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Rowland, Diane
Diane Rowland Research Materials on Bernie Babcock
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MC 2293
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The Diane Rowland Research Materials on Bernie Babcock were donated to the Special Collections Department by Dr. Diane Rowland of Burlington, North Carolina on February 4, 2019.

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Processed by Katrina Windon, with assistance from Elysa Barton; completed in March 2019.

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Biographical Note

Diane Rowland earned a PhD in English from the University of Miami, Coral Gables; her dissertation, on women in 19th and 20th-century American fiction, featured research on Arkansas writer Bernie Babcock. Babcock was also the subject of research and writing by Rowland as a master's student at the University of Arkansas, and during work she did for the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. Rowland earned a B.A. in English from the University of Arkansas in 1961, and her M.A. in 1966.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of materials collected and produced by scholar Diane Rowland, primarily as part of her research and writing on Arkansas writer Bernie Babcock.

These materials include drafts and publications by Rowland regarding Babcock; writings by others on Babcock; correspondence to and from Babcock, including with politicians and with other writers; copies of Babcock's diaries and transcriptions; copies of writings by Babcock; newspaper clippings about Babcock; and other materials.

Arrangement of the Papers

Materials are primarily arranged topically and by format. General correspondence and diaries have been foldered chronologically.

Subject Terms

The following persons, organizations, or topics are among those represented within the collection materials:

Babcock, Bernie, 1868-1962

Women authors, American--Arkansas


Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Arkansas

League of American Pen Women. Arkansas Branch

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    Bernie Babcock Papers, ca 1870-2013, MC 2186

    Bernie Babcock Collection, UALR.MS.0092, 1855-1966, University of Arkansas at Little Rock Center for Arkansas History and Culture

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    Detailed Description of the Collection

    The following contains a detailed list of the materials in the collection

    Box 1

    Box 1 Folder 1

    Diane Rowland correspondence from Lucille T. Babcock, 1985

    Box 1 Folder 2

    Diane Rowland correspondence from Katherine A. Clark regarding Bernie Babcock, 1983

    Box 1 Folder 3

    Diane Rowland newspaper clipping regarding presentation at historical society, undated

    Box 1 Folder 4

    Diane Rowland resumes, ca 1982

    Box 1 Folder 5

    Diane Rowland research materials- "Arkansas' Pride: Bernie Babcock" by Charlotte Shepherd Baker, and associated correspondence, 1985, undated

    Box 1 Folder 6

    Diane Rowland research materials- "Bernie Babcock" biographical sketch, anonymous, undated

    Box 1 Folder 7

    Diane Rowland research materials- "Bernie Babcock as Painter" by Ruth Wilson Scholl , undated (photocopy)

    Box 1 Folder 8

    Diane Rowland research materials- Family Magazine fragments, 1843

    Box 1 Folder 9

    Diane Rowland research materials- "History Whut Talk Lak Dis" by Bob Lancaster, 1985

    Box 1 Folder 10

    Diane Rowland research materials- The Museum of Science & History Quarterly Journal, Fall 1986

    Box 1 Folder 11

    Diane Rowland research materials- Robert Herrick Papers finding aid excerpts, undated (annotated photocopy)

    Box 1 Folder 12-13

    Diane Rowland research materials- "Three Little Charlottes" by Beulah Sherwood Hagg, undated (annotated photocopy)

    Box 1 Folder 14-15

    Diane Rowland research materials- Women's Chronicle, 1888-1890 (annotated copies)

    Box 1 Folder 16

    Diane Rowland research materials- Annotated bibliography of Sixty Years in the National Metropolis by Ben Perley Pore and Social Life in New Orleans by Eliza Ripley, undated

    Box 1 Folder 17

    Diane Rowland research materials- Babcock family history, undated (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 18

    Diane Rowland research materials- Federal Writers' Project, ca 1922-1940 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 19

    Diane Rowland research materials- Fragment of writing on Bernie Babcock, author unknown, undated

    Box 1 Folder 20

    Diane Rowland research materials-General Douglas MacArthur, 2018, undated

    Box 1 Folder 21

    Diane Rowland research materials- Research notes on Bernie Babcock, undated

    Box 1 Folder 22

    Diane Rowland Writings- "Arkansas Lives: Bernie Babcock's Turn-of-the-Century Diaries" (Arkansas Libraries Vol. 37, No. 2), ca 1980-1981 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 23

    Diane Rowland Writings- "Bernie Babcock: Genesis of a Reform Writer" , undated

    Box 1 Folder 24

    Diane Rowland Writings- "The Bernie Babcock Papers", undated

    Box 1 Folder 25

    Diane Rowland Writings- Dissertation proposals, outlines, and drafts, ca 1978-1982

