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Nichols, Guerdon David
Guerdon David Nichols Papers Addendum
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Manuscript Collection 1370a
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The Guerdon David Nichols Papers Addendum was donated to Special Collections, University of Arkansas Libraries in 2018 through the family of Guerdon Nichols.

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Biographical Note

Guerdon David Nichols (June 12, 1900-October 28, 1988) was born in Iowa Falls, Iowa. Educated as a mathematician, he joined the University of Arkansas's faculty as a mathematics instructor in 1927. He completed his doctorate at the University of Nebraska in 1933, and in 1945 he was made a full professor in the University of Arkansas's Mathematics Department. In 1946 he became dean of the university's College of Arts and Sciences. Accomplishments during his tenure as dean included a rapid growth in the enrollment in the college, an expansion of its facilities, and the creation of an honors program.

Nichols was an outspoken member of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). In the late 1940s he supported the admission of African-American students to the then whites-only University of Arkansas. He entered the national spotlight in April, 1959, for speaking out against Act No. 10, a bill adopted by the Arkansas General Assembly in August, 1958. The act required teachers employed in Arkansas state-supported schools to divulge the names of all organizations to which they had either belonged or made contributions to in the preceding five years. This reactionary act, passed during the turmoil of the Little Rock school desegregation crisis, was intended to weed out pro-desegregation educators belonging to "communist-front" organizations; the act was later declared unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court. In honor of his stand against Act No. 10, Nichols received the AAUP's Alexander Meiklejohn Award for Academic Freedom in 1960. He resigned his position of dean in 1964 and resumed his duties as a teacher. He retired from full-time teaching in 1967.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains correspondence, photographs and other items primarily dating from Nichols' tenure as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Also included is Nichols' Alexander Meiklejohn award.

Arrangement of the Papers

Materials maintain their original order.

Detailed Description of the Collection

The following contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection

box 1

box 1 folder 1

Old Main Postcards, n.d.

box 1 folder 2

Defining, Activating, and Evaluating Institutional Objectives--Report, 1951

box 1 folder 3

Historical Clippings, 1959-1964

box 1 folder 4

Theta Function Expansions and their Application to Number Theory--Thesis, 1941

box 1 folder 5

J. William and Roberta Fulbright Correspondence, 1953;1959

box 1 folder 6

Correspondence, 1944;1957;1960

box 1 folder 7

M. A. Basoco Correspondence, 1934;1939

box 1 folder 8

A Sufficient Condition for Cesaro Summability Reprint, 1942

box 1 folder 9

The Arithmetized Expansions for Certain Doubly Periodic Functions of the Third Kind Reprint, 1935

box 1 folder 10

A Generalized Element of Decomposition for Doubly Periodic Functions Reprint, 1937

box 1 folder 11

Applications of the Theory of Elliptic Functions to the Theory of Numbers by D. S. Nazimoff, n.d.

box 1 folder 12

Applications of Theta Functions to Arithmetic, 1938

box 1 folder 13

Photographs, n.d.

box 1 folder 14

Reprints by M. A. Basoco, 1933;1936

box 1 folder 15

Higher Education for American Democracy Volume I, 1947

box 1 folder 16

Duke Mathematical Journal Author's Manual, n.d.

box 1 folder 17

Reprints by V. W. Adkisson, 1932

box 1 folder 18

Integers and Related Problems by Thomas Mason, 1931

box 1 folder 19

"Men are More Alike" by Boyd Shafer, 1952

box 1 folder 20

The Explicit Arithmetized Fourier Series Developments for Certain Doubly Periodic Functions of the Second Kind by G. D. Nichols, 1934

box 1 folder 21

Notes from Executive Committee Meeting, May 1982

box 1 folder 22

Breaking the Color Barrier at the University of Arkansas by G. D. Nichols, 1968

box 1 folder 23

The Schools: An Immodest and Outrageous Suggestion, n.d.

box 1 folder 24

The Great Delegator, n.d.

box 1 folder 25

Guerdon Nichols Retirement from Dean of Arts and Sciences Scrapbook, 1964

box 1 folder 26

The Sophistic Character of American Philosophy of Education by W. B. Mahan, 1930

box 1 folder 27

College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee, 1948

box 1 folder 28

Arkansas Alumnus, September 1957; March 1958; February 1961; February 1964

box 1 folder 29

AAUP Bulletin, June 1960; June 1961

box 1 folder 30

A Decade of Honors--Report to Arts and Sciences Faculty on Honors Program, 1965

box 1 folder 31

The University's Semicentennial in 1922 by Robert Leflar Reprint, 1966

box 1 folder 32

Guerdon Nichols Obituary, 1988

box 1 folder 33

Guerdon Nichols Newsclippings, 1961; 1964; 1988

box 1 folder 34

The Spirit of '76 and the Barbarian Culture by Lewis Webster Jones, 1951

box 1 folder 35

Certificate of Appreciation for G. D. Nichols from Arkansas Civil Liberties Union Foundation, Inc., 1987

box 1 folder 36

Distinguished Member Certificate for G. D. Nichols from AAUP, 1988

box 1 folder 37

AAUP Bulletin, Winter 1950

box 1 folder 38

Proceedings of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities, November 1950

box 1 folder 39

Proceedings of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities, 1953

box 1 folder 40

American Mathematical Monthly , 1938

box 1 folder 41

Act 10 Newsclippings, 1959

box 1 folder 42

Handwritten Mathematics Notes by G. D. Nichols, n.d.

box 1 folder 43

Mathematics of Statistics by H. L. Rietz, 1931

box 1 folder 44

Content of the Course in College Algebra for Students of Engineering by W. B. Brooks, 1931

box 1 folder 45

Representation of Functions by Series by Dunham Jackson, 1931

box 1 folder 46

Discussion of Professor Spaulding's Lecture on "The Teacher in the Classroom" by Louis O'Shaughnessy, 1931

box 1 folder 47

The Teaching of Trigonometry for Engineers by E. R. Hedrick, 1931

box 1 folder 48

Discussion of Professor Spaulding's Lecture on "Making Learning Permanent" by Louis O'Shaughnessy, 1931

box 1 folder 49

Memorial Tribute to G. D. Nichols, 1988

box 1 folder 50

Final Report on College of Arts and Sciences Self-Study, 1957

box 1 folder 51

On Summable Trigonometric Series by G. D. Nichols, 1926

box 1 folder 52

Annual Banquet of the Southwest Missouri State College of the AAUP, 1963

box 1 folder 53

Mississippi Valley Academic Deans Association Flyer, 1957

box 2 folder 1

Board of Trustees Resolution of Appreciatin for Dr. Nichols, November 11, 1988

box 2 folder 2

Alexander Meiklejohn Award given to Guerdon Nichols, 1960


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