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Walter John Lemke Letters

Letters to Lynnette Wilson Thorp

Manuscript Collection 1478

About the Collection

These letters from Professor Walter J. Lemke to a former student, Lynnette Wilson, later Thorp, were given by her survivors to the University of Arkansas Department of Journalism and presented to the University Libraries in July 2001. The file also includes a photograph of Lynnette Wilson, obituary notices and other documentation of Mrs. Thorp's death and memorial services, and a short note from her husband.

Contents of the Collection (11 items)

Items 1-7. Walter Lemke to Lynnette Wilson [Thorp], 1949-1967, n.d. Includes an enclosure "From my mailing list," 2 pp of names and addresses of Lemke's former students and other associates in the Washington, D. C. area.

Item 8. Ernie [Deane] to Lynnette Thorp, May 23, 1956.

Item 9. Photograph, 7 ½" x 9 ¼", Lynnette Thorp seated at manual typewriter inspecting a copy of the Arkansas Traveler c 1944-1945, when she was editor.

Item 10. Invitation to a memorial honoring Lynn Thorp held on May 24, 2001. On the verso are a photocopy of her obituary in the Washington Post, May 19, 2001, and notes written by her husband, Matt Thorp.

Item 11. Obituary from the Yell County Record, Danville, Arkansas, Wednesday May 30, 2001, and the Beacon of the Palisades Community Church in Washington, D.C. On the verso are testimonials from two of Lynnette Thorp's admirers.


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