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Brooks Hays Papers (MC H334p, H334s 423, 1164)

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About Brooks Hays

Brooks Hays
from Brooks Hays Papers
MS H334p. ser 5 box 5 f 25

See the entry from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress.

In addition to his service in state and national politics, Hays was an active and devout Baptist, serving as the president of the Southern Baptist Convention from 1957 to 1959. He wrote four books: This World: A Christian's Workshop (1958), A Southern Moderate Speaks (1959), A Hotbed of Tranquility (1968), and Politics Is My Parish (1981).

About the Collections

First Accession. Brooks Hays donated his papers to the University of Arkansas Libraries in several increments between 1975 and 1978. These are considered the first accession, classified as MS H334p. 52 linear feet. Records, most of which date from 1915 to 1972, pertain to Hays's personal, familial, financial, professional, political, business, governmental, religious, education, socal, civic, and other activities and interests; to Marion Prather Hays; and specifically to the Little Rock school integration crisis of 1957-1958.

Second Accession. In 1982, following Brooks Hays's death, other materials were donated by Marion Steele Hays and Betty Hays Bell, his children. Those materials are described separately from the original collection as the Supplementary Papers, MS H334s 423. 41 linear feet

Third Accession. In 1992 Hays's widow, Marion Prather Hays, and William E. Bell of Washington, D. C., donated a third collection, described separately as Addenda, MC 1164. 3 linear feet.

Special Collections also holds copies of Addresses and Articles, 1969-1965, purchased from Wake Forest University in 1976.

Contents of the First Accession

92 containers (52 linear feet)

N. B. This is the online finding aid to the first accession of the Brooks Hays Papers; it describes series and subseries in the collection. A paper finding aid in the department describes materials to the folder level. Separate finding aids describe other materials received later. For further information about the Brooks Hays materials in Special Collections, contact the department.

The papers are arranged in eight series.

Series 1. Biographical, personal, and familial records.

Boxes 1-23

Subseries 1. Family correspondence, 1896-1974.
Subseries 2. Records pertaining to Politics Is My Parish c. 1968-1973.
Subseries 3. Business and legal records, 1919 ... 1967.
Subseries 4. Miscellaneous personal and family records, c. 1911-1978.

Series 2. Records pertaining to pre-Congressional Career, 1922-1942.

Boxes 24-37

Subseries 1. Records pertaining to work with Federal relief agencies, 1931-1941
Subseries 2. Records pertaining to gubernatorial campaigns, 1928, 1930
Subseries 3. Records pertaining to other political activities, 1922-1942
Subseries 4. Records pertaining to social welfare activities, 1934-1941

Series 3. Congressional files, 1942-1959.

Boxes 38-48

Subseries 1. Records pertaining to tenure in Congress, 1942-1959
Subseries 2. Records pertaining to Congressional election, 1958

Series 4. Records pertaining to post-Congressional activities, 1959-1979.

Boxes 49-68

Subseries 1. Records pertaining government employment, public service organizations, foreign travel, academic posts, political interests, 1959-1979
Subseries 2. Records pertaining to gubernatorial election campaign, 1966
Subseries 3. Records pertaining to Congressional election campaign, Fifth District of North Carolina, 1972
Subseries 4. Records pertaining to other activities, 1959-1978. Boxes 64-68

Series 5. Photographs.

Boxes 69-71

Series 6. Speeches and speech materials, 1935 ... 1978.

Boxes 72-81

Series 7. Records pertaining to church-related activities and to This World: A Christian's Workshop, c. 1952-1959.

Boxes 82-83

Series 8. Miscellaneous records, c. 1919 ... 1979.

Boxes 84-92

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