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Series VIII

Printed Material 1954 - 2004

The printed material consists of many publications that Jones saved over the course of his career. The posters are a lively record of his lectures and his presence at competitions and scholarly meetings. The magazines provide documentation about Jones’s growing reputation as an architect.  Clippings indicate the extent of coverage in newspapers from San Francisco to New York. A portion of Jones’s own book collection, kept at home, is a valuable addition to the library’s holdings. The subjects indicate Jones’s interests in the wider field of architecture. The product catalogs illustrate his interests in furnishings, appliances, and decorative arts.

Subseries 1
Posters and Archidek Cards 1971-2002
3 flat file drawers

Besides the record of lecture topics given in dozens of locations around the U.S. and in Mexico, the posters are a record of imaginative design prepared primarily by architecture students from the 1970s to the 1990s. The posters are well preserved. Archidek Cards, “Architectural Cards for Collecting,” were distributed by the AIA.

Drawer File Title
141 1 Visiting Lecture Series, School of Architecture, Ohio University, 1966.
The House and Its Domain, University of Georgia, 1971.
Lecture and Critic, Virginia Poly Technic Institute, 1976.
“Borrowings and Lendings”, University of Wisconsin, April 28 - May 1, 1977.
Fay Jones - AIA, Bank of Oklahoma, 1977.
Fay Jones, FAIA - on his work and Organic Design, St. Louis Chapter - AIA, May 15, 1979.
“After Frank Lloyd Wright", Clemson Architectural Foundation & Clemson University, January 22, 1979.
"After Frank Lloyd Wright", Albuquerque Chapter - AIA, May 24, 1979.
Visiting Lecture Series: "The Middle Landscape", School of Architecture, Mississippi State University, 1979.
Speaker, 26th AIA Gulf States Regional Convention, April 5 - April 8, 1979.
141 2 Texas Youth Art Month, Texas Education Agency and the Texas Art and Education Association, Thorncrown, 1980.
  Chapter Programs, COCALA, Central Arizona Chapter AIA, 1980.
Henry L Thurman Commemorative Lecture, Southern University Division of Architecture, January 28, 1981.
Fall '81 Lecture Series, Iowa State University, Department of Architecture, 1981.
"Back to Basics in Design", ASC, AIA and the College of Environmental Design, Thorncrown, October 27, 1981.
Palm Beach Chapter AIA, April 8, 1982.
Oscar Ekdahl Memorial Lecture, College of Architecture and Design, Kansas State University, Thorncrown, September 1, 1982
"Beyond Style", Iowa Chapter AIA, 1982.
"Thorncrown - Concept to Completion", Temple Buell Architecture Gallery, Thorncrown, December 1, 1982.
Lectures, Auburn University, Department of Architecture, Winter 1983.
“A Building of Great Integrity", Arizona State University, Thorncrown, April 5, 1983.
"Architecture: Reinvesting the Old with New Meaning", University of Florida, April 19, 1983.
“Architecture" Reinvesting the Old with New Meaning, January 16, 1984.
Tour of James Residence, January 16, 1984.
A Retrospective Exhibit, Kansas State University, Thorncrown, Feb. 20 – March 2, 1984.
Visiting Lecture Series, PRATT School of Architecture, 1984.
Boston Architectural Summer, 1984.
Virginia Polytechnic Institution - Blacksburg, Virginia, April 26 - 27, 1985.
Season’s Greetings, Bullock, Caldwell, Tice and Associates, Thorncrown, 1985.
Season’s Greetings, Bullock, Caldwell, Tice and Associates, Thorncrown, 1985.
Lecture Program, Texas A & M, Department of Architecture, November 13, 1985.
“Iconoclasts”, University of Texas at Arlington, March 5, 1986.
“Iconoclasts”, University of Texas at Arlington, March 5, 1986.
"Architecture for an American Landscape", San Diego Chapter AIA / Harbor Blueprint, April 10, 1986.
Hyde Speaker Series, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, November 13, 1986.
E. Fay Jones, University of Arkansas AIAS, November 12, 1987.
“Sphere”, WSA, 1987.
Lectures and Exhibitions, College of Architecture and Planning, Ball State University, April 11, 1988.
Lecture Series, LSU College of Design, February 10, 1987-1988.
Lecture Series, Edmonton, Provincial Museum of Alberta, January 27, 1988.