    Box 1 Folder 26

    Diane Rowland Writings- Chapter 2, "An Uncrowned Queen" , undated

    Box 1 Folder 27

    Diane Rowland Writings- Chapter 3, "Victims: The Traditional Women (and Their Children)", undated

    Box 1 Folder 28

    Diane Rowland Writings- Chapter 4, "The Diarist", undated

    Box 1 Folder 29

    Diane Rowland Writings- "The Efficacy of Women's Clubs in Bernie Babcock's Justice to the Woman", undated

    Box 1 Folder 30

    Diane Rowland Writings- "Temperance, Suffrage and the WCTU: The Role of Southern Women in the Anti-Alcohol Movement of the Eighties and Nineties", 1979, undated

    Includes program for the 1979 Arkansas Historical Association meeting, at which Rowland presented the paper

    Box 1 Folder 31

    Bernie Babcock correspondence to Arkansas Governor Carl E. Bailey, 1938

    Box 1 Folder 32

    Bernie Babcock correspondence from former Arkansas Governor Charles Brough, 1935

    Box 1 Folder 33

    Bernie Babcock correspondence to U.S. Senator Hattie Caraway, 1938-1942 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 34

    Bernie Babcock correspondence from U.S. Representative Thaddeus Caraway, 1919

    Box 1 Folder 35

    Bernie Babcock correspondence from former Arkansas Governor George Washington Donaghey, 1937

    Box 1 Folder 36

    Bernie Babcock correspondence from Frits Holm, 1926 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 37

    Bernie Babcock correspondence with Douglas and Jean MacArthur, 1944, 1952

    Box 1 Folder 38

    Bernie Babcock correspondence from Arkansas Governor John E. Martineau, 1927

    Box 1 Folder 39

    Bernie Babcock correspondence from Lessie Stringfellow Read, 1923

    Box 1 Folder 40

    Bernie Babcock correspondence from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, 1936

    Box 1 Folder 41

    Bernie Babcock correspondence and questionnaire for Who's Who in the Western Hemisphere, 1943

    Box 1 Folder 42

    Bernie Babcock correspondence with Charles Morrow Wilson, 1938

    Box 1 Folder 43

    Bernie Babcock correspondence with Anna Yarborough, 1945

    Box 1 Folder 44

    Bernie Babcock family correspondence, from Bernie Babcock to granddaughter, Charlotte, 1956-1960 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 45

    Bernie Babcock family correspondence, from Bernie Babcock to Wendell, 1957 (photocopy)

    Box 1 Folder 46

    Bernie Babcock family correspondence, to Bernie Babcock from husband, Will Babcock, 1887-1897 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 47

    Bernie Babcock family correspondence, from Bernie [Babcock] to grandparents, undated (photocopy)

    Box 1 Folder 48

    Bernie Babcock family correspondence, Bernie Babcock to granddaughter, Burnelle [Regnier], 1930-1943 (photocopy)

    Box 1 Folder 49

    Bernie Babcock family correspondence, Bernie Babcock bequest to family, 1959 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 50

    Bernie Babcock family correspondence, from one of Bernie Babcock's children to Robert G. Metters, undated (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 51

    Bernie Babcock family correspondence, to Burnelle [Regnier, Bernie Babcock's granddaughter] from Walter J. Lemke regarding Bernie Babcock, 1950-1957

    Box 1 Folder 52

    Publisher correspondence regarding Autobiography of a Grub, 1948

    Box 1 Folder 53

    Publisher correspondence regarding By Way of the Master Passion, 1903-1906

    Box 1 Folder 54

    Publisher correspondence regarding The Decadence of Masculine Ambition, 1936

    Box 1 Folder 55

    Publisher correspondence regarding Hail, Magna Charta, 1948, 1954

    Box 1 Folder 56

    Publisher correspondence regarding Hannah's Son, 1948

    Box 1 Folder 57

    Publisher correspondence regarding Little Dixie Devil, 1941-1952

    Box 1 Folder 58

    Publisher correspondence regarding "A Modern Retribution", 1901

    Box 1 Folder 59

    Publisher correspondence regarding The Soul of Ann Rutledge, 1945-1956

    Box 1 Folder 60

    Publisher correspondence regarding Tangled Stars, 1948

    Box 1 Folder 61

    Publisher correspondence regarding Touring the Stars, 1953-1958

    Box 1 Folder 62

    Publisher correspondence regarding Wings of Gold, 1948

    Box 1 Folder 63

    Publisher correspondence, Bobbs Merrill Company, 1920-1948

    Box 1 Folder 64

    Publisher correspondence, McCall's Magazine, regarding enclosed article proposal from Babcock on notable women, 1937

