1961-Nov 17, 1961. Miscellaneous correspondence regarding the following subjects: ACHR dues and expenses, contributions to ACHR to be matched by Southern Regional Council; the annual meeting of SRC on Nov. 8 and 9 and the NAIRO (National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials) Regional Conference on June 1 and 2; the Little Rock school integration situation; seekers of information regarding SRC and ACHR; C. Vann Woodward's speech and other topics. Also miscellaneous material.

80. Correspondence – 1961. Sep. 12, 1961-Jan 12, 1962. Miscellaneous correspondence regarding the following subjects: ACHR dues and expenses, desegregation in Texas, Alabama, and Little Rock, Arkansas; the Fall 1961 meeting of ACHR; C. Vann Woodward's speech; the films – Dallas at the Crossroad and The Nashville Story; and the budgeting house rent for ministers.

81. Correspondence – 1962. Feb. 3, 1960-May 11, 1962. Miscellaneous correspondence mainly regarding the following subjects: membership renewals and campaign of ACHR, letters from other councils interested in ACHR, ACHR's annual meeting; also correspondence in reference to Charles Rowan, a Negro who was discriminated against at Memphis airport; civil rights in Little Rock – Negroes' use of tax supported facilities and their employment – also correspondence relating to the location of such NBC programs as Walk In My Shoes being viewed.

82. Correspondence – 1962. Jun. 12, 1961-Dec 27, 1962. Miscellaneous correspondence pertaining to: integration in Little Rock, Arkansas schools and hotels; David Brinkley's Journal and a Nigerian film; receiving and dispatching of pamphlets; segregation in the Agricultural Extension Service cafeteria at Little Rock ; financial assistance for ACHR; reprinting of Redbook's article on Little Rock by Gerald Walker, and other subjects. Also various notes, memoranda, and other written material.

83. Correspondence, Membership – 1960. Mar 16, 1958-Dec 28, 1960. Mainly correspondence pertaining to ACHR's memberships and delinquent dues, also regarding setting up meetings to bring in new members, and some miscellaneous correspondence.

84. Correspondence, Membership – 1961. Sep. 9, 1960-Jul 17, 1961. Mainly correspondence pertaining to ACHR's memberships and delinquent dues, also regarding setting up meetings to bring in new members, other correspondence regarding desegregation in Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Fayetteville Community Relations Association; also miscellaneous notes.

85. Court Decisions and Legal Briefs. Oct. 4, 1955-May 25, 1967. Legal briefs & court cases pertaining to integration in Bearden, Hoxie, and Little Rock, Arkansas schools. Joint memorandum from the American Jewish Committee & the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith regarding integrated housing in California and integration in schools. Memorandum also regarding Hoxie School District No. 46 of Lawrence County, Arkansas. Clipping concerning student sit-ins and also written comments on the Little Rock School Board Petition of February 20, 1958.

Box 9.

86. Desegregation. Apr. 25, 1954-Sep, 1964. Special Report – Bruswick by Pat Watters – and "The Case For Integration" by Daniel C. Thompson, published by Southern Regional Council. Phi Delta Kappan of May, 1956, regarding the problems of schools desegregation; a reprint, "Segregation - Two Edged Sword" by Milton M. Gordon and John P. Roche, and Status of School Segregation - Desegregation in the Southern and Border States published by Southern Education Reporting Service.

87. Desegregation. Oct. 7, 1956-Dec, 1956. There Is Another South published by The Fellowship of Reconciliation of New York, reprint from The New York Times Magazine – "The Louisville Story – Told by Carmichael" written by Omer Carmichael; "Attitudes Towards Desegregation" written by Herbert H. Hyman and Paul B. Sheatsley and reprinted from Scientific American, and an advertisement from Nationwide Insurance regarding the offending of Democracy.

88. Dollarway and Pine Bluff, 1960. Sep. 4, 1959-Apr 5, 1963. Correspondence regarding Carlos D. Martin and his problems pertaining to Dollarway School District in Arkansas. Newspaper clippings concerning integration in Pine Bluff, Ark., such as sit-ins at Woolworths' and Walgreens' lunch counters, Magnolia Cafeteria and other Pine Bluff businesses. Newspaper clippings also concerning a meeting of the Pine Bluff School Board and NAACP. Clippings pertaining to the following: Circuit Judge Henry Smith of Arkansas, Ku Klux Klan and Dollarway school district. Miscellaneous notes and memos.

89. Economic Conditions – Arkansas. May 31, 1959-Winter, 1963. The Arkansas Economic, Volume 5, Number 1, Winter, 1963; reprint from Nashville Tennessean and Report No. L-11, October 12, 1959, from Southern Regional Council – all regarding Arkansas economic conditions.

90. Economic Condition – U.S. Feb. 16, 1956-Aug 5, 1961. The South and The Nation by LeRoy Collins, published by the Southern Regional Council, Atlanta, Ga. Industrialization: Accent on the South written by Benjamin D. Segal; "A Better Life for Farm Families," a report on a southern rural conference sponsored by National Sharecroppers Fund (NSF); a copy of a letter to the editor of Arkansas Gazette of Feb. 2, 1956, from Douglas Smith; and various reprints – all having to do with economic conditions in the U.S., mainly in the South.

91. Education. Jun. 22, 1954-May, 1961. Reports on Charlotte, Greensboro, & Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee two special reports published by the Southern Regional Council; Desegregation of the St. Louis Public Schools – a summary of measures taken by the Board of Education of St. Louis, Missouri; newspaper clippings pertaining to "integrated" textbooks and integration in the higher levels of education in the South; other printed material relating to integration in education.

92. Education. Oct., 1954-Jul 13, 1963. Various reprinted magazine articles, a reprint of a talk, "The Economic Effect of School Closing" written by Jim Montgomery, and a newspaper clipping from The New York Times of March 14, 1956 – all regarding integration in education, especially in the South.

93. Education. May, 1956-Jun, 1962. Phi Delta Kappan of May, 1956; Report No. L-14, Jan. 15, 1960, from the Southern Regional Council; booklets, reprinted magazines and newspaper articles – all relating to integration in education.

Box 10.

94. Education. 1953-Jan, 1963. Southern Project Report, 1953-1955; Guide to Intergroup Education in Schools prepared by State Committee on Human Relations; NAIRO 1955 Reports on Education; and two statistical summaries published by Southern Education Reporting Service.

95. Education. Feb., 1955-Jan 20, 1964. Saturday Review of December 17, 1960; A Background Report on School Desegregation for 1959-60 – a special report by the Southern Regional Council – other reports, statments, and reprinted material related to integration in education

96. Education. May 3, 1959-Aug 19, 1963. "The Hard Or The Easy Way"; "Public Education in Mississippi"; "The Washington School Story – Transcript of an Atlanta Television Program Featuring Dr. Carl F. Hansen"; "The Louisville School Story – Transcript of an Atlanta Television Program Featuring Mr. Omer Carmichael" – these and other reports published by the Southern Regional Council. Also two other reports concerning the desegregating of schools.

97. Education – Arkansas. Jul. 25, 1955-1964. Volume 4, No. 4, December 15, 1961, issue of Hall High School's paper, War Whoop (Little Rock, Ark.); copies of legal briefs; Report on Arkansas: Education by the Arkansas Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights; a listing, in booklet form, of requests for reassignment to different schools for the 1963-1964 school year in Arkansas; a reprinted Life article titled, "A Morally Right Decision" and miscellaneous material – all related to integration in Arkansas education.

98. Education – Arkansas. Oct. 4, 1955-Apr, 1965. A map of Little Rock, Arkansas - White District - Public Schools; newspaper clippings regarding the Little Rock School Board; Vol. III, No. 2, April, 1965, issue of the Arkansas Department of Education Newsmagazine, Statistical Summary For The Public Schools of Arkansas, 1952-1954 published by the Department of Education, Little Rock; reprinted articles and miscellaneous materials – all regarding integration in Arkansas education, particularly Little Rock.

99. Education Literature. Jul., 1962-Nov, 1963. Public School Segregation and Integration in the North by the Commission on School Integration (National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials); The Jim Crow School - North and West; Dallas At the Crossroads; and Economic Literary in the Elementary School written by David J. Simpson.

Box 11.

100. Education [Literature]. Jun., 1954-Dec, 1959. Segregation and the Schools - Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 209; "Integration in Action" written by Benjamin Fine; Education in a Transition Community written by Jean D. Grambs; and other booklets relating to integration in education.

101. Education [Literature]. Apr., 1955-Jun 1963 Addendum: A Five-Year Report on Desegregation in the Washington, D.C. Schools composed by Carl F. Hansen; Crisis in Norfolk written by Jane Reif; New South, May, 1960, Vol 15, No. 5; J. Kenneth Morland's Token Desegregation and Beyond; Robert A. Leflar's "What the Court Really Said", and other booklets.

102. Employment. Sep., 1963-1965. Economic and Social Status of the Negro in the United States published by the National Urban League; American Education and the Search for Equal Opportunity published by the National Education Association of the United States; a reprinted article "The Businessman and the Negro" written by Charles E. Silberman; also other pamphlets relating to employment.

103. Employment – U.S. Fall, 1958-1964. "Youth in the Organized Society" composed by Paul Goodman; "FECP in the united States: A Progress Report" – author, James Rorty; federal and miscellaneous booklets pertaining to employment.

104. Employment – U.S. 1955-Feb 22, 1965. The Unequal Badge - Negro Policemen in the South written by Elliott M. Rudwick; reports from Southern Regional Council; publications issued by the President's Committee on Government Contracts; reprinted magazine articles; a clipping from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of June 26, 1963; other miscellaneous publications and reports concerning employment.

105. Employment – U.S. 1955-Oct 4, 1964. NAIRO 1955 Reports on Employment; Federal Programs to Promote Employment and Development in Rural Communities written by M. Hayes Mizell; The Negro Wage- Earner and Apprenticeship Training Programs published by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; "Employers Recognize Need for Negro Skills" composed by Eleanor Rosebrugh; and other publications relating to employment.

Box 12.

106. Employment – U.S. Mar 1, 1961-Feb, 1963. Two publications from the U.S. Department of Labor; Pennsylvania Fair Employment Practice Commission's 5th Annual Report, and a publication from Workers Defense League in New York.

107. Episcopal Society for Cultural and Racial Unity Apr., 1961-Jan 5, 1961. Material regarding the slaying of Jonathan Daniels by Thomas L. Coleman, a reprinted article from The Wall Street Journal pertaining to Negro unrest in cities, and miscellaneous materials relating to the Episcopal Society for Cultural and Racial Unity.

108. Equal Rights. Mar 8, 1956-Nov 3, 1963. NAIRO 1955 Report on Civil Rights. Southern Regional Council reports L-36, 40, & 41; SRC's report – The Civil Rights Crisis: A Synopsis of Recent Development, III - of Sept. 5, 1963; general civil rights information (Executive Order 10479 (1953), Executive Order 10590 (1955), etc.); reprinted articles concerning segregation and civil rights clashes, also desegregation in Tennessee. Other miscellaneous material.

