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Little Rock Desegregation Crisis, 1957-1959

Oral history Interview Transcripts, 1972-1973

Manuscript Collection MC MS L72 310 Little Rock

Xerox copy of typewritten transcripts of oral history interviews conducted, 1970-1972, by Columbia University's Oral History Research Office with the following persons involved in or associated with the events and issues, 1957-1959, centering around the U.S. district court ordered racial desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas: J. Bill Becker, Orval Eugene Faubus, Nathaniel Robadeau Griswold, Archie F. House, Elizabeth Huckaby, Robert A. Lile, Sidney Sanders McMath, Terrel E. Powell, Everett Tucker, Wayne Upton.

Restrictions apply. No transcript may be further copied, in whole or in part, nor may it be quoted from or cited in any published or unpublished work, without the explicit written permission of the interviewee or his or her heirs, legal representatives, or assigns.

Vendor: U.S. National Archives and Records Service, Dwight D. Eisenhower Library, Abilene, Kansas, 1977.


Interviewee: Becker, J. Bill
Date of Interview: August 16, 1971
Transcript pp.: [3], 34
Interviewee: Faubus, Orval Eugene
Date of Interview: August 18, 1971
Transcript pp.: [3], 137
Interviewee: Griswold, Nathaniel Robadeau
Date of Interview: August 21, 1971
Transcript pp.: [3], 85
Interviewee: House, Archie F.
Date of Interview: August 17, 1971
Transcript pp.: [3], 45
Interviewee: Huckaby, Elizabeth
Date of Interview: October 25, 1972
Transcript pp.: [3], 76
Interviewee: Lile, Robert A.
Date of Interview: August 19, 1971
Transcript pp.: [3], 32
Interviewee: McMath, Sidney Sanders
Date of Interview: December 30, 1970
Transcript pp.: [3], 32
Interviewee: Powell, Terrel E.
Date of Interview: November 20, 1972
Transcript pp.: [3], 35, [3]
Interviewee: Tucker, Everett
Date of Interview: August 16, 1971
Transcript pp.: [2], 63
Interviewee: Upton, Wayne
Date of Interview: December 29, 1971
Transcript pp.: [3], 65

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