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Larry Obsitnik Photo Archives

Photo Archives, 1918-1984

Manuscript Collection 1280


Lawrence "Larry" W. Obsitnik was born in Little Rock on December 27, 1919. He attended Little Rock schools. A boyhood interest in photography included the opportunity in 1928 to take pictures of presidential candidate Herbert Hoover in Joliet, Illinois. Graduating from high school as war clouds gathered in Europe, Obsitnik joined the Arkansas National Guard.

Because of Obsitnik's interest in and experience with photography he was assigned to the Signal Corps Photographic Center on Long Island, New York for training as a news and combat photographer. On January 6, 1941, he was inducted into federal service as a corporal in Battery A, 206 Coast Artillery (AA). In June 1941 his unit was transferred to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands. He was at nearby Morris Cove when the Japanese attacked Dutch Harbor in early June 1942. In May 1943 he was transferred to the photographic detachment of the 14th Signal Corps Service Company at Fort Richardson, Alaska.

After the war Little Rock photographer William Hughes hired Obsitnik as an assistant. Through Hughes he received an opportunity to photograph Arkansas Razorback coach John Barnhill during a football game for the Arkansas Gazette.  The photographs, featured on the newspaper's front page, created a sensation, and in 1949 Obsitnik became the Gazette's first full-time photographer.  For the next thirty-five years he worked for the newspaper, becoming known as "the Chief."

Obsitnik's use of unusual camera angles and poses revolutionized photojournalism in Arkansas. During his career he photographed every United States president from Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan. He also photographed Arkansas politicians, public figures, and numerous celebrities. His 1957 photograph of American paratroopers entering Little Rock against the backdrop of a billboard reading "Who will build Arkansas if her own people do not?," taken during the Little Rock Central desegregation crisis, earned him a Pulitzer Prize nomination.

During his life, Obsitnik married three times.  By his first wife he had one son and four daughters.  His last wife, Nina Obsitnik, survived him. He died on November 9, 1984.


Materials in this collection include almost 700 prints and more than 10,000 negatives. They include items spanning the entire length of Obsitnik's career as a photographer. One series features photographs taken while he was stationed in the Aleutian Islands. The collection includes approximately one hundred prints of prominent persons, including American presidents, Arkansas politicians, and celebrities; it contains a substantially larger number of negatives depicting these subjects. Several prints are autographed, including ones of Bill Clinton, Orval Faubus, and singer Johnny Cash.

Prints in the collection also include numerous photographs of Larry and Nina Obsitnik, most dating from the 1970s and 1980s. Obsitnik did not confine his craft to people; the collection also includes prints of buildings, outdoor settings, animals, and other topics. Notably the collection includes approximately four hundred negatives depicting events during the Little Rock Central desegregation crisis.

A subject index of the photographs and negatives has been compiled and attached as an appendix to the finding aid.

In addition to photographs and negatives, the collection includes a few letters, newspaper clippings, and certificates. The collection includes an original drawing of Albert Alligator by cartoonist Walt Kelly. It further includes posters supporting the presidential candidacy of Jimmy Carter. The collection includes a booklet on the experiences of Battery A, 206 Coast Artillery (AA), compiled by Battery veteran Don Drake and featuring photographs taken by Obsitnik. Finally, the collection includes medals received by Obsitnik during his military service.

This collection was donated to Special Collections on March 3, 1994, by Nina Obsitnik, Diane Deal, Joe Harper, Larry Harper, Ann Lazerson, and Don Drake.

Processed by Todd E. Lewis, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas, in December 1999.

RESTRICTIONS APPLY.  Items bearing the signatures of Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan have been removed to the vault. Photocopies of these items are included in the collection.


Series 1. Photographic Prints. Boxes 1-3.

  Subseries 1. Politicians, Celebrities and Personalities.
  Subseries 2. Larry Obsitnik, Family and Friends.
  Subseries 3. Miscellaneous Photographs.

Series 2. Photographic Negatives. Boxes 3-9.

Series  3. A Battery 206 Coastal Artillery (Anti-Aircraft).  Boxes 3, 10.

Series 4. Miscellaneous Materials. Box 3.

Oversize Materials.  Boxes 11-15, OV Folder.

