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Kent Brown Papers

Literary manuscript and photographs, 1982-1983

Manuscript Collection 475


Kent Brown became a member of the faculty of the drama department at the University of Arkansas in 1974, and was declared emeritus professor in 1997. He compiled a book, Fayetteville: A Pictorial History (Norfolk, Va., Dunning Publishing Company, 1982)  for Dunning's series Portraits of American Cities. A second printing in a paperbound edition was brought out by the North Arkansas Symphony. The McIlroy Bank of Fayetteville brought out a "limited edition of 2500" copies with a label signed by the author, in a hard cover bearing the title A Timeless Epoch ... in harmony with Ozark heritage. The book covers the period 1820-1982, and contains 360 photographs selected from public and private photo collections. The photographs depict the town, the surrounding countryside, and some of its residents. The contribution and influence of the University of Arkansas is an important element of the book.


Kent Brown donated his papers to the Special Collections Division on September 16, 1983.  The papers contain typewritten drafts of the book, page proofs, newspaper clippings, and photographs.

Processed by Vera Ekechukwu and Ethel C. Simpson, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas in October 1998.


Box 1

 1. Typewritten manuscript.
            Typewritten manuscript with pictures
 2. 1828-1880.
 3. 1881-1899.
 4. 1900-1919.
 5. 1920-1939.

Box 2

 1. 1940-1959.
 2. 1960-1979.
 3. 1980s.
 4. Page proofs.
 5. Handwritten and typewritten photograph captions.
 6. Handwritten and typewritten photograph captions.
 7. Newspaper clippings, 1982-1983.

Box 3      GROUP 1-- Photos in book in page order
Folder 1
 1. Map of Northwest Arkansas, page 15.
 2. Fayetteville Female Seminary, page 16.
 3. Fayetteville Polka, page 17.
 4. Document (invitation) 3-20-1856, page 19.
 5. Certificate 4-7-1856, page 19.
 6. Civil war map of Northwest Arkansas, page 21.
 7. Civil War scene, page 23.
 8. Oath of Allegiance, page 24.
 9. Advertisement--J. Linn Duke, Jeweler, page 25.
 10. New route, advertisement, page 26.
 11. Advertisement, Drugs, Medicines, page 29.
 12. Post Office regulations, page 33.
 13. Old Main, page 36.
 14. "Just University of Arkansas buildings", page 36.
 15. Fayetteville square--stereoscopic view, page 42.
 16. Baum and Bro. Advertisement, page 54.
 17. J.C. Futrall young cadet, page 54.
 18. Mandolin Club, page 55.
 19. Ozark staff, page 55.
 20. Alpha Sigma Epsilon, page 56.

  Folder 2

 21. Confederate Veterans, page 60.
 22. Fayetteville from Old Main, page 67.
 23. University of Arkansas football team, page 74.
 24. Football 1909, page 74-75.
 25. Tennis, page 75.
 26. Bodily Expression girls, page 76.
 27. Buchanan Hall residents, page 77.
 28. University of Arkansas Band, page 77.
 29. Play--Much ado, page 83.
 30. Certificate--political, page 87.
 31. Jobelle Holcomb, page 92.
 32. X-Ray demonstration, page 92.
 33. Class picture 1911, page 93.
 34. Farmers Week 1916, page 98.
 35. University of Arkansas cadet corps 1917, page 104.
 36. University of Arkansas war exhibit, page 105.
 37. University of Arkansas--1922 semi-centennial, page 116.
 38. Hill Hall, page 121.
 39. Cadets with artillery, page 123.
 40. University Library (Old Main), page 125.

  Folder 3

 41. Parking circle, page 125.
 42. North Edge of campus ca 1920, page 125.
 43. Glee club, page 126.
 44. Union (students), page 126.
 45. Zero Mountain, page 127.
 46. Schmidt's Barn, page 135.
 47. Advertisement, page 137.
 48. Advertisement, page 143.
 49. Soda fountain, 145.
 50. Football 1944, page 147.
 51. Parade--College Ave, 149.
 52. Aerial view downtown, 149.
 53. Old Main--snow, page 150.
 54. Fine Arts Center, page 153.
 55. Stage craft class, page 153.
 56. Dickson Street 1952, page 153.
 57. Chicken of Tomorrow, page 154.
 58. U-Ark Theater, page 159.
 59. Dancers 1960s, page 165.
 60. Frank Broyles, page 165.
 61. Sidney Moncrief, 1979.
 62. Eddie Sutton, page 179.
 63. Evelyn Hills Shopping Center, page 193.
 64. Square 1980s, page 196.

GROUP 2.   (The photographs in this group were not used in Brown's book, though they cover   some of the same subject matter. Many are copies of images in the Special Collections Picture   Collection, and references to these sources are provided.