109. Equal Rights. Jan, 1956-Nov 15, 1963. Reprinted magazine and newspaper articles, pamphlets, the American Friends Service Committee Newsletter of April, 1959, Southern Regional Council's report L-46 - all pertaining to equal rights.

110. Equal Rights. 1952-Jan, 1962. Integration, Promise – Process – Problems written by Margaret C. McCulloch; Toward Equality distributed by Baltimore, Maryland's Urban League, and The People Take The Lead distributed by National Labor Service.

111. Equal Rights. 1956-Aug, 1960. Publications from American Friends Service Committee, Freedom House, and American Jewish Congress; Let's Get Down to Cases written by Jeane Alexander, Daniel C. Thompson's "The Case for Integration", and Unfinished Revolution written by Tom Kahn.

112. Equal Rights. Apr. 9, 1948-1960. Reprinted talks, magazine articles; publications from the Fund For The Republic Inc. and the American Friends Service Committee; New South, April-May, 1950, Vol. 5, Nos. 4 & 5; and James Robinson's Progression of the Negro in the United States.

Box 13.

113. Equal Rights. Sep. 1, 1957-Feb, 1966. Harry Fleishman's Let's Be Human; a collection of editorials from the Arkansas Gazette titled Crisis in the South: The Little Rock Story, and a collection of material put together by the American Jewish Committee including a reprinted Reader's Digest article; publications from the U.S. Department of Labor; a reprint of an article in Chemical Week of October 26, 1963.

114. Equal Rights. 1948-Aug, 1964. A copy of Public Law 88-352, 88th Congress, HR 7152 of July 2, 1964; a copy of a case in the United States Court of Appeals with William Henry Norwood versus Everett Tucker (March 2, 1961); Volume 29 & 30 of Interracial News Service published by the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA; a report from the American Association of University Women, Little Rock, Arkansas, Branch; booklets & reprinted articles – all concerning equal rights.

115. Equal Rights -- Arkansas. Feb., 1961-Nov, 1966. A publication from the Arkansas Council on Human Relations titled Some Simple Suggestions on School Desegregation by the New Guidances to Concerned School Patrons, a speech (reproduced in part) by Colbert S. Cartwright titled "Band Together For Genuine Unity," and a Nov., 1966, report of an open meeting of the Arkansas State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in Forrest City, Arkansas.

116. Executive Committee Correspondence – 1959. Jan 29, 1958-Jun 24, 1959. Correspondence pertaining to the following subjects: meetings and prospective members of ACHR's Executive Board, the meeting of the Personnel Committee of July 31, 1958 to approve the placement of John W. Walker as Associate Director of ACHR and Mrs. J.O. Powell, Jr. as secretary. Correspondence also regarding ACHR's change of address, and applications for jobs. Statement adopted at Second Conference of Governors on Civil Rights and other miscellaneous written material.

117. Fall Meeting -- 1961. Oct. 17, 1961-Nov 20, 1961. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, schedules, reservation slips, minutes, and notes regarding the November 17, 1961 meeting of ACHR at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas. The meeting featured C. Eric Lincoln as a speaker – a Negro form Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia.

118. Far Right. Mar 15, 1965. Common Sense, Issue No. 447, March 15, 1965.

119. Fayetteville – Miscellaneous Correspondence. May 10, 1955-Jul 19, 1957. Mainly correspondence regarding the Unitarian Fellowship Meeting at Fayetteville, Arkansas, on Sept. 30, 1956; also correspondence pertaining to other meetings, funds for ACHR, and information about ACHR.

120. Federal Agencies Compliance. Jul. 16, 1953-1966. One piece of correspondence pertaining to school desegregation and the formation of an institute. An address titled, "The Civil Rights Sections – Its Functions and Its Statures"; miscellaneous material regarding the President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity; such as Executive Order 10925 which established it, Newsletters No. 2, July, Aug., 1961, & No. 4, Jan., 1962, from the committee, and material on the Regional Conference of Community Leaders on Equal Employment Opportunity, June 26, 1963, in St. Louis, Missouri. A memorandum of December 16, 1964, from the U.S. Civil Service Commission. Newspaper clippings and miscellaneous relating to other Federal agencies.

121. Federal Agencies – Courts. Aug 13, 1961-Dec 17, 1961. Three newspaper clippings – one regarding the appointments of U.S. Marshals in Arkansas, a second on crumbling racial barriers in the South (mainly Texas), and the last dealing with the European Court on Human Rights.

122. Federal Agencies – Office of Economic Opportunity. Nov. 3, 1963-May 19, 1966. ADA World, Volume 19, No. 2, Feb., 1964; The American Federalist, Vol. 71, No. 4, Apr., 1964; a listing from Southern Regional Council dealing with "Federal ‘Anti-Poverty' Programs, Present & Pending"; a program of the dedication ceremony of the Ouachita (Arkansas) Job Corps Conservation Center and statistics of Arkansans' incomes. Newspaper clippings – mainly written by Leland Duvall of the Arkansas Gazette – regarding farm poverty; other newspaper clippings pertaining to Arkansas' poverty and relation of the Office of Economic Opportunity and the Ozark Regional Commission to it. More newspaper clippings concerning poverty, and a form letter from the OEO regarding Head Start Grantees.

Box 14.

123. Federal Agencies Programs. May 16, 1958-Jul 28, 1966. Correspondence pertaining to the following subjects; Actors' Equity and the violation of their non-discrimination code in Little Rock, Arkansas, the Air Force's acceptance of segregation at federally financed schools especially in Little Rock, and Richard M. Nixon's invitation to Nathaniel Griswold, Executive Director of ACHR, to attend a Religious Leaders Conference on May 11, 1959 in Washington, D.C. Other correspondence, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous material related to discrimination.

124. [Federal Income Tax Returns – 1961]. Mar, 1961-Dec, 1961. Form 941 – the Employer's Quarterly Federal Income Tax Return – Withholding Tax Statement (Copy D), and miscellaneous material relating to taxes.

125. Federal Tax Information – 1959. Jul., 1959-Jan 26, 1960. W-2 Forms (Copy D), Form 941 (Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return), and miscellaneous materials relating to taxes.

126. Ferncliff – 1958. May 21, 1956-Feb 23, 1958. Correspondence, schedules, notes, and miscellaneous material regarding the retreat at Ferncliff Camp near Little Rock, Ark, on February 14-15, 1958.

127. Films and Records. 1954-Winter, 1967. One piece of correspondence regarding a TV showing of "A City Decides", memorandum concerning the films "Commencement" and "For Fair Play" – both of which pertain to Fair Employment Practices. Guides to free films and tapes from various companies. A catalog of 1954 publications from the U.S. Government Printing Office. Other literature concerned with records and films.

128. Finances – 1961. Feb. 2, 1961-Dec 28, 1961. Correspondence pertaining to contributions from Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Southern Regional Council. Financial reports for April through December, 1961. Miscellaneous notes relating to ACHR's budget.

129. Finances - 1962. Aug 17, 1955-Oct, 1962. Three letters of correspondence, financial reports and miscellaneous notes – all relating to ACHR's financial situation in 1961 and 1962.

130. Financial Reports, 1955-1957. 1955-Mar, 1957. Financial reports for October, 1956-March, 1957; the quarterly financial report of October- December, 1956, and a comparative budget for the years 1955-1957 – all pertaining to ACHR.

131. Financial Reports–1957. Jan, 1956-Dec 27, 1957. Reports, petty cash accounts, contributions lists, notes, etc., relating to ACHR's finances for 1956 and 1957.

132. Financial Reports, 1957-1958. Sep. 30, 1957-Dec, 1958. List of contributors to ACHR for 1958, and financial facts for 1957-1958.

133. Financial Reports, 1957-1959. Dec. 31, 1957-Jan 20, 1959. The listing of the agenda for the Executive Committee of the ACHR for January 20, 1959; financial reports for 1957 and 1958; and a budget estimate for 1959.

134. First Conference on Community Unity. Feb. 20, 1960. Dec. 14, 1959-Feb 20, 1960. Memoranda, schedules, summaries of the planning committee, miscellaneous notes, lists of people to invite and a list of people registering – all related to the First Conference on Community Unity sponsored by a group of Little Rock religious leaders and the American Friends Service Committee. This conference was held February 20, 1960, at Aldersgate Camp near Little Rock, Arkansas.

135. Foreign Visits. Dec., 1956-Jun 9, 1959. Correspondence, schedules, biographical data, newspaper clippings, notes, and miscellaneous material pertaining to foreign visitors and their stay in Little Rock, Ark.; the visitors were from a variety of countries including Norway, Japan, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

136. Foreign Visitors. Apr. 9, 1959-Nov 28, 1962. Correspondence, schedules, biographical information, memorandum, miscellaneous notes, newspaper clippings – all regarding foreign visitors and their association with ACHR and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Box 15

137. Foreign visitors. Aug 14, 1959-Jul 24, 1965. Correspondence, schedules, biographical sketches, and miscellaneous notes pertaining to foreign visitors and their visits to Little Rock, Ark. Also some correspondence relating to groups within the U.S. and their wish to visit L.R.

138. Form Letters. Dec. 12, 1951-May 31, 1955. Three form letters – two regarding membership in ACHR, the third pertaining to a meeting of the Board of Directors on June 10, 1955. Also two pamphlets concerning Southern Regional Council.

139. Forms, 1955, "Suggested Ways to Use Membership Kit." Mar, 1955-Dec 13, 1955. List of contracted prospective members for ACHR for 1955, a form letter pertaining to membership in ACHR, and a form letter titled "Suggested Ways to Use Membership Kit."

140. Fort Smith – Miscellaneous Correspondence. Apr. 25, 1957-May 31, 1957. Two letters and one memorandum – the letter and memorandum relating to the Steering Committee of the Fort Smith Interest Group on Human Relations. The other letter pertains to soliciting a contribution for ACHR.

141. From Nat [Griswold']s File. Jun. 1, 1960-Apr 21, 1963. Miscellaneous correspondence – with underlying theme unknown – addressed to Nathaniel Griswold, Executive Director of ACHR. A memorandum from Rilling regarding his resignation from Southern Regional Council. Report of the Arkansas Student Human Relations Conference pertaining to the meeting at Camp Aldersgate, Little Rock, Ark., on April 20, 21, 1963. Other miscellaneous material.

142. Funds and Foundations. May 31, 1955-1962. Booklets pertaining to the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The Fund for the Republic, and The New World Foundation.

143. Hazards to Individual Workers. Sep. 6, 1960-Sep 26, 1960. Three memoranda to state directions form Paul Rilling of Southern Regional Council regarding Bob Hughes and the Alabama Council on Human Relations.

144. Headstart Program. Mar 25, 1965-Aug 17, 1965. Letters, telegrams, and memorandum regarding ACHR's OEO grant of 37,638 dollars to start a Head Start Program under Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Memoranda, reports, catalog of films, newspaper clippings, lists of OEO Technical Assistance Offices and OEO Regional Offices, and miscellaneous material relating to various aspects of the Head Start Program – goals, explanation of grant, problems, etc.

145. Head Start Program. Mar 31, 1965-Feb 14, 1966. Correspondence, memoranda, reports, statistics, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous material regarding Head Start Programs – particularly in Arkansas. Various aspects of the program such as salaries, employees, follow-up of the program, etc., are referred to.

