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Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Historical Collection (CU)

 Records, ca. 1938-1984

 Manuscript Collection 468

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The historical collection of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (CU), formerly the Division of Cultural Relations, documents the development of U.S. international educational and cultural exchange activities, including the Fulbright Program. Organized in 1961 within the Department of State, the bureau was responsible for administering the principal provisions of the Fulbright-Hays Act. It functioned as a part of the State Department until 1978 when it merged with the United States Information Agency. The basic collection consists of papers generated while CU was in the State Department, from 1938 until 1978. The remainder consists of papers produced after CU moved to USIA in 1978. The collection was presented to the University of Arkansas by the United States Information Agency in the spring of 1983.



The collection comprises 366 linear feet of correspondence, reports, studies, minutes, photographs, publications, audiovisual materials, and other records concerning various international exchange programs, dated circa 1938-1983. Files pertain to academic exchanges; the International Visitor Program for foreign leaders in government, communications, education, and labor; cultural presentations for both the performing arts and athletics; and private agencies cooperating with CU.

Significant portions of the collection pertain to the Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange Between the East and West (East-West Center) and the National Review Board, an advisory and review body concerned with the programs and operations of the EWC; the U.S. Advisory Commission on International Educational and Cultural Affairs; the Government Advisory Committee on International Book and Library Programs; the Cultural Presentations Program, including tour files of American performing artistic and athletic groups and figures; the American Specialist Program; the Teacher Development Program; the Teacher Exchange Program; the nonreturn of students, trainees, and visitors from other countries (brain drain); the CU-USIA reorganization in 1978; the CU budget; and the CU History Project.

The report files are an integral part of the collection and support many projects undertaken in the collection. They include evaluation reports regarding the exchange program for the fifties, sixties, and seventies; annual post reports on educational and cultural programs; American and foreign grantee reports, lists, and statistics; CU weekly activity reports; printed reports authorized by the Fulbright Act and the Smith-Mundt Act; reports of the U.S. Advisory Commission; and general reports, chronological summaries, statistics, and bibliographies of the history of the State Department programs.
Another historically significant set of files concerns the Fulbright academic exchange program for students, teachers, professors, and research scholars. The files include program legislation and agreements; Fulbright Binational Commission and Foundation correspondence, annual reports, minutes, and annual program proposals; and Board of Foreign Scholarship materials. Other important files pertain to the early programs with Latin America and Germany and the exchange program with the former Soviet Union.

The collection includes the files of assistant secretaries and deputy assistant secretaries of state for CU, their predecessors in charge of educational exchange, and other CU officers. Important correspondents are Jacob Canter, C.A. Chapman, Joseph D. Duffey, J. Manuel Espinosa, William K. Hitchcock, Frederick Irving, William B. Jones, Katie Louchheim, Francis P. Miller, David L. Osburn, Eleanor Reams, John Richardson, Jr., and Richard Straus. The collection also includes papers of Francis A. Young, executive director of the Committee on International Exchange of Persons.

Many file titles include office file codes.  See Appendix III for an outline of the file code system, copied from the Records Classification Handbook of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

See Appendix IV for an index to photographs in the CU collection.  The index consists of names of persons, groups, and officials associated with programs administered by the Department of State and the U.S. Information Agency.

Contents:  366 containers

Note: To facilitate their work, researchers who wish to use the CU collection are advised to contact the Special Collections Division in advance.

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Group I.   CU Organization and Administration.  Boxes 1-46

Group II.  Cultural Presentations Program.  Boxes 47-102

Group III.  Fulbright Program.  Boxes 103-125, 125A-H, 126-137

Group  IV.  Special Programs.  Boxes 138-171

Group V.  Legislation.  Boxes 172-178

Group VI.  U.S. Advisory Commission on International Educational and Cultural Affairs.
Boxes 179-199

Group VII.  Government Advisory Committee (GAC) on International Book and Library Programs.    Boxes 200-210

Group VIII.  Cooperating Agencies.  Boxes 211-224

Group IX.  Country Files.  Boxes 225-240

Group X.  Nonreturn of Grantees (Brain Drain).  Boxes 241-250

Group XI.  Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange Between the East and West
(East-West Center).  Boxes 251-269

Group XII.  Files of CU Assistant and Deputy Assistant Secretaries.  Boxes 270-297

Group XIII.  Files of Other CU Officials.  Boxes 298-307

Group XIV.  CU History Files.  Boxes 308-312

Group XV.  Education and Culture.  Boxes 313-315

Group XVI.  Post Reports.  Boxes 316-320

Group XVII.  Reports, Surveys and Correspondence: State Department Programs.
Boxes 321-341

Group XVIII.  Photographs.  Boxes 342-349

Group XIX.  Audiovisual Materials.  Boxes 350-354

Group XX.   Boxes 355-356

Appendix III.  File Code System

Appendix IV.  Index to Photographs

NOTE:  Oversize materials have been separated from the collection and are housed in Boxes 357-358.  Separation sheets in CU collection folders indicate the original location of oversize materials.

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