Appendix. Index of Photographic Prints and Negatives
                      Things and Places

Series 1.  Photographic Prints (Boxes 1-3)

This series is comprised of prints of photographs, the majority of which were taken by Larry Obsitnik. Some photographs not taken by Obsitnik can be identified by the photographer's mark on the back of the print. Corresponding negatives from Negative Series A and C-K, all in Series 2, have been identified for prints in subseries 1.

Subseries 1. Politicians, Celebrities and Personalities.

This subseries contains photographs of several United States presidents, including images of Bill Clinton during his tenure as governor of Arkansas.  The Woodrow Wilson photograph is of a formation of 21,000 soldiers arranged on a field so as to form his profile. The Franklin Delano Roosevelt photograph includes Obsitnik as a child standing with the president.

This subseries also includes images of Arkansas politicians, notably senators J. William Fulbright, Dale Bumpers, and David Pryor, and governors Orval Faubus, Winthrop Rockefeller, and Sid McMath. It also contains images of celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Glenn Campbell, Charlie Rich, and Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders. Images of personalities include General Douglas MacArthur, General Jimmy Doolittle, Arkansas Razorback coach Frank Broyles, boxer Mohammed Ali, war hero John Yancey, and sheriff Buford Pusser of Walking Tall fame.

Several images feature Arkansas politicians with United States presidents and vice presidents.  Notably, Sid McMath is in photographs with Harry Truman; Orval Faubus is in photographs with Truman and John F. Kennedy; and Bill Clinton is in photographs with Walter Mondale. These photographs are filed under the presidents' or vice president's names. Also, a Fulbright photograph includes Henry Kissinger, and a Winthrop Rockefeller image includes Spiro Agnew.

Prints with corresponding negatives in Series A and C-K are so noted on their backs; the negatives are included in Series 2.  Negatives of the Elvis Presley photographs are located in Box 3, folder 13.  The negatives of some photographs by Obsitnik, notably several images of Ronald Reagan, are not included in the collection.

Box 1

 1. Doug Brandon-Images 1-3
 2. Frank Broyles-Images 4-5
 3. Dale Bumpers-Images 6-7
 4. Jimmy Carter-Images 8-10
 5. Celebrities and Personalities-Images 11-19
 6. Bill Clinton-Images 20-24
 7. Dwight D. Eisenhower-Image 25
 8. Orval Faubus-Images 26-30
 9. Gerald Ford-Image 31
 10. J. William Fulbright-Images 32a and 32b
 11. Brooks Hays-Images 33-36
 12. Hubert Humphrey-Images 37-38
 13. Lyndon B. and Lady Bird Johnson-Images 39-46
 14. John F. and Ted Kennedy-Images 47-53
 15. Douglas MacArthur-Images 54-58
 16. Sid McMath-Images 59-63
 17. Walter Mondale-Images 64-66
 18. Richard Nixon-Image 67
 19. Elvis Presley-Images 68-71
 20. David Pryor-Image 72
 21. Ronald Reagan-Images 73-77
 22. Winthrop Rockefeller-Images 78-84
 23. Franklin Delano Roosevelt-Image 85
 24. Ray Thornton-Image 86
 25. Harry Truman-Images 87-91
 26. Jim Guy Tucker-Images 92-93
 27. George Wallace-Image 94
 28. Frank White-Images 95-99
 29. Woodrow Wilson-Image 100

Subseries 2.  Larry Obsitnik, Wife and Friends.
This subseries includes images of Obsitnik and his wife Nina, as well as their friends and other acquaintances. Negatives in Series A and C-K corresponding to the these prints have not been identified.

Box 1 (continued)

 30. Larry Obsitnik Portraits-Images 101-106
 31. Larry Obsitnik as Photographer-Images 107-112
 32. Larry Obsitnik and Filming of "Crisis at Central High"-Images 113-122
 33. Larry Obsitnik Cameos-Images 123-152
 34. Nina Obsitnik-Images 153-184
 35. Larry and Nina Obsitnik-Images 185-202
 36. Larry Obsitnik With Others-Images 203-227

Subseries 3. Miscellaneous Photographs.

This subseries includes photographs of many different subjects.  They include animals such as birds and squirrels, people, Little Rock, and winter and outdoor scenes.  The Arkansas Gazette staff photographs include images of Obsitnik with coworkers. Negatives in Series A and C-K corresponding to these prints have not been identified.