146. Headstart Program – Conway. Apr. 27, 1965-Sep 7, 1965. Correspondence, a newspaper clipping, and miscellaneous material referring to the Headstart Program in Conway, Arkansas – type of employees, problems, etc.

147. Headstart Program – Fort Smith. Apr. 29, 1965-Jul 23, 1965. Correspondence, a telegraph, a copy of the budget as granted and biographical information relating to the employees – all pertaining to the Headstart Program in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Also correspondence to thank Nathaniel Griswold, Executive Director of ACHR, for being a speaker.

148. Headstart Program – Hot Springs. Apr. 26, 1965-Aug 8, 1965. Correspondence, copies of publicity and news releases, newspaper clippings, a copy of the budget, list of workers and biographies – all concerning the Headstart Program in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

149. Highlander Folk School. Jun. 12, 1956-Jun 13, 1956 Two pieces of correspondence and a brochure pertaining to Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tenn.

150. [Hill-Burton Project Register]. Jun., 1964. Hill-Burton Project Register - Complete Listing Hospital and Medical Facility Projects approved through June, 1964, published by the U.S. Dept.. of Health, Education, and Welfare.

151. History of ACHR. Mar 23, 1955-Jan 21, 1966. Correspondence pertaining to various aspects of ACHR – establishing it, recruiting of members, finding funds for, solving problems of, etc. Also memoranda, financial reports, constitutions and other material relating to ACHR also to Southern Regional Council and the relationship between the two. Lists of Fayetteville share purchasers in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Arkansas contributors in general.

Box 16

152. History of ACHR. Mar 28, 1955-Jan 15, 1967. Miscellaneous materials – including newspaper clippings, memoranda, etc. – related to ACHR's history. Also a typed copy of a KARK-TV program of July 1, 1956 in Little Rock, Ark. A list of ACHR's officers and directors for 1955 & 1960, also a list of contributions for 1965 and a report from the Committee on the Future which met at Ferncliff Camp near Little Rock on March 27 & 29, 1960.

153. History – U.S. Nov. 10, 1955-Sep, 1962. A Hundred Years Later published by the Southern Regional Council; a collection of three papers read at the 21st Annual Meeting of the Southern Historical Association in Memphis, Tennessee, on Nov. 10, 1955; five parts of an article from Ebony regarding Negro history, and part one and two of a Life article relating to the same topic.

154. Hot Springs – Miscellaneous Correspondence. Mar 28, 1956-Jul 18, 1957. Correspondence to and from people in Hot Springs, Arkansas, referring to a variety of topics-such as a Workshop in Nashville, Tennessee, prospective members for ACHR, and the formation of a Study on Human Relations in Hot Springs.

155. Housing. Apr. 7, 1964-Mar 16, 1966. Correspondence, a telegram, notes, and miscellaneous material – all relating to discrimination in housing, particularly in Little Rock, Ark. Specific subjects referred to are: an Oct. 14, 1964, meeting of ACHR at Philander Smith College in Little Rock – Samuel W. Hudson from the Housing & Home Finance Agency in Texas and Wagner D. Jackson from the Pennsylvania branch of the agency were speakers – also a University Park project in L.R. – investigation by J. Lawrence Duncan – and discriminatory real estate agents and advertising in Little Rock. Also included in the folder are two Weekly News Summaries for the Housing & Home Finance Agency in Washington, D.C.

156. Housing. 1958-Jan 22, 1967. A ten part article by Jerol Garrison of the Arkansas Gazette pertaining to race and residence. A map of Little Rock, Ark. area, two pamphlets and an Arkansas Gazette reprint – all relating to discrimination in housing.

157. Housing. Jan 8, 1960-May17, 1967. Two posters pertaining to Wagner Jackson's speaking at an Oct. 14, 1964, meeting of ACHR at Philander Smith College near Little Rock, Arkansas. Minutes of Dec. 7, 1961, Feb. 14, 1963, and Apr. 11, 1963, of the Citizens' Advisory Committee in Little Rock, and newspaper clippings referring to housing especially the Little Rock Housing Authority.

158. Housing. Apr. 10, 1957-Jun, 1966. One hand-written letter to Morris Milgram. North Virginia Fair Housing Inc. Annual Report for 1965, newspaper clippings, magazine reprints, a copy of the address by Wagner N. Jackson to ACHR Oct. 14, 1964, and miscellaneous data concerning housing.

159. Housing Discrimination. Jun., 1961-Sep 28, 1967. Order No. 67-1481 from the Government of the District of Colombia, the subject of which was the amendment of police regulations (Article 45 to prohibit housing discrimination). Trends in Housing, V. 10, No. 5, Aug. 1966, published by the National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing. Ordinance No. 11,422 relating to the building code in Little Rock, Arkansas. Copies of letters concerning complaints about the Urban Renewal Project in L.R. newspaper clippings and miscellaneous material relating to housing discrimination.

160. Hoxie, Arkansas. Jul. 14, 1955-Mar 8, 1956. Correspondence, numerous newspaper clippings and miscellaneous materials regarding integration in Hoxie, Arkansas schools.

Box 17

161. Human Relations – Local Groups. Dec. 2, 1955-Jan, 1966. Correspondence pertaining to the Fayetteville and Fort Smith, Arkansas, Human Relations groups – also to prospective members for ACHR. Minutes and the Reporter from the Fayetteville Community Relations Council; May, 1964, Nov. 12, 1964, Feb. and Mar., 1965, Jan., 1966 issues of a newsletter from the Fort Smith Human Relations Council. Lists of key person in affiliates to ACHR, of Alpha Phi Alpha members and of unidentified names and addresses. Newspaper clippings and miscellaneous notes.

162. Human Relations Groups. Jun. 13, 1955-Jun 20, 1962. Correspondence in regards to the exchange of ideas and suggestions from different state councils, also a tape for a talk, and the ability of Negro athletes to be in the Southwest Regional Conference. Report L-35 regarding State Commission on Human Relations from Southern Regional Council. Tennessee Council on Human Relation's Administrative Yearbook; and a list of state organizations affiliated with SRC. Memoranda, newspaper reprints, newsletters, etc., concerned with various councils on human rights.

163. Human Relations Groups. Oct. 17, 1955-1967. Pamphlets and other printed material relating to various human relation groups such as the Virginia or the Tennessee Councils on Human Relations -- policies, goals, notice of meetings, etc. Pamphlets listing audio-visual materials available for use, also printed materials. Advertisement of Aldersgate Camp in Little Rock, Arkansas.

164. Human Relations Groups. 1956-Dec 31, 1963. Annual reports -- such as Milwaukee Commission on Human Rights Annual Report, 1957, copy of House Joint Resolution No. 55 regarding the book, Race & Reason - A Yankee View, and miscellaneous materials relating to various human relation groups – meetings, reports, establishing of, etc. The Virginia Council on Human Relations and its subsets are particularly dealt with.

165. Incidents & Intimidations. 1954-Dec 21, 1962. One piece of correspondence pertaining to the Fellowship of Reconciliation - a religious organization formed in 1941 by a group of churchmen - and the identification of two members of its staff, James W. Lawson, Jr., & Glenn E. Smiley, as "pro Communist." Reprinted newspaper articles relating to publicity and the Consultative Conference on Desegregation. Statement of the American Jewish Congress regarding wiretapping, and a special report concerning the Jacksonville Riot from the Florida Council on Human Relations. Other publications.

166. Incidents & Intimidations. Mar 22, 1955-Nov 15, 1963. A copy of an interview between Mike Watson and Cyrus Eaton of the ADL; an organized statement of the history and aims of Southern Regional Council; reports L-38 ("What Price Violence", Nov.1, 1962) and L-46 ("‘At This Very Late Hour'", Nov. 15, 1963) from SRC; American Jewish Committee's For Your information of Sept. and Nov., 1958; Jan. & Apr., 1959 and Feb. & Mar., 1960; a news release from Voter Education – a program of SRC; a Sept. 17, 1957, statement of the Greater Birmingham Council on Human Relations; magazine and newspaper articles and other materials – all pertaining to racial violence.

Box 18

167. Integration in Arkansas – Data on Progress. Apr. 29, 1955-Apr 29, 1966. Three pieces of correspondence, a report form from the Urban League of Greater Little Rock, an analysis of the 1957 Arkansas General Assembly "segregation" laws, a fact sheet, and newspaper clippings – all pertaining to Arkansas integration.

168. Intergroup Relations. 1955-Feb, 1963. Reprinted magazine articles, pamphlets, manuals, and other printed materials relating to the intergroup relations theme.

169. Invitation Lists. Jul. 23, 1958-Sep 18, 1958. One piece of correspondence, several copies of a form letter and lists of addresses and names – all evidently relating to meetings at the Dunbar Community Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

170. John Birch Society. Nov. 9, 1959-Dec, 1962. Correspondence and a newspaper clipping concerned with the film "Operation Abolition" and military intrusion into civilian matters. American Jewish Committee's For Your Information (June, 1960, and Jan. and June 1962 issues), also memoranda from AJC relating to George Lincoln Rockwell, the leader of the American Nazi Party. Magazine reprints.

171. John Birch Society. 1960-Apr, 1962. American Jewish Committee's For Your Information, Vol. 6, No. 3, April, 1961; Christian Social Action Stimulator, Vol. 3, Chapter 1, January, 1961; Research Report No. 105, October, 1961, from the Research Department of the Arkansas Legislative Council, newspaper clippings, magazine article reprints, pamphlets – all relating to the films "Operation Abolition" & "Autopsy on Operation Abolition", or the Far Right or the John Birch Society. The films dealt with the San Francisco riots.

172. John Birch Society. Nov. 24, 1960-May 9, 1962. Newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous material mainly pertaining to the John Birch Society. 173. Justice – Southern. Feb. 18, 1953-Nov 2, 1954. Three Southern Regional Council reports regarding Negro policemen and civil rights crisis. One fact sheet of race related deaths in the U.S. for the period 1955-1965.

174. Keeping the Vigil – September 11, 1958. Sep. 11, 1958. Keeping the Vigil was an eighteen hour event of Sept. 11, 1958, at Union AME Church in Little Rock, Ark. Included in this folder are readings, an order if service and lists of participants for the occasion.

175. King, Martin Luther. Jan 5, 1957-Apr 16, 1963. Magazine reprints, a speech Martin Luther King wrote in jail, a "comic" book, a copy of an introduction of King by Rabbi Jacob M. Rothschild, and a statement issued by the Southern Leaders Conference on Transportation.

176. Koinonia Farm, Americus, GA. May 29, 1957-Feb 25, 1959. "Report on a Siege" written by Eugene J. Lipman and newsletter #14 from the Koinonia Farm.

177. Ku Klux Klan. May, 1965. One issue of Facts, Vol. 16, No. 3, May 1965 – a report published by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.

178. Labels for File Folders. 1955-1966. Pink and yellow labels and a list of alphabetical subjects.

179. Law. Jan, 1963-Feb 4, 1963. Two pamphlets, a report submitted to SRC, a memorandum, two form letters, and an annual report – all pertaining to law and its relationship to civil rights.

