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Fay Jones Collection 1935-2005 (MC 1373)

Series X

Art and Artifacts ca. 1949-1998

This series contains the three-dimensional items in the collection as well as related art work given to or kept by Fay Jones. Of special interest are 5 working models of chapels and pavilions designed by Jones.  One group of records consists of renderings, drawings, sketches, and essays prepared by Fay Jones in his undergraduate courses at the University of Arkansas and his graduate work at Rice University.

Subseries 1
Models 1978 -1992

The models are working models of chapels and pavilions, used as design tools. They were built when a building had a simple repetitive scheme and the architects needed to view the structure in three dimensions. They were also used to determine the way light would fall in the structure at different times of day and in different lighting schemes. Thorncrown is a sectional model, as are Cooper and Hermitage. Thorncrown alone is not to scale and was built with red oak which proved to be a difficult wood. The other models are done in native linden wood. Several architects were involved in making the models at the studio as part of their work time. Leroy Scharfenburg, Maurice Jennings, David McKee, and Fred Derwin can be singled out for their contributions. The model of Pinecote Pavilion is complete building and was commissioned by the client.

Model 1 Mildred Cooper Memorial Chapel, 25" x  24.5" x  34.75", ca. 1986. Located in the Special Collections Reading Room in a display case made in 2004 by Jerry LaBounty, Cooper’s Supervising Builder.
Model 2 Fraser Chapel/Chapman Chapel, Room 28.5" x 20.5" x 27", ca. 1992. Located in Special Collections, Room 126
Model 3 Hermitage Chapel Room, 33.5" x 26" x 35", ca. 1980. Located in Special Collections, Room 126
Model 4 Pinecote Pavilion, 31.5" x 22" x 9.75", ca. 1982.  Located in Special Collections, Room 126 in a display case made in 2004 by Jerry LaBounty.
Model 5 Thorncrown Chapel, 22.75" x 17.5" x 23", ca. 1978. Located in the West Entry Foyer of Mullins Library in a display case made in 2004 by Jerry LaBounty, the supervising builder for Thorncrown Chapel.
Model 6 Thorncrown Worship Center Located in the University Libraries off-site storage center (LISA); this model is fragile.
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