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View of the Faculty Club doorway
View of the Faculty Club doorway

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University of Arkansas. University Club
University of Arkansas University Club Records
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MC 147
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Special Collections Department, University of Arkansas Libraries

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The University of Arkansas University Club Records were donated to the Special Collections Department, University of Arkansas Libraries, on June 10, 1972 by Professor George Holcombe of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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Processed by Amy Allen; completed in November 2011.

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Historical Note

The University Club was a social club for faculty and administrators of the University of Arkansas along with their spouses. The club began just after World War I with the name University of Arkansas Campus Club. In 1919, the Board of Trustees approved a structure to be built. The University donated the land and surplus materials, which were obtained from tearing down army barracks that had previously resided on campus. The Campus Club sold stock certificates for $25 a piece with the money going toward a building fund. The building, a two story stucco structure located north of Agriculture Hall was constructed mainly by faculty members. Additional building materials and furnishings were paid for from the stock purchases. The stock certificates were all eventually retired. The building was finished in 1921. The name changed to the University Club in 1922.

The University owned the building and provided basic utilities while the club purchased and maintained the furnishings, provided janitor service and later provided telephone service. The club mainly used the second floor, which consisted of a meeting room, billiard room, and combined kitchen and serving room, though the kitchen was not large enough to prepare and serve full meals to the club. The first floor was used for different purposes over the years, including a cafeteria, office for Veterans Services, and dorm rooms. In the beginning, dues for the club were $10. During the depression years, dues were decreased to $6. In 1947, dues were raised to $10 for married couples and $7 for singles. The club was administered by an elected Board of Governors, a president, secretary, treasurer and multiple committees. The club did hold business meetings annually and when special business needed to be discussed, but the chief purpose of the club was entertainment and social interaction. The club rooms were available for members to informally gather at any time. Formal entertainments were arranged about twice a month. Entertainments consisted of a variety of different types, including dinners, dances, picnics, bridge, theatrics, and holiday celebrations.

As the University grew, the University Club became more inactive. In later years, the club was also referred to as the Faculty Club, but the official name remained unchanged. There is still mention of the University Club as late as the 1970s, but the club eventually died out completely. Prior to 1922 a group named University Club already existed on campus. This group consisted of only women officially connected to the University or wives of faculty or administrators of the University. In 1922, the Campus Club asked to use the name University Club in keeping with other university faculty clubs. The Campus Club changed its name to the University Club, and the University Club changed its name to the University Women’s Club. The University Club and the University Women’s Club remained on friendly terms, and the University Women’s Club frequently used the University Club building for meetings. The University Women’s Club held monthly meetings. The club members participated in service projects and social functions. As of 2011, a University Women’s Club was still in existence.

Scope and Content Note

Materials include correspondence, constitutions, reports, meeting minutes, membership lists, entertainment schedules and invitations.

Arrangement of the Papers

Materials are divided by type of material beginning with correspondence followed by official materials, including constitutions, Board of Directors and other officers materials, committee reports, meeting minutes, and financial materials. The next grouping contains materials on entertainment, including event schedules and invitations. The last three files in the collection are record books from the University Women's Club.