Box 19

180. Legislators for 1959 General Assembly. [n.d.] List with names and addresses.

181. Letters to and from Atlanta. Apr. 11, 1955-Jul 11, 1957. Correspondence, memoranda, and telegrams from and to members of Southern Regional Council concerning a variety of subjects – meetings, New South, organizing interracial ministerial associations, ACHR's newsletters, the film "Face of the South", Negro votes, etc.

182. Letters to and from Atlanta. Apr. 26, 1955-Jul 11, 1957. Memoranda and correspondence relating to the following subjects: ACHR's new secretary, Ms. Ida M. Knox, and to the budget and financial reports and request for funding.

183. Letters to and from Atlanta. Jan 22, 1955-Apr 11, 1957. Four items of correspondence also a memoranda. Subjects referred to were: Southern Regional Council's publications, integration in schools and other locations, loan for ACHR, and the establishment of a consultant service by SRC. Also included in the folder are copies of SRC news releases (referring to its work, staff meetings, etc.), NAIRO resolution of December 2, 1955, background summary of the violence at Koinonia Farm, and a summary of resistance movements and legal status of desegregation in the South.

184. [Lists of Contacts]. May 3, 1956-Sep 13, 1965. List of people attending a meeting in Hot Springs, Ark., on May 3, 1956, and three other lists of Christian and Presbyterian ministers and of the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas.

185. Literature Orders – 1960. Feb., 1958-Dec 27, 1960. Correspondence, memoranda, and miscellaneous materials pertaining to the ordering of films, books, pamphlets, speeches, articles, reports, etc. Also one actual magazine reprint.

186. Literature & Pamphlets. 1962-1966. Correspondence, lists of publications & miscellaneous relating to literature that could be ordered.

187. Little Rock – Bad Side Effects. Dec. 17, 1957-May 22, 1961. A clipping from the Arkansas Gazette and a reprint of an article written by Cal Brumley.

188. Little Rock -- Central High School. Jun. 22, 1955-Aug, 1967. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, notes, a photo, and miscellaneous relating to the situation at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.

189. Little Rock – Citizens Committee on Human Affairs. [n.d.] A newspaper clipping and a list of participants in the Citizens Committee on Human Affairs.

190. Little Rock – Downtown. May 6, 1955-May, 1964. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and reprints, and miscellaneous pertaining to the following topics: desegregation of downtown Little Rock, Ark., (schools, restaurants, motels, etc.), YWCA's experience in L.R. in 1922, Little Rock School Board and Chamber of Commerce, the film "Dallas at the Crossroads", incidents in Forrest City and Pine Bluff, Arkansas, etc.

191. Little Rock – Facilities. Nov. 8, 1955-Aug 12, 1965. A list of desegregation dining facilities in Little Rock, Arkansas. Also newspaper clippings.

192. Little Rock – Negro Students. May 13, 1958-Jul 15, 1967. One item of correspondence, magazine reprints, a graduation list and newspaper clippings concerned with Negro students.

193. Little Rock – 1957. Aug 29, 1956-Aug, 1959. Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and a sermon pertaining to the Little Rock, Arkansas, incidents of 1957 and the key persons involved in them.

Box 20

194. Little Rock – 1957. Aug 31, 1956-Jun 2, 1963. A special report from Southern Regional Council, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and miscellaneous pertaining to the Little Rock, Arkansas, situation in 1957.

195. Little Rock – Panels of Americans. [n.d.] "Questions for 75 panels during 1963-1964."

196. Little Rock -- Public Schools. Apr. 11, 1957-Jun 11, 1966. Correspondence, newspaper clippings & reprints, magazine articles, minutes of the Community Services Committee meeting of an Apr. 11, 1957 in Little Rock, Ark., notes and miscellaneous – all pertaining to the Little Rock Public Schools ( the school board's position, progress, etc.).

197. Little Rock – Race Relations History. Jun. 2, 1963-Apr 24, 1964. One item of correspondence concerned with the City of Little Rock (government) and its relationship to human relation groups there (Ark.). Newspaper and magazine reprints and miscellaneous data relating to the following: Little Rock and race relations, general information on L.R. – population, mayor's name, etc. – and the "Rights Bill."

198. Little Rock – School Case. Jul. 16, 1959-Nov 25, 1964. A minute amount of correspondence concerned with using Charles Davis, a member of Southern Regional Council, as an aid in ACHR's workshop; also with reassignment of Negroes to Little Rock's formerly white schools. List of reassignment procedures, lists of questions related to the Peabody Report and to assignments of 1962 Jr. High graduates. Two legal briefs. Newspaper clippings and miscellaneous relating to Little Rock.

199. Little Rock – School Closing, 1958. Oct. 22, 1958-Dec 22, 1958. Four items of correspondence - two concerned with taking a child or children into a Connecticut home so that they could continue their schooling, the other two relating to setting up a fund for Negro schools. An advertisement for voting pro racial integration for all schools in the Little Rock, Ark., District. Two miscellaneous items.

200. Little Rock -- School Progress. May 27, 1955-Apr 4, 1967. Correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, magazine reprints and miscellaneous items relating to the following: racial incidents in Hall & Central schools of Little Rock, Ark., concerns and suggestions of Negro Citizens to Little Rock School Board, erection of new schools, striving for a harmonious school and community relationship, basic information on Little Rock, etc. Also included in this folder are: a Southern Regional Council Special Report, an announcement of the One Hundredth & Twelfth Commencement of the Little Rock Secondary and Junior College, also a report from the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce and a Little Rock map.

201. Little Rock – STOP Committee. May 18, 1959-Feb 22, 1966. A Pine Bluff Commercial clipping, "Identification List of STOP Committee members", numbers 1-5 of "S.T.O.P. LIGHTS confidential" – STOP was a group whose purpose was to oust three Little Rock, Ark., School Board members and reinstate forty-four teachers who had been "purged."

202. Little Rock – University. August 19, 1956. An Arkansas Gazette clipping regarding Dr. Carey V. Stabler, new president of Little Rock Junior College (Ark.), also a fact sheet.

203. Little Rock – Women's Emergency Committee. Sep. 10, 1958-Nov 18, 1961. Correspondence, a newspaper reprint, and miscellaneous materials pertaining to the following: Joe R. Brewer's loss of job status when two Veteran's Hospitals in Little Rock, Arkansas, consolidated (perhaps as a result of the "Faubus purge"), Women's Emergency Committee's - One Women's Emergency Committee to Open Our Schools – purpose and rules, a survey on attitudes toward the closed schools by WEC & the group's suggestions toward desegregation in Little Rock schools.

204. Manpower. May, 1966-Nov, 1966. Three pamphlets from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Box 21

205. Medicare. Apr-Jul, 1963. American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) publications and a form letter.

206. Membership and Finance Drive, 1959. Aug 13, 1959-Sep 1, 1960. Correspondence, form letters, list of members, membership committee work sheet and miscellaneous lists – all of which are concerned with ACHR's membership drive and/or financial situation.

207. Membership Lists by Towns – 1958. Mar 18, 1958. Membership lists for Conway, Hot Springs, Pine Bluff, and Fayetteville, Arkansas (ACHR). 208. Methodists. Jan 16, 1955-Dec, 1966. Correspondence pertaining to the following subjects: Conway District Missionary Institute at Morrilton, Ark., on Jan 1, 1956 and other conferences; people's association with ACHR and ACHR's financial problems; Angeline Evans ( a girl who took a courageous stand during Van Buren, Ark., High School's racial crisis); and the trials and tribulations of Methodist ministers. Wesley Bulletin, No. 25, May 19, 1963, published by the Wesley Foundation of Arkansas State; Christian Education News, V. 14, No. 2A, May 15, 1960, published by the Board of Christian Education & Publication, Evangelical and Reformed Church. Other miscellaneous material concerned with the arrest of four Methodist ministers in Angola, Portugal; sit-in demonstrations of Episcopalian ministers at Claramond Restaurant in Tennessee; Methodist meetings, etc.

209. Methodists. Apr. 27, 1958-Jul 15, 1965. Spring Convocation announcement of April 10, 1962, and an Arkansas Careers Day announcement of April 11, 1961 – both of which were to be held at Hendrix College in Little Rock, Arkansas. A copy of the resolution adopted by the Arkansas Methodist Student Movement Conference at Camp Aldersgate, Feb. 17-19, 1961. The Wesleyan, March 5, 1961, No. 6 and some other information related to the Wesley Foundation at the University of Arkansas. Newspaper clippings, a magazine reprint, and miscellaneous data pertaining to Methodists and Methodist related interviews.

210. Migration. Mar, 1962. The City and the Negro written by Charles E. Silberman and Big Trouble In Our City Schools written by George B. Leonard Jr.

211. Mimeograph Materials, 1955. Nov., 1955-Feb, 1956. Volume 12, No. 10 and Volume 14, No. 1 of Mimes Topics. Other illustrations and various materials.

212. Ministers. Apr. 19, 1955-May 5, 1964. Correspondence and other material pertaining to a workshop at Fort Smith, Ark., on May 18, 1955, which was sponsored by the Social Education and Action Committee of the Presbytery of Arkansas. Correspondence and other material relating to a Ministers' Retreat at Ferncliff Camp near Little Rock, Ark., on October 6th and 7th, 1960. Correspondence and miscellaneous material concerned with other conference and meetings – such as ACHR's Board Meeting of Feb. 14, 1958 at Ferncliff. Lists of ministers participating in Brotherhood Month Project, also a list of nominations of Arkansas Ministers for Recognition. Information sheets on Thomas F. Pettigrew and Randolph T. Blackwell. Memorandum and a form letter referring to segregation bills. Other miscellaneous material.

213. Minister's Retreat, 1961. Jul. 11, 1960-Apr 15, 1964. Correspondence, reservation slips, evaluation sheets, lists of paid fees, and other material pertaining to a ministers' meeting at Ferncliff Camp near Little Rock, Arkansas, on October 6 and 7, 1960. Thomas F. Pettigrew and Kyle Haselden were speakers. Also correspondence and an information sheet on a Ministerial Leader Conference on the campus of Philander Smith College, Little Rock, April 28th and 29th, 1964.

214. Minorities, Other – U.S. 1952-Jul, 1960. A fact sheet on S. 447 – pertaining to immigration – a magazine reprint and pamphlets – all of the above concerned with other minorities. Also an issue of FACTS published by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.

215. Minutes of Board, 1957. Jan 13, 1957-Nov 12, 1957. ACHR's Executive Committee's meetings minutes for 1957. 216. Minutes of Board – 1958. Jan 14, 1958-Apr 14, 1959. Minutes of ACHR's Executive Committee for 1958, also April 14, 1959. ACHR's constitution, two financial reports and a letter of greeting to Rev. Charles C. Walker and the First Congregational Church members. Also "The Arkansas Plan", a plan of voluntary progress in the fields of Negro education and desegregation.

Box 22

217. Minutes of Board, 1959. Jan 20, 1959-Nov 17, 1959. Financial reports and minutes for ACHR for 1959.

218. Minutes of Board, 1960. May 31, 1960-Nov 30, 1960. Correspondence and duplicated material pertaining to ACHR's Mid-Year Board Meeting on June 24, 1960, at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Ark. Minutes for 1960. Notes.