  University of Arkansas photographs--Buildings
  Folder 4
 65. Old Main from the east, showing memorial plaque and flagpole.  Copy of Picture Collection #1525.
 66. Old Main south tower.  1942 advertisement promoting summer school.
 67. Old Main from the east, with Tau Beta Pi key in foreground.  Copy of Picture Collection #1511a.
 68. Old Main from northeast.  Leafy trees, curved walk in foreground.
 69. Old Main.  Stereogram "Oldest Photograph."
 70. First Chemistry Building, taken from the south.  Unpainted, with plaque showing Chemistry above the entrance.  This building, north of Old Main and facing it, later housed law, psychology, and special services.  Copy of Picture Collection #1022.
 71. Carnall Hall from the south.  Full width, unpainted.  Copy of Picture Collection #1003.
 72. YMCA hut.  Copy of a halftone.  Copy of Picture Collection #1623a.
 73. Engineering Hall, 1926, from south of Dickson Street.  Copy of Picture Collection #1063.
 74. Chemistry Building, 1935, from northeast, showing basement entrance and north facade.  Copy of Picture Collection #1029.
 75. Chemistry Building, 1935, showing north entrance.  Copy of Picture Collection #1036.
 76. Fine Arts Center from the west, showing theater tower and west entrance.  Copy of Picture Collection #1102.
 77. Fine Arts Center from the west, showing wall of sculpture court with classroom wing at the back.  Copy of Picture Collection #1101.
 78. Fine Arts Center from inside the sculpture garden, showing theater complex.  Copy of Picture Collection #1103.

  Activities and students

 79. X-Ray incident, 1912.  Student demonstration on east campus. Snow, Old Main in background.
 80. X-Ray incident, 1912.  Students, including members of the University band, at the railroad station on Dickson Street.

  Folder 5

 81. Mandolin Club.  Enlargement showing details of clothing and instruments.
 82. Classical tableau, ca 1904.  Copied from yearbook.  Twelve women in white costumes with fillets or wreaths in their hair.
 83. Senior and Junior Class day, 1911.  Students in procession across Center Street, Fayetteville Square.  Grabill Photo.
 84. Band, the Trav'lers.  Seven men in dress clothes with their instruments.
 85. Brass band.  Twenty men including leader, in frogged uniforms with their instruments.
 86. Cadets in uniform on parade ground east of Old Main.  White trousers and gloves.  Grabill photo, 1908.
 87. Scene from a play.  Eleven people seated or standing around a card table, some of them holding cards.
 88. Agricultural exhibit, "Irish Potatoes, a Profitable Arkansas Crop." 1917.  Interior of unidentified building.
 89. Cattle exhibit, 1920s.  Five animals, thirteen men.  Copy of a halftone.
 90. Sadie Hawkins Day dance, 1950s?  Men and women in Dogpatch costumes.
  Folder 6
 91. Parade.  Girls in uniform carrying banner.
 92. Student elections.  Extremely littered walk, campus drive between Old Main and Vol Walker Hall, campaign banners.
 93. Student anti-war demonstration, Commencement procession, 1971.
 94. Football team of 1901, with coach John W. Futrall.
 95. Football game, October 30, 1909.  Grabill photograph.
 96. Football game before stadium.  Wooden bleachers visible.
 97. Football game, later than #96, but before stadium.  Smokestack in background, line of parked cars. Copy of Picture Collection #2020.
  Fayetteville views
 98. Fayetteville from Mount Sequoyah, 1980s.  Clear view of gap in southwest horizon.  Attributed to Leslie Parr Sutton.
 99. Parade past Lewis Brothers Hardware, Fayetteville square.  Shows Mrs. Young Building, horse drawn float, ca 1940s.  Copied from Lemke papers.
 100. Fayetteville.  Frisco Railway station before adoption of Southwestern architectural style.  Turreted building of brick and stone.  Taken from northwest.  Copy of Picture Collection #3670.
 101. Arkansas Building, Mount Nord, Fayetteville.  View of west facade with columns and inscription: 1836 Arkansas 1904.
 102. Knights of Pythias Opera House (later Ozark Theater).  View from Center Street showing facade and south side.
  Portraits of persons
 103. Ella Carnall.  Enlargement of portrait with flowers at throat, curled bangs.
 104. Lucretia Foster, schoolmistress at Fayetteville Female Seminary.  Wearing glasses, dark silken dress, seated near lace-covered table.  Image found, much reduced, on school diploma with that of Sophie Sawyer.
 105. Walter Lemke reading a New York newspaper.  Copied from Razorback, 1937.
 106. Amanda Brodie Stone and Stephen K. Stone, seated.  Grabill Photo.
 107. Missouri-Arkansas 1861-1865. 8 x 10 photograph, shows military routes to various Civil War  battlefields.
 108. Western border of Arkansas, 1864.  8 x 10 enlargement of  #107, showing details of military routes in the area from Fort Scott, Kansas to Fort Smith, and west to Lebanon, Missouri.

  Folder 7

  Negatives, notes, and negative proof sheets.

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