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John Gould Fletcher Papers

Manuscript Collection MS F63


John Gould Fletcher, writer and critic, Pulitzer Prize winner, was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1886.  After leaving Harvard, he traveled widely in the United States, Europe, and England, where he lived for some twenty years.  He was acquainted with many writers in England, Europe, and the United States.  In England he was associated with the Imagist writers and the development of Modernism, and in the United State with the Southern writers known as the "Fugitives."  Fletcher returned to the United States in 1933, and with his wife, the writer Charlie May Simon, built "Johnswood," on the bluffs above the Arkansas River outside of Little Rock.  He actively supported the arts and was deeply concerned with the cultural heritage and development of the South, particularly Arkansas.  Fletcher received the Pulitzer Prize in 1938 for his Selected Poems, drawn from his lifelong output.  He published a history of his native state Arkansas in 1947.  John Gould Fletcher died in Little Rock in 1950.

For more information about John Gould Fletcher consult Fierce Solitude:  A Life of John Gould Fletcher, by Ben F. Johnson (University of Arkansas Press, 1991).


The University Libraries acquired John Gould Fletcher's papers and library from his widow, Charlie May Simon, in 1952-1954.  This large and varied collection consists of literary manuscripts, notebooks, correspondence (sent and received), and miscellaneous papers.  In addition, Special Collections holds a small collection, Supplementary Papers, of 96 items acquired from Mrs. Fletcher in the 1970s pertaining to Fletcher's life and work and to his interest in family history and genealogy.

Other collections containing Fletcher materials are the Latane Temple Papers, the Eugene Haun Collection of John Gould Fletcher correspondence, and the Louis and Elsie Freund Papers.

Restrictions apply.  Consult a staff member for more information.


Series  I.    Literary Manuscripts (32 boxes)

Series II.    Notebooks.  (129 items).  Notes on experiences, drafts or ideas for writings.  An annotated inventory is available in the Division.

Series III.   Correspondence (sent and received).  (29 boxes)

Series IV.   Books and Periodicals.  This is a working writer's library of about 1,700 volumes.  In addition to many standard works of American literature, it contains important twentieth-century British and Continental works, an impressive collection of "little magazines" both American and English, and pamphlets, brochures, and other ephemera Fletcher accumulated on both sides of the Atlantic.  The books are cataloged in InfoLinks.  A shelf list of the periodicals and an inventory of marginalia and inscriptions in the books are available in the Division.

Series V.    Papers.  (7 Boxes)

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