219. Minutes of Board, 1961. Jan 20, 1961-Dec 7, 1961. ACHR's 1961 minutes.

220. Minutes of Board, 1962. Jan 16, 1962-Dec 13, 1962. As title states.

221. Minutes of Board, 1963. Jan 20, 1963-Dec 31, 1963. One item of correspondence; minutes of ACHR's Board for 1963 and Jan. 20, 1962; ACHR's constitution, and statement of estimate of supplemental budget for July 1-December 31, 1963.

222. Minutes of Board, 1964. Jan 4, 1964-Dec 3, 1966. Minutes from the annual membership meeting, Jan 4, 1964, of ACHR. Minutes for 1964 of the Board of Directors of ACHR. November, 1966, Financial Report. Notes.

223. Minutes of Executive Committee, 1955-1956. Nov. 30, 1954-Apr 9, 1957. Minutes of ACHR's Executive Committee for 1955-57. Minutes of the Southern Regional Council meetings of Nov. 30 and Dec. 2, 1954. Quarterly Financial Reports for October through December, 1956 (ACHR).

224. Miscellaneous. October 15, 1954-Jan 27, 1968. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, a reprinted magazine article, a copy of a speech, etc.

225. Miscellaneous, 1958-1959. Oct. 14, 1957-Sep 14, 1959. Correspondence relating to various topics such as: being placed on ACHR's mailing list, re-doing ACHR's offices and increasing its staff, applying for the position of Associate Director of ACHR, etc. Miscellaneous material such as: a copy of an open letter to the Student Body of Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas; ACHR's financial reports for 1959; American Friends Service Committee's Comment, Vol. 1, No. 6, etc.

226. [NAIRO SOUTH CENTRAL REGIONAL CONFERENCE, 1961]. May 26, 1961. Correspondence, registration slips, and notes pertaining to NAIRO (National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials) South Central Regional Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, on June 1-2, 1961.

227. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. 1954-1959. Reprint of the decision of the United States District Court striking down the Virginia statutes seeking to outlaw the activities of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. Information Service of February 23, 1957, published by the Bureau of Research and Survey of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. A pamphlet, magazine article, newspaper clippings, and a 1954 Annual Report – all relating to NAACP.

Box 23

228. National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials. Jan 1, 1960-Sep 8, 1961. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, memos, schedules, etc. relating to NAIRO and also to its South Central Regional Conference of June 1, 2, 1961.

229. National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials. Nov. 22, 1960-Nov 1, 1961. Correspondence pertaining to the NAIRO South Central Regional Conference of Jun. 1-2, 1961.

230. National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials. Jan 6, 1960-Jun 4, 1961. Newspaper clippings, notes, schedules, correspondence, and miscellaneous relating to the NAIRO South Central Regional Conference of June 1-2 , 1961. Also a copy of Civil Liberties, No. 188, April, 1961.

231. National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials. Nov., 1958-Apr 1, 1965. A memorandum from Fred Routh, Executive Director of the National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials, to all NAIRO members and a copy of the 12th Conference of NAIRO in Pittsburgh, Pa. on November, 1958. A pamphlet concerning NAIRO. 232. National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials. Material and Correspondence, 1957-58. Oct. 4, 1955-July, 1959. Two items of correspondence, one regarding selecting a new Associate Director for ACHR, the other, John Walker's – the present Associate Director – desire to participate in NAIRO's Internship Seminar, June 6-13, 1959. Lists of NAIRO members. NAIRO Newsletter of April-May , 1958, Dec., 1958-Jan ., 1959, and Feb.-Mar., 1959. A copy of the amended by-laws of NAIRO & the NAIRO REPORTER, VOL. IX, No. 7, July, 1959. Other miscellaneous material.

233. National Conference of Christians & Jews. May 19, 1955-April, 1966. Correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, newsletters, notes, and miscellaneous relating to the Institute on Police-Community Relations meeting at Michigan State University on June 2-7, 1957, and May 18-23, 1958, also to the Police Community Relations Institute at Texas A and M College, June 29-July 3, 1958. Copy of the remarks of Stephen P. Kennedy, Police Commissioner of New York City and W.H. Parker, Chief of Police, Los Angeles. Other miscellany.

234. National Mass Media. May 30, 1957-Nov, 1965. A memorandum regarding the film "The South & Segregation." Newspaper clippings and reprints, magazine articles – all relating to desegregation and integration. Also a pamphlet from the Fund for the Republic concerned with the interview of Harry S. Ashmore, the Executive Editor of the Arkansas Gazette, by Mike Wallace.

235. Negro Athletes. Jan 7, 1966-Jun 11, 1967. Newspaper clippings.

236. New South Subscriptions. Apr., 1957-Nov 3, 1960. Correspondence and lists pertaining to the New South magazine–names to add or drop, delayed issues, etc.

237. New South Subscriptions, December, 1954-September, 1955. Mar 2, 1955-Sep 1, 1955. Two items of correspondence relating to the New South magazine and lists of persons to send issues to.

238. New South Subscriptions, 1956-1957. Aug 24, 1956-Aug, 1957. Correspondence and lists concerned with New South subscriptions.

239. News Media – Arkansas Gazette. Feb. 10, 1957-Jun 14, 1966. One item of correspondence, a copy of Harry Ashmore's remarks, and a newspaper clipping.

Box 24

240. News Media – Pine Bluff Commercial. Mar 10, 1961-Aug 26, 1965. Two items of correspondence and a Pine Bluff Commercial clipping relating to such topics as James William Fulbright, U.S. Senator from Arkansas; integration; Orval E. Faubus, ex-governor of Arkansas; poverty, etc.

241. Newspaper Clippings on Arkansas Politics – 1958. [n.d.] One clipping written by Ray Moseley titled "Hays, Guthridge Square Away."

242. North Little Rock – Housing. Jan 10, 1965-Jan 7, 1966. Newspaper clipping pertaining to Little Rock, Ark. housing.

243. North Little Rock – Schools. Jul. 14, 1955-Aug 19, 1966. Newspaper clippings, forms for choice of attendance at school, an observatory report of the North Little Rock School Board meeting of July 14, 1955, and other miscellaneous material concerned with L.R., Ark., schools.

244. Office of Economic Opportunity. [n.d.] Copies of publications pertaining to VISTA volunteers and NYC (Neighborhood Youth Corps).

245. Orders for Books & Pamphlets, 1957-58. Aug 12, 1957-Jul 13, 1959. Correspondence, memoranda and miscellaneous material relating to the attaining of publications, films, etc.

246. Organizational Material. Dec. 5, 1962-Dec, 1967. Memorandum, the Nov., 1964 Finance Report, the constitution and other material relating to ACHR.

247. Personalities. Mar 21, 1957-Jan 14, 1962. Magazine and newspaper reprints and excerpts from addresses and articles by the Executive Secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Roy Wilkins. Article by Ralph McGill, editor of the Atlanta Constitution.

248. Personnel. Mar 25, 1955-Apr 26, 1966. Correspondence, applications, job analysis, personnel policies, notes and miscellaneous relating to ACHR's vacancies for Associate Director and secretary. The annual report of the Executive Secretary of NAIRO for November 16, 1960.

249. Pine Bluff. Sep. 26, 1958-Jun 18, 1962. One letter of correspondence regarding Orval Faubus, ex-governor of Arkansas. Notes on discussions, reprints of newspaper articles and newspaper clippings and miscellaneous pertaining to civil rights situations in Pine Bluff, Ark. Knoxville Area Human Relation's Council's newsletter of Fall, 1960, Vol. IV, No. 2 and North Carolina Council on Human Relation's Bulletin, No. 32, November, 1960.

250. Pine Bluff – Miscellaneous Correspondence. Jun. 20, 1956-Jul 8, 1957. Correspondence relating to such subjects as obtaining a scholarship to AM&N College in Pine Bluff, Ark., ACHR's financial situation, Pine Bluff Council on Human Relations advancements, etc.

251. Poetry – American. Sep., 1946. One copy of Singers in the Dawn compiled by Robert B. Eleager.

252. Political and Social Forces. May 11, 1957-Nov 15, 1964. Miscellaneous materials including a copy of the results of the Jim Brandon - Everett Tucker, Jr. race for Position 2 in Little Rock, Ark., newspaper clipping relating to the Negro market, an AFL-CIO News of July 25, 1964, a map showing the percentage of nonwhite population in counties of southern states.

253. Politics – Brook Hays. Feb. 23, 1956-Nov 13, 1963. Correspondence between Brook Hays, Arkansas Representative in Congress & Nathaniel Griswold, Executive Director of ACHR. A magazine article and miscellaneous material concerned with Mr. Hays. A copy of HR. 11219 regarding desegregation in public schools. A segment of the Congressional Record with the speech of Hon. Dale Alford, Representative from Arkansas.

Box 25

254. Politics – Bruce Bennett. Jul. 3, 1958-Apr 22, 1966. Correspondence, newspaper clipping, and a copy of a statement pertaining to Attorney General Bruce Bennett, his views and actions.

255. Politics – Employment Security Division. Jul. 2, 1961-Mar 2, 1962. Two newspaper clippings concerned with Negro employment and the ESD.

256. Politics – Fulbright. May 14, 1962-Jan 26, 1967. Correspondence, magazine articles, and newspaper clippings pertaining to Senator James William Fulbright, his actions and ideas (Democrat from Arkansas).

257. Politics – I.S. McClinton. [n.d.] A newspaper clipping and a page of statements relating to I.S. McClinton, president of the Arkansas Democratic Voters Association.

258. Politics – Jim Johnson. Aug 10, 1966-Sep 16, 1966. Newspaper clippings and two items of miscellany concerned with Jim Johnson, once Supreme Court Associate Justice.

259. Politics – Negroes. Sep. 18, 1956-Oct 5, 1966. Correspondence requesting members of ACHR as speakers, also pertaining to House Bills #322-325 aimed at maintaining segregation in schools. Newspaper clippings and miscellaneous concerned with Negroes in Arkansas plans and politics.

260. Politics – Orval Faubus. Aug 21, 1951-Nov 23, 1966. Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, correspondence, and a bit of diverse material pertaining to the ex-Governor of Arkansas in particular and integration in general.

261. Politics - State. Sep. 6, 1951-Aug 20, 1966. A telegram and a memo dealing with the securing of justice for minority groups. Newspaper clippings, notes and miscellaneous concerned with desegregation, Faubus, an ex-governor of Ark., etc. Vol.2, No. 4, March, 1956 issue of ACHR's newsletter.

262. Politics – State Courts. Jan 12, 1955-Aug 8, 1963. An information sheet concerned with the Bearden Segregation Suit. A newspaper clipping and a magazine article also two items of correspondence.

263. Position Papers. Jan 30, 1961-Jul 28, 1966. A memorandum to the Little Rock, Ark., School Board, a copy of a letter to the editor of the Arkansas Gazette, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous statements – all pertaining to ACHR members and their attitudes towards subjects such as compliance with Title III (Public Facilities) of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, school desegregation, the L.R. situation, etc.