Seasons Greetings, Bullock and Tice Associates, Cooper Chapel, 1988.
Line/Composition/Form, Loose Graphics, October 1988.
Lecture Series, University of Michigan, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, November 17, 1988.
Student Design Competition, ACSA, American Wood Council, Thorncrown, 1988-1989.
Student Lecture Series, MIT Department of Architecture, Thorncrown, March 2, 1989.
Lecture Series, Florida A&M University, March 8, 1989.
“Capital Ideas”, Minnesota Society AIA, November 1-3, 1989.
Lecture Series, Seattle Times/AIA, March 9, 1990.
141 3 “A Tribute to E. Fay Jones”, Arkansas AIA, Thorncrown, November 14, 1990.
Monday Lecture Series, University of New Mexico - School of Architecture and Planning, November 19, 1990.
Spring Lecture Series, Marble Arch, March 1, 1991.
Lecture, “Fay Jones Architect”, April 15, 1991.
Spring Lecture Series, University of Florida - Department of Architecture, Thorncrown, January 13, 1992.
“Organic Architecture and the Role of Historic Models”, AIA, Washington D.C., February 22, 1993.
“Octagon House Thank You”, The American Architectural Foundation, April, 1993.
“Desert Forum”, Phoenix Arizona AIA, November 23-28, 1993.
“Awakening Responsibility”, AIA Colorado Design Conference, December 3-4, 1993.
Community Library Design Competition, American Wood Council/ACSA, 1993-1994.
“Faulkner and Gender”, University of Mississippi, July - August, 1994.
Fall Programs, Architectural League of New York, Pallone, November 10, 1994.
Dedication of the Powell Chapel, Powell Gardens, Powell Chapel, April, 1996.
E. Fay Jones Lecture, Dallas Chapter AIA, Pinecote, June 11, 1996.
Student Design Competition, Lansing Community College, Pinecote, March 8, 1996.
BANANA Competition, Academy of Architecture Arts and Sciences, June 15, 1996.
Arkansas Heritage Week, “Heritage by Design”, Department of Arkansas Heritage, Edmondson Residence, 1997.
Lecture on Architecture, ALCAN, March 5, 1997.
“Architecture in Perspective 12”, Memphis, Otis Elevator Company, January 17, 1997.
“Living Architecture”, Frank Lloyd Wright, LSU Union Art Advisory Board and LSU College of Design, January - February, 1998.
Fulbright Peace Fountain Dedication, University of Arkansas, Fulbright Peace Fountain, October 24, 1998.
“Outside the Pale”, Old State House Museum, Thorncrown, June 12-16, 2000.
Walton Art Center Exhibit, Walton Art Center, Thorncrown, 2001.
Walton Art Center Exhibit, Walton Art Center, Thorncrown, 2001.
Fay Jones and Maurice Jennings House Tour Advertisement, Habitat for Humanity, 2002.
Fay Jones and Maurice Jennings House Tour map and admission ticket, Habitat for Humanity, 2002.
141 4 “Architecture Today, Architecture Tomorrow”, Thorncrown, October 26, 1983.
“Architecture for the Americas”, Spanish version, April 10-11, 1975.
“Architecture for the Americas”, English version, April 10-12, 1975.
“The Architecture of Euine Fay Jones”, Pine Bluff Community Arts Center, October 19, 1967.
Spring Lecture Series, North Carolina State University School of Design Department of Architecture, January 21, 1983.
Visiting Lecture Series, University of Wisconsin School of Architecture and Urban Planning, October 27, 1983.
Lecture Series, University of Virginia School of Architecture, Thorncrown, September 16, 1986.
Montana State University School of Architecture, Thorncrown, October 27, Unknown Year.
Max Abramovitz Distinguished Lecturer in Architecture - Inaugural Lecture, University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign School of Architecture, September 12, 1982.
Logo by Bob Faust, Auburn University, 1975.
Hey Fay Lecture, April 23, 1975.
Fay Jones Lecture, Oklahoma State University School of Architecture, March, Unknown Year.
University of Texas School of Architecture, Thorncrown, February 25, 1982.
E. Fay Jones, FAIA, Thorncrown, Undated.
Euine Fay Jones, Virginia Tech, April 26-27, 1976.
AASA, February 17, Unknown Year.
“E. Fay Jones Architect”, April 26-27, Unknown Year.
  5 “Hey Fay” Paper Towel Roll, Auburn University.
  6 Archidek Deck of Architectural Cards, including Thorncrown (2.5” x 3”).
Series VIII Subseries 2
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