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Joseph Taylor Robinson Papers

Joseph Taylor Robinson Papers, supplement, 1879, ... (1905-37) ... 1965.

MC MS R563 (13 linear feet) 

Series 1. Correspondence
Series 2. Speeches
Series 3. Scrapbooks.
Series 4. Photographs.
Series 5. Miscellaneous

Correspondence, speeches, scrapbooks, photographs, and other materials pertaining to the life and work of Joseph Taylor Robinson, and supplementing the Joseph Taylor Robinson Papers, 1900-1937(216 feet), q.v. Click here for the Joseph Taylor Robinson Papers, Supplement 2.

The supplement to the Robinson papers was donated to the University Libraries by H. Grady Miller, Jr., Robin Miller Hartley, and Emily S. Miller in May 1976. They are arranged in 5 series. This electronic version of the finding aid does not include file-level container lists and an index of correspondents, which are available in the Special Collections Reading Room.


Series 1. Correspondence. Correspondence pertaining largely to JTR's senatorial campaigns of 1918, 1924, and 1930; support for JTR as a possible presidential candidate in 1924; and the Alfred E. Smith-JTR presidential campaign of 1928. Other subjects include: Teapot Dome scandal; London Naval Conference; Huey Pierce Long; William Lendrum Mitchell (General Billy); Arkansas sharecroppers; Franklin Delano Roosevelt's "court packing" proposal; and Jefferson Islands Club. Scattered throughout the files is correspondence concerning Congressional committee assignment requests. Files also contain selected letters and messages of condolence at the death of JTR on July 14, 1937, most of which contain biographical or other substantive information. Finally, files contain congratulatory messages to Ewilda Gertrude Miller Robinson related to her appointment as acting, and later permanent, postmaster of Little Rock, 1938-1939. 12 boxes (1-12)

 Series 2. Speeches. Contains 32 folders of both published and unpublished speeches, together with some outlines, dated 1891 ... 1937 and undated, pertaining to a variety of subjects, including the National Industrial Recovery Act, Townsend old-age pension bill, Huey P. Long's share-the-wealth plan, World War I, Naval Arms Limitation Treaty, the proposed reorganization of the Federal Judiciary, and foreign affairs. Files also include speeches concerning JTR's Arkansas gubernatorial campaign of 1912, senatorial campaigns of 1918 and 1930, and the Alfred E. Smith-JTR presidential campaign of 1924. Speeches consist of those given in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Arkansas General Assembly, the U.S. Senate, and a large number given in Arkansas on various occasions and on various topics. Material also includes speeches published in the Congressional Record. Arranged chronologically. 2 boxes (13-14)

Subseries 1. Published speeches, 1905-1937. 7 folders

Subseries 2. Unpublished speeches, 1891-1937 and undated. 25 folders

Series 3. Scrapbooks. Five scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings pertaining to the platforms adopted by the Republican and Democratic National Conventions of 1896 and 1900; speeches, 1894 - 1900, by members of the House of Representatives concerning national issues, together with speeches entered in the Congressional Record; Arkansas state politics, including Republican Party activities; national and international political affairs; JTR election campaigns; and other miscellaneous subjects. Organized in somewhat rational order but very little chronology. 5 scrapbooks in 2 boxes (15-16)

1. Contains mounted newspaper clippings pertaining to the Republican and Democratic Conventions of 1896; Arkansas state politics in the 1890s, including the nomination of Harmon L. Remmel by the Republican State Convention as candidate for governor, together with an outline of his policy; the nomination of William Jennings Bryan by the Democratic Part for the presidency in 1900; and Theodore Roosevelt's remarks to the annual convention of the National Republican League Clubs regarding the presidential campaign of 1900.

Scrapbook also contains the texts of the platforms adopted by the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Silver Convention, 1900; and speeches by William L. Terry of Arkansas in the House of Representatives regarding trusts and the free coinage of silver, together with other speeches entered in the Congressional Record. Dates: 1894 ... 1900 and undated.

2. Contains mounted newspaper clippings largely concerning U.S. Senator Jeff Davis and JTR's gubernatorial campaign of 1912. Scrapbook includes some mounted correspondence related to JTR's itinerary of speaking engagements, c. 1912, apparently undertaken for the Democratic National Committee for candidates in selected states. Scrapbook also includes some printed material related to various Congressional committees and rosters, together with copies of certain House and Senate bills. Dates: 1904 ... 1912 and undated.

3. Contains mounted programs, advertisements, and notices for plays, musicals, orchestra recitals, and other entertainments apparently attended by JTR. Dates: 1906 and undated.

4. Contains largely laid-in items pertaining to JTR's senatorial campaign of 1918 and related speaking engagements, together with editorials endorsing JTR's candidacy. Dates: 1916-18 and undated.

5. Contains a miscellany of material, all laid in, including a William Hope Harvey newsletter The Palladium, three bound Congressional Record booklets containing material related to the treaty of peace with Germany, and newspaper clippings concerning post-World War I negotiations between the United States and Germany. Dates: 1921.

 Series 4. Photographs. Contains 35 folders of photographs, originals and prints reproduced from photographs made available by JTR heirs, together with negatives, all arbitrarily arranged and partially identified. Photographs are largely of political, family, or recreational subjects, and include photographs of the Robinson and Henry Grady Miller families; the London Naval Conference; Democratic National Conventions of 1920, 1924, and 1936; Franklin Delano Roosevelt's reelection campaign of 1936; JTR's hunting and fishing excursions; and miscellaneous other activities. Other files contain photographs given to JTR, including U.S. Air Corps photographs concerning the US occupation of the Rhineland and others related to the occupation of Coblenz. File 33 contains a series of photographs related to the WAAC Army Administrative School at Arkansas Polytechnic College, Russellville. Files also include numerous portraits of JTR. File title inventory contains more information about individual photographs.

 Series 5. Miscellaneous. Contains 61 folders of miscellaneous material, including JTR biographical data, pamphlets, leaflets, notes, lists of campaign contributions and expenditures; election returns and other miscellaneous material pertaining to JTR's gubernatorial campaign of 1912 and to the Al Smith-JTR campaign of 1928; published speeches of other Arkansas political figures and of other U.S. Senators and Representatives; Congressional bills and resolutions introduced by or supported by JTR; and extension remarks of JTR in the U.S. Senate requesting publication in the Congressional Record of newspaper articles and editorials pertaining to FDR; record of the 73d Congress, and national recovery, dated 1934-1945. Other subjects include Jefferson Islands Club, Huey P. Long, and London Naval Conference. File 4 contains clippings regarding JTR's speaking engagements, the 1918 Senatorial campaign, World War I, and FDR's court packing bill. File 8 includes an address by Alfred E. Smith accepting the Democratic nomination for President and FDR's speech nominating Smith at the Democratic National Convention in Houston, June 1928. Files 14 and 16 contain an analysis of the vote for US Senator in the Arkansas Democratic primary election of August 12, 1930 and a typescript of JTR's Senate record, 1913-1930, respectively. Files 19-21 contain memoranda, printed items, speeches, joint resolutions and committee reports and other materials pertaining to the efforts to reorganize the federal judiciary in 1937. Dates: 1879 ... 1937.

(Finding aid revised for the Internet 1998)

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