264. Primary and Secondary School Act – 1965. Apr. 23, 1965. A clipping from the Arkansas Gazette, April 23, 1965.

265. Professionals – Doctors, Lawyers. Jan 4, 1956-Jan, 1962. A magazine article, correspondence, and other material relating to school desegregation. Typewritten material referring to the state's Sovereignty Commission and the "interposition doctrine" both connected with state's rights and keeping integration at bay. A newspaper clipping on the organizing of a group of lawyers to aid civil rights.

266. Professors. Aug 3, 1955-Sep 21, 1965. Correspondence and newspaper clippings concerned with the following subjects: seeking a speaker for the Arkadelphia, Ark., chapter of the AAUW (American Association of University Women) for a November 10, 1955 meeting; circulating an ACHR pamphlet; transferring Negro students to schools in other states; seeking financing of a manuscript by Mrs. Gordon McNeil Neil – a professor of Sociology at the U of A; etc. Also included in this folder is a magazine article written by Mrs. McNeil.

267. Program Employment. Oct. 21, 1961-Mar 29, 1965. Correspondence relating to the following subjects: "Westinghouse Laundromat" in Little Rock, Ark., with a "For White Customers Only" sign and people's failure to secure employment. Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and miscellaneous material referring to employment and related topics.

268. Programs – General. May 2, 1955-Sep 10, 1963. Correspondence in regards to Nathaniel Griswold, Executive Director of ACHR, speaking to the Fayetteville Chapter of the A.A.U.W. on November 1, 1955, also Christopher Mercer, Jr., another ACHR member, engagement to speak to a group at Solomon Grove School in Greenbrier, Ark., on Feb. 28, 1956. Correspondence and telegraph relating to the following subjects: integration in schools and sports; the newspaper, White Sentinel (editor, Curt Copeland); Arkansas economics and civil rights. Magazine articles, newspaper clippings, schedules, photos, memos, and miscellaneous material concerned with the following: a film "Face of the South"; Mrs. David D. Terry, a Little Rock activist; the John Birch Society; a Voter Registration Campaign sponsored by the Urban League of Greater Little Rock and ACHR; the situation in Little Rock, Ark., ACHR's financial situation and annual meetings also its activities; etc.

269. Programs – Other Groups. Nov. 20, 1957-Jan 4, 1959. A pamphlet describing the Eleventh Annual Conference of the National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials (NAIRO). An Arkansas Gazette clipping regarding Harry Scott Ashmore. An order of service for ACHR's "Keeping the Vigil" of September 11, 1958. A program for the Eleventh Annual Convention of the Negro Division of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation on November 24th and 25th, 1958.

Box 26

270. Proposals to Foundations. Jul. 1, 1957-Mar, 1966. Correspondence, copies of proposals, financial reports, lists of contributors, notes and miscellaneous material – all related to ACHR requests for financial aid to the Fund for the Republic, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Southern Regional Council, Taconic Foundation, the Field Foundation and to the Roosevelt Memorial Foundation.

271. Psychological Aspects. Apr., 1956-1961. Two Public Affairs Pamphlets – Who's On First & Fear and Prejudice. Booklets, an article written by Thomas F. Pettigrew and a pamphlet published by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.

272. Psychological Aspects. Winter, 1955-56-Apr, 1963. Pamphlets and magazine articles concerned with the psychological aspects of prejudice.

273. Psychological Aspects. 1948-Dec, 1962. Magazine articles and booklets concerned with the psychology of prejudice.

274. Psychological Aspects – U.S. 1947-Aug 11, 1963. Magazine articles and pamphlets concerned with the psychological aspects of prejudice. Research Report of Nov., 1956, a news release from New York, and other material relating to school desegregation. A summary of the 15th Annual Race Relations Institute, address by Herman H. Long of the Race Relations Department at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. Report L-32 from Southern Regional Council regarding Carleton Putnam's Race and Reason: A Yankee View. Speech, "If I Were A White Man" given by E.B. Hicks.

275. Psychological Aspects – U.S. Dec., 1954. Methods of Combating Discrimination, a descriptive record subjected to the World's YWCA by the YWCA of the U.S.A.

276. P.T.A. Presidents, 1958. May 11, 1958. An article from the Arkansas Gazette written by Mrs. Howell M. Thompson.

Box 27

277. [Public Education]. Sep. 9, 1958-Nov 15, 1963. Two items of correspondence – one pertaining to the Fellowship of the Concerned, the other to the Women's Emergency Committee. Both groups were women organized for action in the integration crisis in Little Rock, Arkansas. Photograph of a group at Smith College in Northampton, Mass., on June 11, 1961. Part of a manuscript written by Nathaniel Griswold, Executive Director of ACHR. Newspaper clippings pertaining to the Little Rock School Board, to S.T.O.P. – a group organized to reinstate teachers – to the Women's emergency Committee and to the P.T.A. Miscellaneous material related to the above.

278. Public Facilities -- Arkansas. Mar, 1956-Oct 15, 1963. List of desegregated dining facilities in Little Rock, Ark. Report No. 6, March, 1956, from the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission of Pulaski County, Ark., titled Park & Recreation Areas and Facilities in the Metropolitan Area.

279. Public Facilities – U.S. Feb., 1958-Jul 9, 1963. Southern Regional Council's reports on desegregation in the South, also a questionnaire from them regarding waiting room desegregation. Tennessee Council on Human Relations newsletter of March-April 1960. Magazine articles, reports from other human relation councils, etc. pertaining to desegregation – mainly in the South.

280. Public Facilities – U.S. Mar 8, 1956-Jul 25, 1960. Two Southern Regional Council's reports – Lunch-Counter Desegregation in Corpus Christi, Galveston, and San Antonio, Texas, and Toward a Solution of Sit-In Controversy. A magazine article about Alabama's bus boycott and printed materials and articles on the sit-in demonstrations.

281. Public Relations, Cordial. Jun. 1, 1955-Jan 16, 1959. Correspondence of goodwill – offers of assistance to and from ACHR, words of praise to ACHR, requests to and from ACHR for materials. Also a few notes.

282. Pulaski Council on Intergroup Relations, 1959. Aug 26, 1958-Oct 26, 1959. Correspondence and miscellaneous material pertaining to the Pulaski Council on Intergroup Relations, also the constitution of this group, and the July 20, 1959, minutes. Also included are lists of members and the mailing list from this Council. St. Phillips Episcopal Church Bulletin of Jan. 6, 1959.

283. Pulaski Council on Intergroup Relations. Oct. 9, 1958-Jan 30, 1960. Minutes, form letters, a list of the planning committee, correspondence, the constitution, and miscellaneous materials – all pertaining to the Pulaski Council on Intergroup Relations.

284. Pulaski County Organizations. Sep. 30, 1957-Mar 6, 1959. A memorandum from the Urban League of Greater Little Rock, Ark.; minutes of Dec. 5, 1958 and Mar 6, 1959 of the Board of Directors of the Health and Welfare Planning Council. An invitation to attend the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Urban League of Greater Little Rock.

285. Qualified Voters by County. 1955-Feb 14, 1957. List of 1955 Pulaski County, Arkansas, electors, list of Clark County, Ark., residents who paid poll tax prior to October 1, 1955. Correspondence relating to Arkansas voters.

286. Quarterly Reports – 1955-1956. Apr. 26, 1955-Nov, 1956. Memorandum to George S. Mitchell from Nathaniel Griswold of ACHR. ACHR's logs for June-August, November, and December, 1955, also January-November, 1956.

287. Quarterly Reports, 1957-1958. Jan 28, 1957-Dec 30, 1958. Quarterly Reports of the Executive Directors of ACHR to the Board of Directors for 1957-1958.

288. Quarterly Reports, 1959-1960. Jan, 1959-Dec, 1960. ACHR's Quarterly Reports for 1959-1960.

Box 28

289. Quarterly Reports, 1961-1962. Jan, 1961-Dec, 1962. ACHR's Quarterly Reports for 1961-1962.

290. Quarterly Reports, 1963-1964. Jan, 1963-Dec, 1964. As title implies.

291. Quarterly Reports, 1965-1966. Jul., 1965-Sep, 1966. As title implies.

292. [Race Relations] Jun., 1958-Nov, 1964. A number of reports from Southern Regional Council – Southern Justice: An Indictment & Dual Justice in the Courts – Unconcerned Community, etc. Magazine articles and a newspaper clipping related to race relations. An address given by Robert C. Weaver to the 14th Annual Conference of the National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials (NAIRO). A report from the University of Michigan, Discrimination Without Prejudice: A Study of Promotion Practices in Industry.

293. [Race Relations.] May, 1956-Mar, 1966. Magazine articles, a newspaper clipping, pamphlets, and miscellaneous concerned with race relations. The Presbyterian Outlook, Volume 142, No. 12, March 21, 1960. Social Action, Vol. 28, No. 5, Jan., 1962.

294. [Receipts & Bills] Dec. 2, 1954-Jun 13, 1955. Receipt books, receipts, statements of bills, invoices, notes, etc. concerning ACHR.

295. [Receipts & Disbursements]. Oct. 1, 1955-Sep 30, 1956. ACHR's financial data.

296. Religions – U.S. Oct., 1957-Oct 17, 1964. Pamphlets, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, etc. concerned with religion and race relations.

297. Religion – U.S. Jul. 31, 1957-Winter, 1964. Booklet, Missions in Brotherhood, prepared by the Missions Councils. Criterion, Vol. 3, No 1, Winter 1964 (a publication of the Divinity School of the University of Chicago). Interracial Review of December, 1959. The Perkins School of Theology Journal, Vol. XI, No. 2-3, Spring, 1958. Information on the South Central Regional Training Conference on August 4-10, 1957, in Tennessee. A Southern Regional Council Report, Religious Bodies and The Supreme Court Decision.

Box 29

298. Religion – U.S. Aug, 1954-Nov, 1963. New South, Aug., 1954, Vol. 9, No. 8, and May, 1958, Vol. 13, No. 5. Social Action, Dec., 1955, Vol. 22, No. 4. Pamphlets and speeches concerned with religion and race relations.

299. Religion – U.S. 1955-May, 1966. Social Progress, Vol. 52, No. 8, July, 1962, & Commission on Religion & Race Reports, Vol. 2, No. 2, May, 1966. Information on the 2nd Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, of the Episcopal Society for Cultural and Racial Unity. Information also on the Conference on Christian Faith and Human Relations in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 23-25, 1957. Various pamphlets concerned with religion, racial relations, and politics.

300. Religion – U.S. Jul., 1956-Mar 21, 1960. Information concerning the Methodist Conference on Human Relations on August 31 to September 4, 1959, at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Magazine articles, pamphlets, and a newspaper clipping related to religion and race relations. Statements by ministers. The Presbyterian Outlook, Vol. 142, No. 12, March 21, 1960.

