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Burrow Family
Burrow Family Materials
Inclusive Dates
ca 1825-1966
MC 1996
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The Burrow Family Materials were donated to Special Collections by Harriet Margaret Moore Whillock, the wife of Carl Whillock and daughter of Hattie Louise Burrow Moore and William Rudy Moore Sr.

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Processed by Laura Smith; March, 2014.

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Biographical Note

Nimrod Burrow was born in North Carolina on September 4, 1799, and died in Bedford County, Tennessee on October 7, 1890. He was the son of Phillip Burrow (1774-1872) and Margaret Shofner (1797-1852), a pioneering couple that moved their family from North Carolina to the forests of Tennessee in a prairie-schooner in 1806. After a house fire in 1808 that took the life of one of their children and cost them nearly all that they had, the family rebuilt their lives. Phillip became a volunteer with other Tennessee soldiers under General Jackson during the War of 1812, but his band did not make it to New Orleans before the battle had ended. Nimrod married Catherine Katie Clardy (1806-1845) in 1825, and the couple would have 6 kids before Katies death: Louisa Catherine (1829-1914), James Riley (1830-1915), Frances Emily (1832-1919), Margaret (1834-1899), George W. (1839-1919), and Nimrod Cain (1843-1919). In 1847, Nimrod married Sallie Ann Landis Burrow (1822-1894). Nimrod and Sallie would remain in Bedford County throughout their lives, their union producing 8 children: Mary Melissa (1848-1902), Martha Josephine (1850-1938), Napoleon Bonaparte (1852-1932), John W. (1854-1915), Sarah C. (1856-1929), Elvira Lozena (1858-1945), Phillip Landis (1861-1923), and Hiram (1864-1941). During the Civil War, the Burrow clan divided; but Nimrod was a Republican who remained loyal to the Union and aw three of his sons enter the service even though he remained with the Southern Methodist Church. Nimrod and Sallies oldest son, Napoleon Bonaparte Burrow, was known as N.B. or Na throughout his life. He left home at the age of 21 and spent seven years at the University of Tennessee, where he earned a B.S. degree focusing in History and Mathematics. It was through his connections there that he met and married Hattie McClure Gilbert (1865-1955) on November 9, 1887. Upon graduating, N.B. began a teaching career in higher education while dabbling in the saw mill and lumber business, and the couple moved the Arkansas in 1901. N.B. was active in politics, representing his state in five national Republican Conventions and holding various offices in the Republican Party in Arkansas. He was also a member of the committee that notified Warren G. Harding of his nomination for the president of the United States. N.B. ran as the Republican candidate for the Secretary of State of Arkansas in 1921 but lost to Ira. C. Hopper. During the latter part of his life, N.B. was an agent of the Mutual Life Insurance Company, and it was during this period that he developed a friendship with H.L. Remmel, an ally in both politics and business. N.B. also contributed much of the personal histories of the earlier family members of the Burrow family.

N.B.'s wife, Hattie, was a graduate of the Murfreesboro, Tennessee Male and Female Institute. Hattie kept up with most of the documents in the Burrow Family Materials after N.B.'s death. The couple had 5 children: Sallie Landis (1888-1964), Viriginia Jennie Vaden (1891-1896), Phillip Gilbert (1864-1896), Frederick Hiram (1897-1929), and Hattie Louise (1905-1985). Hattie and N.B. lost Phillip and Jennie in 1896 within six weeks of each other, which became the subject of some of Hatties poetry. N.B. and Hatties second son, Fred, also died young. The tuberculosis that would lead to his death was discovered in 1914 when Fred had to undergo a physical examination as part of the entrance process for West Point. He attended Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas and at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, where he pledged the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. As his condition worsened, Fred entered the Mountain View Sanatorium for Tubercular Patients in Kerriville, Texas until shortly before his death at age 31 in 1929. N.B. and Hatties oldest child, Sallie, attended Soule College (now a part of Vanderbilt University) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Sallie pursued a teaching career, teaching in Indian Territory in Oklahoma for a time. Sallie was also a prolific private writer of both essays and poetry. She kept her familys records and provided much of the information in the Burrow Family Materials.

N.B. and Hattie's youngest child, Hattie Louise, studied music at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She also taught, teaching in the public school system in El Dorado. When her father was a delegate in 1928, Louise was an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention. At the age of 21, she was the youngest person able to vote on the floor. She married William Rudy Moore Sr. and eventually passed the Burrow Family Materials to Margaret Whillock.

