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Lynn McWhorter Mabry Collection: William Hope "Coin" Harvey

Materials, 1901-1936, 1976

Manuscript Collection 261


William Hope Harvey (1851-1936), usually called "Coin" Harvey because of his interest in monetary reform, was a schoolteacher, lawyer, real estate developer and promoter, politician, and author of such books as Coin's Financial School and A Tale of Two Nations.  He developed the resort complex at Monte Ne, Benton County, Arkansas, in the early 1900s.  Convinced that civilization was on the verge of collapse, he planned to build an obelisk (usually referred to as a "pyramid") containing a history of the rise and fall of civilization and instructions for rebuilding society.  He was the Liberty Party's presidential candidate in 1932, winning some 54,000 votes nationwide.


Materials pertaining to William Hope ("Coin") Harvey were donated to Special Collections by Lynn McWhorter (Mrs. Roger) Mabry, Bentonville, Arkansas; Sandra McWhorter (Mrs. R. A.) Daughters, Taos, New Mexico; Nancy McWhorter (Mrs. J. A.) Doughty, Moorestown, New Jersey; and Clayton Ward "Jim" McWhorter, Rogers, Arkansas, September 1976.

The material was found in the McWhorter family home (which had formerly belonged to W. H. Harvey) or was collected over the years. The material consists of hotel guest registers, clippings, and other items pertaining to William Hope Harvey and to his resort at Monte Ne, Arkansas.

This collection was originally processed in 1977.  Because many items originally in the collection have special storage or access needs, the collection was reorganized in 1988.  The original finding aid is at the end of this one, with references to present location of items.  So far as possible, the original order of materials has been retained.

Reorganized by Nan Lawler, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas, in August 1988.


Series 1. Hotel guest registers, 1901-1930.  Volumes 1-5.

Volume 1. Hotel Monte Ne, Monte Ne, Arkansas. May 3, 1901 - August 27, 1905.

Volume 2. Missouri Row, Monte Ne, Arkansas. July 25, 1905 - July 5, 1911.

Volume 3. Hotel Monte Ne, Monte Ne, Arkansas. March 3, 1906 - May 3, 1914.

Volume 4. Club House Hotel, Monte Ne, Arkansas. July 6, 1911 - April 20, 1930.  Includes broadside B-

Volume 5. Club House, Monte Ne, Arkansas. June 5, 1912 - September 19, 1916.

Series 2. Newspaper clippings and other items, 1906-1976, n.d.  Folders 1-4.

Folder 1. Newspaper clippings, 1932-1936:
   Unidentified newspaper, February 21, 1932.  "Arkansas' Eighty Year Old King Tut Labors to Complete Records."
   Unidentified newspaper, February 11, 1936.  "'Coin' Harvey, Author, Is Dead at Ozarks Home."
   Unidentified newspaper, February 11, 1936.  "Wm. 'Coin' Harvey, Veteran Bimetallist, Dies of Peritonitis."
   Southwestern American (Fort Smith, AR), February 11, 1936.  "Harvey's Pyramid Would Preserve Story of Times."
   Southwest American (Fort Smith), February 12, 1936.  "'Coin' Harvey Dies at Monte Ne Home."  Originally mounted with unidentified newspaper, February 11, 1936, "'Coin' Harvey Succumbs at Monte Ne."
   Unidentified newspaper, February 12, 1936.  "W. H. 'Coin' Harvey, Sage of Ozarks, Dies."

Folder 2. Newspaper clippings, 1948-1976, n.d.:
   Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, AR), October 31, 1948.  "The Story of Coin Harvey," by Robert Schick.   2 copies, one marked and with comments.
   Northwest Arkansas Times (Fayetteville, AR), October 30, 1950.  "Coin Harvey, Presidential Aspirant, Brought Fame to Northwest Area," by W. H. Hughes.
   Rogers, Ark., Sunday News (Rogers, AR), February 29, 1976.  "William Hope 'Coin' Harvey--Prophet of Monte Ne," by Charles J. Finger.
   Unidentified newspaper, n.d.  "'Coin' Harvey, Dreamer, Often Scoffed at, But Always in Kindness," by L. C. Milstead.
   Unidentified newspaper (Rogers, AR), n.d.  "Monte Ne Holds Colorful History of 'Coin' Harvey," by E. Alan Long.
   Unidentified magazine?  "In the Ozark Mountains at Monte Ne, Ark. 1924."

Folder 3. Handbills and posters, n.d.  (Photocopies in folder; all originals have been removed to the Broadside Collection.)

Folder 4. Other items, 1906, 1941, n.d.:
  4 postcards with pictures of White River and Oklahoma Row, Monte Ne.
  Political campaign button, "The Liberty Party."
  Award ribbon, "Fox Hunt at Monte Ne, Ark., May 2-5, 1906."
  Sheet music, "Beautiful Monte Ne," words and music by Ed. T. Wolfe, arranged by Mrs. T. F. Woody (Monte Ne, Arkansas:  The Club House Hotel & Cottage Company, 1906).  Removed to the Sheet Music Collection.
  Floor plan of a house, n.d.
  Letter, September 8, 1941, May Ellston Leake Harvey (Springfield, MO) to W. R. Feemster (Rogers, AR).
  Painting of lagoon, gondola, and house, n.d.  Removed to Manuscript Collections Oversize Box Number 6.
  Pamphlets, newspapers, other publications.  Removed for cataloging in the Arkansas Collection.

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