301. Religion – U.S. Oct., 1954-Jan 17, 1963. Statements adopted by religious groups regarding public school segregation (October, 1954). Forty-ninth annual report of the Christian Life Commission to the Southern Baptist Convention on May 28-31, 1957, in Chicago, Illinois. A condensation of presentations given at the Fifteenth Annual Institute of Race Relations held at Fisk University in Tennessee on June 30th-July12, 1958. Christian Friends, Vol. 20, No. 1, January, 1963. A copy of an interview with Father John LaFarge, S.J. (one of the founders of the Catholic Interracial movement). Other pamphlets.

302. Reports, Miscellaneous. Jan, 1957-Jun 2, 1961. Report on the NAIRO (National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials) Conference on June 1-2, 1961, in Little Rock, Ark. Report on the Arkansas' First Consultant Conference for Superintendents. Report of desegregation in Arkansas, compiled January, 1957. Notes concerned with the activities of ACHR.

303. Resource Prospects. Oct. 31, 1955-May 31, 1957.Correspondence, lists of organizations, notes, and receipts pertaining to ACHR's financial needs.

304. Rockefeller Brothers Fund. May 7, 1957-Sep 1, 1960. Correspondence, information on ACHR's finances, staff, activities, etc. – all to promote financial aid.

305. Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Jun. 27, 1957-Jan 30, 1959. Correspondence, mainly pertaining to the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. A memorandum concerned with a conference on school desegregation. A report on Operation Break-the Back (school desegregation).

Box 30

306. Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Apr. 9, 1959-Jan 15, 1962. Correspondence, notes and proposals regarding financial aid from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

307. Rohwer Relocation Center. Jul. 1, 1960-Apr 14, 1967. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, schedules, etc., relating to Rohwer Relocation Center – a concentration camp for Japanese-Americans during World War II in Desha County, Arkansas.

308. Rowan, Carl T. Sep. 18, 1961-Feb 25, 1962. Biographical sketch, newspaper clippings, a Jan. 26, 1962, issue of Science, and correspondence -all concerned with Carl T. Rowan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, also to his meeting with ACHR on January 19, 1962.

309. School Desegregation. Mar 14, 1960-May, 1967. Report L-17, Desegregation and Academic Achievement and Report L-29 from Southern Regional Council. "Attitudes Toward Desegregation" written by Herbert H. Hyman and Paul B. Sheatsley; "How to Determine Attendance Area Boundaries" written by N.L. Engelhardt Jr. and James B. Boyd. An Arkansas Gazette clipping regarding an education meeting held in Arkadelphia, Ark., on Aug. 19, 1965. Information from the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare concerned with school desegregation. A letter of correspondence and miscellaneous material also relating to school desegregation.

310. [School Desegregation]. Jul. 28, 1966-May 6, 1967. Correspondence and data dealing with a Special Training Institute on Problems of School Desegregation for teachers and administers of the Little Rock Public Schools (Ark.). This was held at various Little Rock schools from Oct. 15, 1966-May 6, 1967. Newspaper clipping and miscellaneous material relating to school desegregation. An article, "Children Writing: The Story of an Experiment" written by Herbert Kohl.

311. School Desegregation. Feb. 26, 1960-Nov 6, 1966. Two Southern Regional Council reports – Atlanta and Washington, Racial Differences in Academic Achievement and Desegregation and Academic Achievement. "The Impending Crisis in Race Relations" composed by Forrest Rozzell. An item of correspondence concerned with a conference in Washington, D.C. on February 9-10, 1967 (relating to treatment of minorities in textbooks). Diverse notes.

312. School Desegregation. Nov., 1958-Sep, 1965. "Dixie Teachers Report Their Pupils Learn Well in Mixed-Race Schools", an article written by James C. Tanner. Human Relations News of Chicago – published by the Chicago Commission on Human Relations – Vol. 6, No. 8, Dec., 1964. Reports from other state councils on human relations and the U.S. Dept.. of H.E.W. – all relating to school desegregation. 313. School Desegregation. Feb., 1930-May, 1960. ACHR's booklet Simple Steps; An Educational Survey of Dallas County Arkansas by the Division of...Dallas County, Arkansas. Three other booklets. 314. School Desegregation. Oct., 1954-Feb, 1966. The Journal of Educational Sociology, Vol. 28, No. 2, Oct., 1954. A Southern Regional Council report, School Desegregation: Old Problems Under a New Law. Other booklets and reports by diverse groups (such as COIR – Commission on Intergroup Relations, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and the Institute of Human Relations of the University of Wisconsin).

Box 31

315. Schools. Jul. 6, 1955-Aug 26, 1966. Correspondence concerning the following subjects: an Arkansas School Administrators' Conference on Desegregation at Lamar, Arkansas, on August 7th and 8th, 1957; inviting people to speak; integration and ministers; a questionnaire on Hot Springs, Ark., City Schools' policies; etc. School Desegregation in Southern States, 1966, a report from eight directors of State Councils on Human Relations in the southern region. Program of the "Round-Up" for Day Work Campers at the union A.M.E. Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, on August 27, 1957. A list by county of Arkansas' availability for aid from the new Educational Aid Act. Miscellaneous material relating to school desegregation – mainly in Arkansas.

316. Schools. Dec. 17, 1959-Oct 27, 1964. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, a memorandum, notes and miscellaneous material concerned with – on the whole – school desegregation in Arkansas and the Little Rock School Board. Comparative Pupil Attendance Report for 1961-63, an assignment sheet for October, 1962, a data sheet on students – all pertaining to Little Rock Public Schools. An authorization for Wiley A. Branton, Attorney at Law, to represent a child. A theme written by Estella Weatherspoon, Junior at Central High in Little Rock, Ark.

317. Schools. Jul. 13, 1955-May 12, 1965. ACHR's Simple Steps. Notes on conference with Clifford Blackburn, Superintendent of Schools, North Little Rock, Ark. Notes on the October 21, 1955, ACHR meeting. Information on some Arkansas schools. Data on the Little Rock School Board. Newspaper clipping on Arkansas school desegregation. A reprint from Redbook, Nov., 1962, also from Arkansas Gazette, Jan. 1, 1966 – both regarding the above. Related material. 318. Schools – Civil Rights Act. Feb. 4, 1965-May 5, 1965. Newspaper clippings pertaining mainly to Arkansas schools and their compliance with the Civil Rights Act. A paper titled "Desegregation of Fayetteville Schools." Notes.

319. Second Conference on Community Unity, April 29, 1960. Mar 4, 1960-Jun 20, 1960. Postcard, memorandum, correspondence, data sheets, minutes, and a list of the planning committee, list of people attending, notes, and other miscellany which all pertains to the Second Conference on Community Unity held at Aldersgate Camp near Little Rock, Arkansas, on April 29, 1960. An Essay on the Economic Ramifications of Racial Discrimination in Little Rock written by John A. Thompson. Information on the Methodist Conference on Human Relations, held Aug. 31 to Sept. 4, 1959.

320. Segregation Act – 1957. [n.d.] A sheet titled "Recommended Activities of ACHR in Keeping With Its Non-Political Activities," Information on Act #83 (State Sovereignty Commission), #84 (repeals compulsory attendance law applying to racially mixed schools), #85 (Registration Law), #86 (provision for legal counsel for school districts). These laws were passed in the 1957 Arkansas General Assembly.

321. [Silver, James W. – 1963]. Nov. 8, 1963-Dec 4, 1963. Newspaper clippings and correspondence pertaining to James W. Silver, Professor of History, at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. Prof. Silver spoke before a public meeting of ACHR on November 30, 1963.

322. Sit-Ins, 1960. Apr. 24, 1957-Mar 22, 1962. Correspondence, memoranda, form letters, magazine articles, etc. – all relating to the sit-ins in the South. Report L-28 (Organizations Supporting the Student Protest Movement) from Southern Regional Council. The Student Voice, Vol. 1, No. 3, October, 1960; Vol. 2, No. 1, Jan., 1961, and No. 3, March, 1961. Newsletters from such groups as CORE (Congress on Racial Equality), Koinonia Farm, Inc. and Tennessee Council on Human Relations.

323. Social Conditions – Arkansas. [n.d.] A booklet published by the Chamber of Commerce, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

324. Social Conditions – U.S. Jul., 1955-Apr 10, 1962. Magazine reprints, New South articles, New York Times of March 13, 1956, etc. – all relating to the title.

Box 32

325. Social Conditions – U.S. Oct. 15, 1954-Jun 20, 1964. Part 1-3 of a Saturday Evening Post series titled "The Deep South Says Never." A special supplement to the New York Times of January 17, 1960, prepared by the National Urban League. "The Responsibility of the North In the Desegregation Crisis In the South" written by Emanuel Muravchik. Other magazine article reprints.

326. Southern Interagency Council & CCD. Sep. 21, 1961-Jun 14, 1963. Minutes of the Southern Interagency Meeting for Sept. 21, 22, 1961, and of the Southern Interagency Conference for Sept. 25, 26, 1963. Summaries of the CCD (Consultative Conference on Desegregation) Mass Media Committee meetings of Dec. 3, 1962, Jan. 23, and Feb. 27, and June 14, 1963.

327. Southern Regional Council. Jun. 15, 1955-May 7, 1965. A few items of correspondence relating to financial aid and finding an Associate Director for ACHR, also to the notification of the death of W.W. Alexander, head staff of the Commission on Interracial Cooperation. Memoranda from Southern Regional Council concerned with SRC staff changes & personnel policies, financial aid for state councils, political activity in state organizations, the resignation of George S. Mitchell, etc. List of SRC Board of Directors by states. Annual Report of the Executive Director of SRC for 1961. Semi-Annual Report of SRC activities for Jan. 1-June 30, 1957. SRC news releases. ACHR's financial report for 1963 and the report of the Budget Committee for January 4, 1964. Report L-27, "The Hard or the Easy Way" from SRC. Journal and Guide, Vol. 63, No. 22, May 31, 1958.

328. Southern Regional Council. Dec. 12, 1951-Nov 21, 1965. SRC newsletters – Vol. 1, Numbers 1-4, April 15-July 15, 1955; Vol. 2, Numbers 1-11, November 1, 1955-September 15, 1956; and a Feb., 1957 issue. SRC reports – L-1, The Southern Regional Council, Its Origin and Aims; L-6, The Davis Report; L-43, Businessmen Point the Way. SRC news releases regarding the poverty program and school integration, also a statement from the Council on its policy and aims. Information on the Fellowship of the Concerned (of SRC) and its workshop in Atlanta, Ga., on Nov. 3-4, 1965. Minutes of the Southern Interagency Council of Feb. 11-12, 1965. Other miscellaneous material relating to SRC.

329. Southern Regional Council – Attacks On. Dec. 10, 1954-Apr 14, 1961. Statements on the history and aims of Southern Regional Council. Memorandum, an item of correspondence, newspaper reprints, etc. – all concerned with smears of SRC. These smears were located in such items as "Help Save America", a publication of "The Grass Roots League" of Charleston, South Carolina and The Firing Line published by the American Legions National Americanism Commission.

