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Eloise Farris Baerg Papers
Personal papers, ca 1915-1994

Manuscript Collection 1322


Eloise Farris Baerg, the daughter of William Buford and Anne Wellborn Farris, was born on December 7, 1904 in Pulaski, Tennessee.  Baerg received her M.A. degree in 1930 from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and was an English teacher through the University of Arkansas Department of Independent Study for more than 30 years.  Baerg was married to William J. Baerg, ornithologist at the University of Arkansas and internationally recognized entomologist.  Eloise Baerg was a member of Fayetteville Garden Club and Modern Literature Club.  Baerg died on January 27, 1997.


The collection consists of correspondence, academic and literary material, miscellaneous personal papers, newspaper clippings, photographs, slides, and scrapbooks.

The correspondence is arranged in three parts: family correspondence and two groups of alphabetically arranged letters by the correspondents' last and first name respectively.  The family correspondence includes letters and greeting cards of Eloise and W.J. Baerg; Baerg's parents, Dr. and Mrs. W.B. Farris; siblings, Nell Mitchell, Elizabeth Farris,  Marianna Farris Seidel,  John David Farris, and Buford Farris; children, William Baerg and Gretchen B. Gearhart; and other family members. There are also letters written to W.J. Baerg by his brother, George Baerg.  The papers also contain diaries/planners; calendars; notebooks with book review drafts and notes on a wide range of topics; a travelogue with Baerg's narration of her overseas travels; English and poetry class notes; and other academic and literary notes.  Baerg's personal papers include, among others, her University of Arkansas Master of Arts diploma, 1930; University of Arkansas commencement programs, 1929 and 1930; a wedding announcement, 1930;  the Arkansas Alumni Association diploma of recognition; an announcement of Baerg's 90th birthday celebration, 1994; and a letter to Baerg written and signed by Mrs. Winthrop Rockefeller.  One folder of W.J. Baerg's papers includes a biochemistry notebook, letters of recommendation, newspaper clippings about W.J. Baerg, and other material.  The newspaper clippings are arranged by subject.  The photographic section of this collection contains pictures of Eloise and W.J. Baerg and their children, Baerg's father, siblings, and other relations, pictures of some prominent University of Arkansas faculty members, and several identified and unidentified group pictures.  Furthermore, there are also thirty-eight, mostly identified, slides with images of the Baergs' friends, often very well known or prominent local community figures.  This collection also contains three scrapbooks.  The School Friendship Book, from Fort Smith High School (Arkansas), is a collection of inscriptions by Baerg's classmates, letters, programs of school activities, pictures, and miscellaneous mementos.  The other two scrapbooks contain mostly local newspaper (Northwest Arkansas Democrat, Arkansas Gazette, and Southwest Times Record, Fort Smith) clippings of articles about various social occasions; notices of meetings of the Modern Literature and Fayetteville Garden Clubs of which Baerg was a long-standing member; family obituary announcements as well as of the Baergs' friends and community personalities; few pictures; thank-you notes; and letters.

The Eloise Farris Baerg Papers were donated to the Special Collections Division by Gretchen B. Gearhart, Fayetteville, Arkansas, on August 29, 1995, and March 25, 1996.
Processed by Vera Ekechukwu, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas, in January 2000.

 6.4 linear feet (14 containers)

Box  1. Correspondence


 1. Eloise Baerg to parents, ca 1920s-1970s.
 2. Father to Eloise Baerg, 1935-1957.
 3. Mother to Eloise Baerg, 1920s-1940s.
 4. Mother to Eloise Baerg, 1950s.
 5. Mother to Eloise Baerg, no date.

Box 2

 1. Eloise Baerg to W. J. Baerg, ca 1930s-1960s (1 of 2).
 2. Eloise Baerg to W. J. Baerg, ca 1930s-1960s (2 of 2).
 3. W. J. Baerg to Eloise Baerg, ca 1930s-1960s (1 of 2).