    Box 1 Folder 65

    Publisher correspondence, Other, 1937-1959

    Includes letter regarding the War Production Board's order regarding obsolete metal book plates

    Box 1 Folder 66

    Bernie Babcock correspondence as Arkansas State Director of Federal Writers' Project, 1935-1940

    Box 1 Folder 67

    Bernie Babcock correspondence as President of Arkansas' chapter of the League of American Penwomen, 1938, undated

    Box 1 Folder 68

    Bernie Babcock correspondence as editor of Sketch Book, 1906-1907

    Box 1 Folder 69

    Bernie Babcock correspondence, 1904-1918

    Includes correspondence regarding and program of school production of her play, Battalion of Death

    Box 1 Folder 70

    Bernie Babcock correspondence, 1919-1923

    Box 1 Folder 71

    Bernie Babcock correspondence, 1925-1931

    Box 1 Folder 72

    Bernie Babcock correspondence, 1932-1937

    Box 1 Folder 73

    Bernie Babcock correspondence, 1938

    Box 1 Folder 74

    Bernie Babcock correspondence, 1939-1940

    Includes memo from Babcock to a Mr. McKown regarding the design of the Arkansas State Capitol building

    Box 1 Folder 75

    Bernie Babcock correspondence, 1944-1949

    Box 1 Folder 76

    Bernie Babcock correspondence, 1951-1958

    Box 1 Folder 77

    Bernie Babcock correspondence, undated

    Box 1 Folder 78-79

    Bernie Babcock diaries, 1898 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 80

    Bernie Babcock diaries- transcripts, 1898 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 81-82

    Bernie Babcock diaries, 1900 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 83-84

    Bernie Babcock diaries- "'A Five Year Stretch to What?' Vol. I", 1898-1900 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 85-86

    Bernie Babcock diaries- "'A Five Year Stretch to What?' Vol. I"- transcripts, 1898-1900 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 87-88

    Bernie Babcock diaries- "'A Time Years Stuck to--' Vol. II", 1900 (annotated photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 89

    Bernie Babcock diaries, 1916-1917 (two typescript pages)

    Box 1 Folder 90

    Bernie Babcock diaries, 1933 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 91

    Bernie Babcock diaries, 1940-1949 (photocopies)

    Box 1 Folder 92

    Bernie Babcock diaries- ledger containing museum notes, 1941-1948, and diary entries, 1957, 1941-1957 (photocopies)

    Box 2 Folder 1

    Bernie Babcock diaries, 1947

    Box 2 Folder 2

    Bernie Babcock diaries, 1948-1950 (photocopies)

    Box 2 Folder 3

    Bernie Babcock diaries, 1949

    Box 2 Folder 4

    Bernie Babcock diaries, 1950

    Box 2 Folder 5

    Bernie Babcock diaries, 1951 (1 handwritten page)

    Box 2 Folder 6

    Bernie Babcock press clippings and book reviews, 1919-1928 (photocopies)

    Box 2 Folder 7

    Bernie Babcock press clippings , 1936-1939

    Box 2 Folder 8

    Bernie Babcock press clippings , 1942-1961, undated

    Box 2 Folder 9

    Bernie Babcock writings- "Abe Lincoln's First Circus" (McCall's Magazine), 1924 (photocopy)

    Box 2 Folder 10

    Bernie Babcock writings- "After Fifty Years" fragments (possibly by Babcock; possibly compiled by another writer about Babcock), undated (photocopies)

    Box 2 Folder 11

    Bernie Babcock writings- "Ancestors, Kindred and Posterity", undated (photocopy)

    Box 2 Folder 12

    Bernie Babcock writings- "Finding God's Workshop", undated (photocopies)

    Box 2 Folder 13

    Bernie Babcock writings- "History: Early River Craft on the Mississippi", undated (photocopy)

    Box 2 Folder 14

    Bernie Babcock writings- "How I Write My Novels" (Writer's Digest), April 1932

    Box 2 Folder 15

    Bernie Babcock writings- "Indian Blood", undated (photocopy)

    Box 2 Folder 16

    Bernie Babcock writings- "Insert Manistee", undated (photocopy)

    Box 2 Folder 17

    Bernie Babcock writings- "Luis[?] on the Field", undated (photocopies)

    Box 2 Folder 18

    Bernie Babcock writings- "My Other Self", ca 1950-1959 (photocopy)

    Box 2 Folder 19

    Bernie Babcock writings- "Petit Jean Hymn", undated (photocopy)

    Box 2 Folder 20

    Bernie Babcock writings- Shadow in the Blood drafts exchanged with Anna Yarbrough, undated

    Box 2 Folder 21

    Bernie Babcock writings- Shadow in the Blood notes and drafts exchanged with Anna Yarbrough, undated

