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Using the Index

The original typewritten index to the speeches of Senator J. William Fulbright was created by his office staff. It includes topical references to his speeches and public statements between December 10, 1939, and December 1974. The index is alphabetical by topic; subtopics are generally listed chronologically.

Citations following each entry are of two varieties, depending on whether the speechwas delivered on the floor of the Senate or House, or given elsewhere. A citation giving only the date refers to a speech delivered outside of the floor of Congress. For example, the citation 8.24.47 refers to a speech given August 24, 1947.These speeches are in Series 72 as the papers are now arranged. A citation with both a date and a page number refers to a speech delivered on the floor of Congress, and the reference is to a page in the bound volume of the Congressional Record.

A citation of the date followed by the symbol (SF) means that, at the time the index was created, the permanent, bound volume of the Record had not yet been published. The floor speeches constitute Series 71 of the papers.

This alphabet jumps to the index of the following series in the Fulbright Papers.

Series 71. Senate Floor Speeches

1945-1974 40 boxes. Office file code: 50, 55

Series 72. Speeches Given Elsewhere

1939-1976 35 boxes. Office file code: 55, Speeches Elsewhere

Series 74. Published Statements and Speeches

1943-1974 2 boxes Office file code: [uncoded]

Consult the finding aid to the Fulbright papers.