330. Southern Regional Council – Correspondence. Jan 27, 1956-Sep 24, 1959. Correspondence pertaining to the following subjects: ACHR's financial need and its Board Retreat of Feb. 20-21, 1959, Elaine McNeil's (sociology prof. at the U of A) manuscript, James McBride Dabbs' book "South Heritage", getting reprints of newspaper and magazine articles, the film "Face of the South", New South subscriptions, etc. Memoranda relating to: the pamphlet Industrialization: Accent in the South, ACHR's quarterly reports, etc. Other material included in the folder is: SRC newsletter of December, 1957, newspaper clippings, a list of cooperating state organizations and a few miscellaneous items.

331. Southern Regional Council – Memoranda to ACHR. Oct. 26, 1955-Apr 24, 1962. Correspondence relating to the following subjects: financial aid for state councils, a survey on cultural opportunities for Negroes in the South, and "name" speakers. Memoranda concerning a variety of subjects – Prejudice and Your Child written by Kenneth Clark, a staff training institute held in conjunction with Fisk University Race Relations Institute on July 6-13, 1957, in Tennessee, resignations, financial aid, etc. One newspaper article reprint. The Semi-Annual Report of Southern Regional Council activities for January 1-June 30, 1957.

332. State News Media. Jan 24, 1956-Mar 3, 1966. An item of correspondence regarding an editorial on interposition (the article is also enclosed). A March 3, 1966, clipping from The Times (North Little Rock, Arkansas, newspaper). One other clipping – unidentified source – concerned with ACHR's fund raising drive.

333. Student Movement – U.S. Feb., 1958-Oct, 1962. The Tallahassee Bus Protest written by Charles U. Smith and Lewis M. Killan. Daniel H. Pollitt's article "Dime Store Demonstrations: Events and Legal Problems of First Sixty-Days." Lunch-Counter Desegregation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina written by Clarence H. Patrick. A Southern Regional Council's special report – The Student Protest Movement: A Recapitulation, also Report L-28 from SRC. The Student Voice, Volume 3, Number 3, October, 1962.

Box 33

334. Student Movement – U.S. Mar 30, 1960-Jul, 1963. Magazine articles; a special report (The Student Protest Movement: A Recapitulation, also Organizations Supporting The Student Protest Movement) from Southern Regional Council; newspaper article reprints; The Student Voice, Vol. 3, No. 3, Oct., 1962 -- all concerned with the student movement in the U.S.

335. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Oct., 1957-Apr 24, 1967. Magazine articles, newspaper clippings and reprints, correspondence, notes, speeches, form letters, a telegram, and miscellaneous material – all pertaining to student nonviolent demonstrations. The Student Voice, Vol. II, No. IV & V, April & May, 1961.

336. Supreme Court. Oct., 1957-May 17, 1964. Legal briefs, pamphlets, a statement by members of the Bar, statements from the American Jewish Congress, magazine articles, and Section E of the May 17, 1964, Washington Post Outlook – all relating to the Supreme Court.

337. Supreme Court. Autumn, 1958-Aug, 1961. The Law School Record Special Supplement, Vol. 8, Autumn, 1958, No. 1. The Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Decisions of the United States Supreme Court for the 1960-1961 Term prepared by the Commission on Law and Social Action of the American Jewish Congress.

338. Swimming Pools. Jun. 8, 1963-Aug 21, 1963. Notes, newspaper clippings, a list of the swimming pool committee, comments from Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. of Atlanta, Ga., and a partial list of swimming pool integration.

339. Tax Exemptions. Feb. 8, 1956-Oct 19, 1956. One item of correspondence and one memorandum – both relating to obtaining tax exemption status. A summary of the important provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 – relating to tax exemption (prepared by Jules Cohen, National Coordinator, National Community Relations Advisory Council).

340. Teachers – National Organizations. Apr., 1965-Feb, 1966. An information booklet from the U.S. Dept.. of H.E.W., Office of Education. Defense Bulletin, No. 103, Feb., 1966, from the National Education Association. Also included in the folder are information on the Second National NEA-PR&R Conference on Civil and Human Rights in Education and a pamphlet prepared by NEA.

341. Teachers – National Organizations. Jul. 12, 1955-May 22, 1966. A news release from the Kentucky Council on Human Relations concerning Ky. schools. An item of correspondence, newspaper clippings, information on an ATA-NEA Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas, on March 25-26, 1966 and also on the 65th Annual Arkansas Teachers Association Convention, etc. – all relating to ATA. A speech given by Forrest Rozzel, an Arkansas Education Association official, also newspaper clippings pertaining to him. Other miscellaneous material.

342. Third Conference on Community Unity, June 18, 1966. Apr., 1957-Jun 20, 1960. The Presbyterian Outlook, Vol. 142, No. 12, Mar. 21, 1960. A background report on the student "sit-in" protest movement from the National Protestant Episcopal Church. Correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, information from the Second Conference, minutes, registration sheets, etc. – all pertaining to the Third Conference on Community Unity (its purpose, what literature to use, etc.) held June 18, 1960, at Aldersgate Camp near Little Rock, Arkansas. The main emphasis of the conference was upon the moral issue involved in the practice of discrimination and segregation. Ben Heller and Jean Fairfax were speakers.

Box 34

343. Thomas Plan. Apr. 3, 1958-May 28, 1958. Minutes of the April 9 & 17, 1958, meetings of ACHR's Executive Committee (also the agenda for April 8 and May 13, 1958). Correspondence, notes of suggestion from ACHR members, a newspaper clipping – all of which relates to the Thomas Plan ("Arkansas Plan"). This plan emphasized a need for a state program of voluntary progress in the field of Negro education and desegregation.

344. Un-American Activities Committee. March 11, 1961. A collection of various newspaper clippings regarding the House Committee on Un-American Activities and the United States Supreme Court.

345. United Nations. Jan, 1964. A publication prepared by the United Nations Office of Public Information.

346. United States National Student Association. Sep. 2, 1958-Nov 15, 1965. New Rebel, Vol. II, No. II, Oct., 1964 – the official newsletter of the Southern Student Organizing Committee. The POOPed Sheet, Vol. I, No. 2, November, 1965 – newsletter from the 8th Southern Student Human Relations Seminar, also in this folder is a report on the seminar form the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Information on the Florida Student Conference on Human Relations. The conference was held at the Methodist Youth Camp in Veesburg, Florida, Nov. 12-14, 1965. A reprint from the Nov. 15, 1965, Tampa Tribune. An itinerary and information sheet on three students who were members of a Research and Information Commission; they investigated segregation for the International Student Conference. Correspondence, etc.

347. Universities. May 3, 1956-Mar 10, 1966. Correspondence, a pre-registration list and schedule regarding a conference at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. This conference was sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith and the U. of Ok. It was held June 15-16, 1956, and its purpose was to discuss problems of human relations education. Correspondence, information, etc. – all relating to the Conference on Human Relations in the Southwest held at the U. of Oklahoma, December 7-8, 1962. Copies of addresses by Harris Wofford, once Associate Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame Law School, and Daniel C. Thompson, chairman of the Division of Social Sciences at Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Correspondence concerned with a complaint – resistance to school desegregation – against the George Peabody College Survey Team, also concerned with displaced science teachers, and the use of Nathaniel Griswold, Executive Director of ACHR as a speaker. Southern Regional Council's report L-23B, Desegregation in Higher Education. Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and miscellaneous material – all pertaining to schools.

348. Urban League. Apr. 23, 1957. A proposed Urban League program for 1957-58 and an advertisement of a league member, Whitney M. Young, Jr.

349. Urban League. 1956-Jun 9, 1963. Building for the Future published by the National Urban League, also a statement of their Boar of Trustees regarding the gap between the conditions of Negro and white citizens.

350. Veterans. June 26, 1961. An Arkansas Gazette clipping with a picture of the AmVets officers. 351. Voter Education Project. Aug 16, 1966. An item of correspondence and a summary report from the Greater Little Rock Voter Registration Campaign, also a chart of population and registration data on selected Arkansas counties, and an analysis of the voter drive in Little Rock, Arkansas.

352. Ways and Means Committee. Nov. 19, 1956-Feb 15, 1957. Correspondence pertaining to ACHR's Ways and Means Committee, formed to make plans in budgeting and financing. The agenda and minutes of the committee for Nov. 27, 1956, and Jan. 24, 1957, also a report from the committee to ACHR's Board of Directors. List of members.

353. White Citizens Groups. 1954-Jul 8, 1963. An item of correspondence regarding dues for the Capital Citizens' Council – a group definitely against integration. A Faubus emblem, an advertisement to vote for the Little Rock School Board, a Richmond Times-Dispatch clipping titled "A Race Agency and the Fact" concerning Southern Regional Council's roots, and The Augusta Courier, Vol. 2, No. 822, July 8, 1963. Also in this folder are two pamphlets – one written by John W. Duggar, the other by W.S. Swan. A magazine article written by J.D. Eagle.

354.White Citizens Group. Aug 31, 1955-Oct 15, 1962. Speeches – excerpts of from U.S. Senator Eastland, Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security; an insertion in the Congressional Record of the Representative From Mississippi (Honorable John Bell Williams' talk); Arkansas State Senator (1956) candidate, Grady H. Forgy's address – also biographical information and an item of correspondence regarding Mr. Forgy. Copies of speeches from various individuals and groups concerning integration, certain individuals, etc. are included in this folder. Newspaper clippings pertaining to incidents of rape by Negro men, Southern Regional Council's roots, integration, etc. Identification list of S.T.O.P. – relating to the "purge" of teachers in Little Rock, Arkansas. Newsletter No. 2 & 3 from the Capitol Citizens' Council in Little Rock – an anti-integration group. Correspondence regarding help for White American Inc. – which later merged with White Citizens Council into Citizen Council of Arkansas, a division of the National Citizen Council of America. The White Sentinel – from the National Citizens Protective Association – Vol. 6, No. 7, July, 1956, also Firing Line – from the National Americanism Commission – Vol. 6, No. 10, May 15, 1957.Other miscellaneous material concerned with the anti-integration theme, such as a publication from the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.

355. White Citizens Groups. Oct., 1954-Aug, 1960. Common Sense – published by the Christian Educational Assn. In Union, New Jersey – Nos. 305, Aug. 1, 1958; 308, Sept. 15, 1958; 345, June 15, 1960; & 347, Aug., 1960. Reports from Southern Regional Council members such as Frederick B. Routh, Paul Anthony, and Harold Fleming. The Virginian published by the Virginia League, Vol. II, No. 1, January, 1956. Constitution of the Butler County (Alabama) Citizens Council, also an application for joining the White Citizens Council of Arkansas, and information on the National Citizens Protective Association – all anti-integration groups. Newspaper clippings, reprints, and miscellaneous material – all pertaining to anti-integration theme.

356. Young Men's Christian Association. Jan 16, 1956-Feb 12, 1965. Correspondence concerned with inviting Nathaniel Griswold, Executive Director of ACHR, to a student YMCA-YWCA Spring Conference held at Camp Aldersgate, Little Rock, Arkansas, on April 13-14, 1956 and to the YMCA-YWCA Second Annual Human Relations Workshop on April 25, 1959 in Texas. Sheet music of "‘Tis Not By Might'", words based on the motto of the World YWCA. Newspaper clippings regarding the YMCA Annual Membership Drive (1965) in Little Rock and a new general secretary (1956) of the Little Rock YMCA.

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