Scope and Content Note

The materials in this collection are primarily items collected by Margaret Whillock (1935- ), her grandmother, Hattie McClure Gilbert Burrow, and her aunt, Sallie Landis Burrow (1888-1964).

The Burrow Family Materials are a varied collection which include a pictorial family bible recording births and deaths, a Temperance Pledge, an autograph book; notes on family genealogies and written histories; obituaries; awards and certificates; correspondence; Civil War documents; political and financial documents; speeches; documents from a life insurance business; essays and poetry; notebooks; greeting cards and postcards; newspaper clippings; family photographs; event programs and menus; and religious periodicals and bulletins.

Subjects of interests aside from the family's personal information include: materials related to the Republican Party and political campaigns in Arkansas from 1904-1926 and documents related to slavery and the Civil War in Tennessee, including a slave a slave receipt from 1843, a letter discussing the sectional conflict between the North and the South on the eve of the war, and a Union military pass.

Arrangement of the Papers

Materials are arranged by family member.

Detailed Description of the Collection

The following contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection:

Box 1

Box 1 Box 1

Burrow Family Histories, n.d.

Box 1 Box 2

Burrow Family Genealogies, n.d.

Box 1 Box 3

Nimrod Burrow Correspondence, 1861-1871

Box 1 Box 4

Nimrod Burrow Financial Documents, 1819-1841

Box 1 Box 5

Nimrod Burrow Financial Documents, 1843-1890

Box 1 Box 6

Nimrod Burrow Miscellaneous Materials, 1825-1863

Box 1 Box 7

N.B. Burrow Personal Correspondence, 1880-1887

Box 1 Box 8

N.B. Burrow Personal Correspondence, 1896

Box 1 Box 9

N.B. Burrow Personal Correspondence, 1897-1931

Box 1 Box 10

N.B. Burrow Political Materials, 1904-1906

Box 1 Box 11

N.B. Burrow Political Materials, 1908-1912

Box 1 Box 12

N.B. Burrow Political Materials, 1913-1919

Box 1 Box 13

N.B. Burrow Political Materials, 1920-1923

Box 1 Box 14

N.B. Burrow Political Materials, 1924-1928

Box 1 Box 15

N.B. Burrow Life Insurance Agent, 1904-1930

Box 1 Box 16

N.B. Burrow Financial Documents, 1900-1930

Box 1 Box 17

N.B. Burrow University of Tennessee and Teaching Career, 1877-1898

Box 1 Box 18

N.B. Burrow Documents Relating to Death or Biography, 1932

Box 1 Box 19

N.B. Burrow Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings, n.d.

Box 1 Box 20

N.B. Burrow Miscellaneous Materials, 1881-1924

Box 1 Box 21

Hattie Burrow Correspondence, 1885-1901

Box 1 Box 22

Hattie Burrow Correspondence, 1910-1925

Box 1 Box 23

Hattie Burrow Correspondence, 1926-1931

Box 1 Box 24

Hattie Burrow Correspondence, 1932

Box 1 Box 25

Hattie Burrow Correspondence, 1936-1953

Box 1 Box 26

Hattie Burrow Essays and Poems, n.d.

Box 1 Box 27

Hattie Burrow Financial Documents, 1927-1941

Box 1 Box 28

Hattie Burrow Miscellaneous Materials, 1904-1932

Box 1 Box 29

Fred Burrow Correspondence, 1914-1927

Box 1 Box 30

Fred Burrow Miscellaneous Materials, 1913-1929

Box 1 Box 31

Sallie Burrow Correspondence, 1911-1951

Box 1 Box 32

Sallie Burrow Essays and Poems, 1898-1940

Box 1 Box 33

Sallie Burrow Education and Teaching Career, 1901-1939

Box 1 Box 34

Sallie Burrow Financial Documents, 1931-1961

Box 1 Box 35

Sallie Burrow Miscellaneous Materials, 1922-1956

Box 1 Box 36

Louise Burrow Correspondence, 1912-1964

Box 1 Box 37

Louise Burrow Miscellaneous Materials, 1928-1966

Box 1 Box 38

Photographs, n.d.

Box 2 Item 1

Burrow Family Bible, Restricted, ca. 1890

Box 3 Item 1

Nimrod Burrow Personal Bible, 1814

Box 3 Item 2

N.B. Burrow Autograph Book, 1888

Box 4 Item 1

Sallie Burrow Blue Loose Leaf Notebook, Restricted, ca. 1901-1939

Box 4 Item 2

Sallie Burrow Black Notebook of School Notes, Restricted, ca. 1901-1939


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