    Box 2 Folder 22

    Bernie Babcock writings- "Small Town Memories", undated (photocopy)

    Box 2 Folder 23

    Bernie Babcock writings- "Trail of Tears", undated (photocopy)

    Box 2 Folder 24

    Bernie Babcock writings- With Claw and Fang, 1911 (photocopy)

    Box 2 Folder 25

    Bernie Babcock writings- Untitled reminiscences of Bernie Babcock, undated

    Box 2 Folder 26

    Bernie Babcock writings- Newspaper columns, 1899-1945 (copies)

    Box 2 Folder 27

    Bernie Babcock writings- Book order forms and promotional materials, undated (photocopies)

    Box 2 Folder 28

    Bernie Babcock writings- Listing of publications her work had appeared in, undated

    Box 2 Item 1

    Audiovisual materials- Untitled audiocassette tape containing interview of one of Bernie Babcock's granddaughters, undated

    The interviewee reminisces about her grandmother, Bernie Babcock; her grandmother's courtship with Will Babcock; and other Babcock family members. The interviewee reads aloud some letters written by Bernie Babcock and other writings by Babcock. The interviewee had a television show, which she invited Bernie Babcock to be on. Other stories mentioned include a man interested in Bernie Babcock who had flown in an airship in 1904, Sketch Book winning a prize at the 1906 State Fair in Hot Springs; and recollection of a ghost hunt Babcock went on with one of her friends.

    Box 2 Item 2

    Audiovisual materials- Audiocassette tape, with side 1 labeled "Remembering #6" and side 2 labeled "To End of 3 Little Char's. #5", undated

    Side 1 includes one of Bernie Babcock's granddaughters reminiscing about Babcock and other family members; topics include her grandmother's home; her grandmother's gift-giving practices; a doctor who asked Babcock to marry him; and Babcock's work at the Arkansas Gazette. Side 2 includes reminiscences about Charlotte B. Babcock, followed by readings from the work "Three Little Charlottes."

    Box 2 Item 3

    Audiovisual materials- Audiocassette tape, with side 1 labeled "Interview on Bernie Babcock" and side 2 labeled "Not complete interview on Bernie Ark. Writer's Conference", undated

    Side 1 includes several interviewees reminiscing about Bernie Babcock. Names mentioned include a spiritualist named Alice; Catherine Edwards, who roomed with Bernie Babcock and one of her sisters; William Schwartz, who was connected to Bernie Babcock through his work in the theater; and Alma [Elma?] Doughtery [?], who was involved with a poet's roundtable. Side 2 includes additional interviews; one was a writer who talks about helping Bernie Babcock with songwriting; another discusses having Bernie Babcock visit her literature appreciation class; another reflects on Bernie Babcock speaking in honor of Arkansas' first Poetry Day, October 15, 1948; another, Ernestine[?] reminisces about meeting Babcock at a writing conference in 1946.

    Box 2 Item 4

    Audiovisual materials- Audiocassette tape, with side A unlabeled and side B labeled "Side 3 Lucille Babcock", undated

    Side A contains a recording, possibly of a news report, about women's rights and the Equal Rights Amendment, particularly in the 1970s; journalist Liz Carpenter is mentioned. Side B contains an interview of Bernie Babcock's granddaughter, Lucille Babcock. Topics mentioned include Bernie Babcock's book Little Dixie Devil; Babcock's confrontation with a New York City police officer who hit a woman with his club; Babcock's defense of women's rights; and Babcock's work for the Arkansas Gazette.

    Box 2 Item 5

    Audiovisual materials- Audiocassette tape with side A labeled "Side A 1 Saunders Letters" and side B labeled "#1 Rankin and Other Historical Papers Bernie Babcock", undated

    Side A contains discussion of a letter from Henry B. Rankin to Babcock in 1923, as well as letters from the Saunders family, particularly regarding Ann Rutledge, and readings of some of those letters.

    Box 2 Item 6

    Audiovisual materials- Audiocassette tape with side A labeled "Interview with Mrs. Francis Cutting Bernie's Museum Years" and Side B labeled "Mrs. Cutting Answers Questions about Bernie's Childhood and about Motherhood", 1978

    Side A contains an interview of Francis Cutting about Bernie Babcock and the Babcock family; side 2 contains a continuation of Cutting's interview, primarily regarding Babcock's involvement with the Arkansas Museum of Natural History.

    Box 2 Folder 29

    Other materials- Brochure for Howard County Poetry and Literary Society production of "The Belle of Amherst," featuring Rowland as a speaker, 1993

    Box 2 Folder 30

    Other materials- Give the Roses Today by Josie Frazie Cappleman (signed by Cappleman), undated


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