Box 3

 1. W. J. Baerg to Eloise Baerg, ca 1930s-1960s (2 of 2).
 2. William Baerg to Eloise and W.J. Baerg, ca 1940s-1993.
 3. Gretchen Baerg Gearhart to Eloise and W.J. Baerg, ca 1940s-1992.
 4. William Baerg and Gretchen Baerg Gearhart, 1940s.

Box 4

 1. Nell Mitchell, ca 1920s-1993 (1 of 2).
 2. Nell Mitchell, ca 1920s-1993 (2 of 2).
 3. Elizabeth Farris, 1920s-1994.
 4. Marianna Farris Seidel, 1930s-1994.

Box 5

 1. John David Farris, 1930s-1950s.
 2. Buford Farris, 1920s-1992.
 3. George Baerg to W. J. Baerg, ca 1915-1934.
 4. Other family correspondence, ca 1950s-1990s.

         Personal correspondence in alphabetical order-full correspondent name, ca 1920-1990s

 5. A-C.
 6. D-F.

Box 6

 1. G.
 2. H.
 3. J-K.
 4. L.
 5. M-N.
 6. P-Q.
 7. R.

Box 7

 1. S.
 2. T-V.
 3. W-Z.

  Personal correspondence in alphabetical order-first name only, ca 1920-1990s

 4. A-B.
 5. C.
 6. D.
 7. E.
 8. F-I.
 9. J.

Box 8

 1. K-M.
 2. N-R.
 3. S-Z.
 4. Unidentified.

          Personal Papers

 5. Eloise Baerg miscellaneous material.
 6. W.J. Baerg miscellaneous material.

Box 9


 1. 1936, 1937.
 2. 1946, 1947, 1948.
 3. 1950, 1953, 1956, 1959.

Box 10

 1. 1963, 1973, 1976, 1989, 1992.
 2. Calendars, 1980, 1983-1990, 1996.
 3. Notebooks (five).

Box 11

 1. Travelogue, Apr-May 1961, Sep-Oct 1966, July 1983.

          Academic and Literary Notes

 2. Poetry class, 1987.
 3. Poetry class, 1988.
 4. Notes on psychology and literature.
 5. Miscellaneous literary writings.

Box 12

 1. Memoirs of Fayetteville characters.
 2. English class notes and other material.

         Modern Literature Club material

 3. Correspondence, programs, and other material.
 4. Yearbooks, 1934-1935 (photocopy), 1946-1947, 1976-1977, 1980-1994.

         Newspaper Clippings

 5. Eloise Baerg and family in the press.
 6. Book, film, and play reviews.

Box 13

 1. Profiles of literary figures.
 2. Other clippings re literature.
 3. Fayetteville, AR and vicinity.
 4. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

         Other Papers

 5. Fayetteville Garden Club.
 6. St. Paul's Episcopal Church.
 7. Miscellaneous programs.
 8. Photographs
  Eloise and W.J. Baerg wedding. No. 1-4.
  Eloise and W.J. Baerg, 1931.  No. 5-6.
  W.J. Baerg.  No. 7-10.
  Eloise Baerg. No. 11-14.
  Other Baerg family pictures.  No. 12-15.
  Clifton and Eloise Baerg King, No. 16-20.
  Dr. W.B. Farris. No. 21-23.
  John David Farris.  No. 24-25.
  Elizabeth Buford Farris.  No. 26.
  Marianna Farris Seidel. No. 27-28.
  Nell Mitchell.  No. 29.
  Other family pictures.  No. 30-42.
  Other pictures.  No. 43-57.
  George Kernodle, Theater Department, University of Arkansas. No. 58.
  Jobelle Holcombe. No. 59.
  Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Jordan.  No. 60.
 9. Slides.  No 1-38.

Box 14


 1. School Friendship Book, ca 1919-1922.
 2. 1940s-1960s.
 3. 1940s-1980s.

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