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Arlie Carrigan Photographs

Transparencies of Elkins and Vicinity, 1890s - 1973

Manuscript Collection 833


Slide show of Elkins past and present, especially Elkins High School, and views of other schools, events, and organizations in the vicinity of Elkins.

Slides (35 mm transparencies) of Elkins and vicinity, particularly Elkins schools, were donated to Special Collections by W. A. (Arlie) Carrigan, Elkins, April 1988.

The transparencies were mainly taken from old photographs and many include a label.  Carrigan apparently created a slide show in 1970 with 80 transparencies and later added to their number.  Also included in the collection are a few negatives and three prints.

The first folder contains Carrigan's original slide show, arranged according to his outline.  It features two introductory slides and several slides of Elkins past and present and Elkins citizens, followed by a series of Elkins schools and classes through the years.  The second folder includes a continuation of the Elkins school sequence up to 1973, as well as slides of other schools, events, and organizations.  Included here are the three prints.

Prepared by Nan Lawler, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas, in June 1988.

RESTRICTION.  Negatives are not available for research.

114 photographs (2 folders)

Box 1

 1. Carrigan's original slide show (items # 1-81), with list of slides and roster of 1932 Elkins High School.  The original sequence has been followed, so far as can be determined.  A few slides are missing; a few not included in the original list have been added in the appropriate places.  Most of the slides are identified on their cardboard mounts.
 2. Slides continuing the Elkins school sequence to 1973 (items # 82 -98), other schools (items # 99-107), and other events and organizations in Elkins (items # 108-111); prints (items # 112-114, approximately 3" x 4 1/2" each) of Elkins and Durham schools and Logan Duncan Barber Shop in Elkins (color print); rosters for Accident School (1916), Crosses School (1904), Delaney School (1912), and information on eighth grade graduation (pertaining to item # 113).

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