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Hank Hancock Razorback Sketch, ca. 1925 (MC 1488)

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About Hank Hancock

Hank Hancock, University of Arkansas Class of 1926, drew several versions of the Arkansas Razorback during his undergraduate career some years after coach Hugo Bezdek renamed the football team, heretofore called the Cardinals. His drawings appeared in the student yearbook and other publications, and were copied onto clothing worn by supporters of the team.

About the Collection

After Hancock graduated, he sent a drawing of the hog to coach Francis A. Schmidt, which is possibly the one in MC 1488, a sketch on tracing paper signed by the artist, inscribed "as ferocious as I can make him." It was loaned to the University Libraries by Miss Kate Davenport, who was employed for many years in University administration. Following her death, when no survivors could be located, it was decided to accession the drawing for preservation in Special Collections. It was processed in 2002 by Ethel C. Simpson.

In 1976, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the American Revolutionary War, Hancock published a booklet, History of the Arkansas Razorbacks, in which he described the process by which his razorback came to be. In 2002 Hancock's booklet was digitized and published on the libraries' web site.

RESTRICTIONS APPLY. Sketch is fragile. Use of original requires permission of the head of Special Collections.

Contents of the Collection

one pencil sketch

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