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James Powell Anderson Papers

Literary Manuscripts, 1971, 1975

Manuscript Collection MS 3  357


James Powell Anderson of Fayetteville, Arkansas, donated mimeograph copies of his two unpublished books to the Special Collections Division in November 1979.

The collection consists of mimeograph copy of the typewritten texts of the author's unpublished books,  "Barefoot Boy With Genes," and "Latin, Greek, and Arkansas: The Life and Times of John Clinton Futrall."


 1. "Barefoot Boy With Genes," 1971 [71 p.].  This consists principally of letters from Dale Bumpers, John B. Connally, J. W. Fulbright, David W. Mullins, and other prominent Arkansans and Texans, in reply to Anderson's inquiry as to how the respondent spent the summer between his freshman and sophomore years in college.

2. "Latin, Greek, and Arkansas: The Life and Times of John Clinton Futrall," 1975 [162 p]. This work is a biographical essay on Futrall (1873-1939), first a classics professor and later president of the University of Arkansas.

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