Detailed Description of the Collection

The following contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection

Box 1

Box 1 Folder 1

Correspondence, September 1921-June 1922

Box 1 Folder 2

Correspondence, September 1922-June 1923

Box 1 Folder 3

Correspondence, September 1923-April 1924

Box 1 Folder 4

Correspondence, September-December 1924

Box 1 Folder 5

Correspondence, October 1926-January 1927

Box 1 Folder 6

Correspondence, September 1927-April 1928

Box 1 Folder 7

Correspondence, October 1929-May 1930

Box 1 Folder 8

Correspondence, May 1930-April 1931

Box 1 Folder 9

Correspondence, September 1931-May 1932

Box 1 Folder 10

Correspondence, September 1932-May 1933

Box 1 Folder 11

Correspondence, September 1933-May 1934

Box 1 Folder 12

Correspondence, September 1934-May 1935

Box 1 Folder 13

Correspondence, October 1935-April 1936

Box 1 Folder 14

Correspondence, 1939-1944

Box 1 Folder 15

Correspondence, 1945-1949

Box 1 Folder 16

Correspondence, 1950-1954

Box 1 Folder 17

Correspondence, 1957-1962

Box 1 Folder 18

Correspondence and Stock Certificates, 1919-1923

Box 1 Folder 19

Correspondence of the Club President, 1950-1952

Box 1 Folder 20

Constitutions, 1921-1962; n.d.

Box 1 Folder 21

Board of Directors Report Materials, October 4, 1920

Box 1 Folder 22

Board of Governors Report and Meeting Minutes, 1921-1922

Box 1 Folder 23

Board of Directors Report and Meeting Minutes, 1922-1923

Box 1 Folder 24

Board of Governors Meeting Minutes, 1928-1934; n.d.

Box 1 Folder 25

Club President Materials, 1946-1950

Box 1 Folder 26

Reports of the Secretary, 1922-1923

Box 1 Folder 27

Audit Committee Materials, 1939

Box 1 Folder 28

Audit Committee Reports, 1951-1959

Box 1 Folder 29

Entertainment Committee Materials, 1932-1933

Box 1 Folder 30

Entertainment Committee Materials, 1949-1951

Box 1 Folder 31

House Committee Materials, 1950-1952

Box 1 Folder 32

Membership Committee Report, 1934

Box 1 Folder 33

Nominating Committee Report, 1961-1962

Box 1 Folder 34

Social Committee Report, 1961-1962

Box 1 Folder 35

Officers and Committee Members Lists, 1930-1931

Box 1 Folder 36

Officers and Committee Members Lists, 1934-1945

Box 1 Folder 37

Meeting Materials, February 1919-April 1920

Box 1 Folder 38

Meeting Materials, October 1920-April 1921

Box 1 Folder 39

Meeting Materials, October 1921-June 1922

Box 1 Folder 40

Meeting Materials, 1946

Box 1 Folder 41

Meeting Materials, 1952

Box 1 Folder 42

Financial Materials, 1919-1936

Box 1 Folder 43

Financial Materials, 1951-1953

Box 1 Folder 44

Financial Materials of the Treasurer, 1925-1940

Box 1 Folder 45

Ledger, 1929-1939

Box 1 Folder 46

Financial Receipts , 1922-1927

Box 1 Folder 47

Membership Record Book, 1920-1923

Box 1 Folder 48

Membership and Dues Materials, 1921-1923

Box 1 Folder 49

Membership Lists, 1928-1930

Box 1 Folder 50

Membership Lists, 1931-1932

Box 1 Folder 51

Membership Lists, 1947-1955

Box 1 Folder 52

Programs (Event Schedules), 1930-1963

Box 1 Folder 53

Invitations , 1930-1962

Box 1 Folder 54

Individual Assignments for Entertainments, 1937-1945

Box 1 Folder 55

Christmas Party Materials, December 17, 1938

Box 1 Folder 56

Rules for Using Club Rooms, ca. 1930-1941

Box 1 Folder 57

Cafeteria Usage Materials, ca. 1930-1941

Box 1 Folder 58

General Entertainment Materials, 1930-1931

Box 1 Folder 59

General Entertainment Materials, 1934-1935

Box 1 Folder 60

General Entertainment Materials, 1945-1946

Box 1 Folder 61

General Entertainment Materials, 1947-1948

Box 1 Folder 62

General Entertainment Materials, 1948-1949

Box 1 Folder 63

General Entertainment Materials, 1950-1961

Box 1 Folder 64

University Women's Club Record Book, 1913-1917

Box 1 Folder 65

University Women's Club Record Book, 1917-1922

Box 1 Folder 66

University Women's Club Record Book, 1922-1927


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