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James and Belle Dinwiddie Architectural Drawings, 1926-1956

Manuscript Collection 924

Information about James and Belle Dinwiddie

James Dinwiddie (1854-1942) was born to James and Agnes Mitchell Dinwiddie in Dunfries, Scotland. After living in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a number of years, he came to Fayetteville (Washington County), Arkansas where he became the city building inspector. Dinwiddie became a well-known Fayetteville architect whose buildings included St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Fayetteville, St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Tontitown, Springdale Methodist Church, and Mountainburg Church.

Dinwiddie's niece, Belle Dinwiddie (1895-1978), was born in Fayetteville to Robert R. and Annie Dinwiddie. She practiced in both Fayetteville and Rogers. Her designs included several Fayetteville Farm Cooperative buildings, the First Baptist Church Educational Building in Fayetteville, and additions to Welch's Grape Juice Factory in Springdale.

Information about the Collection

The papers contain twenty-one sets of drawings. James Dinwiddie's drawings encompass sets 1-10, while Belle Dinwiddie's drawings encompass sets 11-19. Drawings of Haralson and Nelson Architects of Fort Smith comprise set 20; they were discovered with the Dinwiddie drawings, but their connection with them, if any, is unknown. Set 21 is a collection of unidentified drawings, possibly those of Belle Dinwiddie. Some of the sets contain general specifications and other papers. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of items in each set.

Christine Hilker, of the University of Arkansas School of Architecture, transferred these drawings to Special Collections in January, 1988.

Processed by Anthony J. Wappel, Special Collections, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas, in March 1989.

Contents of the Collection (176 items)

Series 1. James Dinwiddie. Drawing Sets 1-9.

1. Christian Science Church [Fayetteville] 1935 [5].
2. Fayetteville High School Addition, 1927 [11].
3. Greenland School Remodeling, ca. 1936 [3].
4. Mountainburg Church, n.d. [4].
5. George D. Owen residence [Fayetteville] 1926 [8].
6. St. Joseph's Catholic Church [Fayetteville] 1936 [7].
7. St. Joseph's Catholic Church [Tontitown] n.d. [9].
8. Springdale Methodist Church, ca. 1929 [4].
9. West Fork School, n.d. [4].

Series 2. Belle Dinwiddie. Drawing Sets 10-19.

10. Farm Bureau Cooperative Hatchery, 1951 [4].
11. Farm Bureau Cooperative Mill, 1950 [29].
12. Farm Bureau Cooperative Seed House, 1955 [4].
13. First Baptist Church Education Building, n.d. [8].
14. Hinton Brothers Company Store Addition, 1950 [8].
15. A. B. McConnell residence [Fayetteville] 1951 [8].
16. Ruth Riley residence [Fayetteville] n.d. [20].
17. Store addition on East Center Street for Dr. R. Logan [Fayetteville] 1951 [7].
18. Welch's Grape Juice Co. Repair Shop, 1945 [5].
19. Winslow residence alteration and addition, 1956 [5].

Series 3. Other Architects. Drawing Sets 20-21.

20. North Washington School [Fayetteville] by Haralson and Nelson Architects of Fort Smith, 1930 [11].
21. Miscellaneous drawings of unidentified projects by unidentified architects, ca. 1945 [12].


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