Box 2

 1. Aircraft-Images 228-245
 2. Arkansas Gazette Staff-Images 246-263
 3. Notes for Images 259 and 260
 4. Art and Other Objects-Images 264-269
 5. Bath Houses in Hot Springs-Images 270
 6. Bicentennial Celebration-Images 271
 7. Birds-Images 272-315
 8. Birds Bathing-Images 316-331
 9. Birds: Cardinals-Images 332-338
 10. Birds: Cedar Waxwings-Images 339-343
 11. Birds: Hummingbirds-Images 344-348
 12. Buildings and Other Structures-Images 349-357
 13. Butterflies-Images 358-359
 14. Cats-Images 360-363
 15. Cavern-Images 364-367
 16. Conference of Christians and Jews, 1964-Image 368
 17. Cotton-Image 369
 18. Cult Members-Image 370
 19. Dogs-Image 371
 20. European Tourist Sites-Images 372-379
 21. Fires-Images 380-392
 22. Flowers-Images 393-394
 23. Football-Images 395-397
 24. Horses and Horse Racing-Images 398-403
 25. Little Rock-Images 404-415
 26. Little Rock and the Arkansas River-Images 416-439
 27. Notes for Images 438 and 439
 28. Little Rock Central High Crisis-Images 440-443
 29. Downtown Little Rock-Images 444-449
 30. Little Rock Freeways-Images 450-465
 31. Notes for Images 454 and 456
 32. Little Rock Industrial District-Images 466-478
 33. Manhole Covers-Images 479-489
 34. Military Scenes-Images 490-494
 35. Miscellaneous-Images 495-497
 36. Native Americans-Images 498-502
 37. Old State House-Images 503-505
 38. Outdoors Scenes-Images 506-534
 39. People I-Images 535-565
 40. People II-Images 566-586
 41. People III-Images 587-596
 42. People IV-Images 597-609

Box 3

 1. Jerry Rush Wedding-Images 610-612
 2. Squirrels-Images 613-620
 3. State Capitol Building-Images 621-624
 4. State Capitol Building Christmas Tree-Images 625-626
 5. Trains and Railroads-Images 627-632
 6. Trees-Images 633-649
 7. Banana Trees-Images 650-656
 8. Winter Scenes-Images 657-671
 9. Zoo Scenes-Images 672-679

Series 2.  Photographic Negatives (Boxes 3-9)

This series includes negatives of photographs taken by Larry Obsitnik. They are divided into ten series, identified by letters A and C-K. Although a Negative Series B apparently once existed, that series is not included in the collection. Each series container includes a list detailing the subject matter of the negatives contained within it. A comprehensive list by subject matter compiled from the ten series of negatives is included at the end of the finding aid. Series 2 also includes two sets of negatives not included in the negative series; located in Box 3, they are images of Worthen Bank in 1964-1965, and Elvis Presley.  Box 3 also includes duplicate copies of the container lists for Series A-D.

Box 3 (continued)

 10. Negative Series A Description
 11. Negative Series B Description
 12. Negative Series C Description
 13. Negative Series D Description
 14. Elvis Presley
 15. Worthen Bank, 1964-1965

Box 4

 1. Negatives Series A, Part 1
 2. Negatives Series A, Part 2

Box 5

 1. Negatives Series C, Part 1
 2. Negatives Series C, Part 2

Box 6

 1. Negatives Series D, Part 1
 2. Negatives Series D, Part 2

Box 7
 1. Negative Series D, Part 3
 2. Negative Series D, Part 4

Box 8

 1. Negative Series E,F,G
 2. Negative Series H,I

Box 9

 1. Negative Series J
 2. Negative Series K

Series 3.  A Battery 206 Coastal Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) (Boxes 3, 10)

This series is comprised of materials relating to A Battery of the 206 Coastal Artillery (AA). These materials include one volume of photographs, one volume of negatives, and a booklet compiled by Don Drake featuring photographs of the unit in the Aleutian Islands. The images date from 1941-1942, and feature scenes of the unit stationed in the mainland United States and in the Aleutian Islands during World War II.  Among the images are photographs of the Japanese attacks on Dutch Harbor in early June 1942; however, these images were apparently not taken by Obsitnik, who was at nearby Morris Cove at the time of the attacks. Nevertheless, a majority of the other photographs of A Battery were taken by Obsitnik.

Box 3 (continued)

16. Don Drake, Aleutian Islands, World War II

Box 10

 1. Volume I, Photographs
 2. Volume II, Negatives

Series 4.  Miscellaneous Materials (Box 3)

This series is comprised of certificates, letters, newspaper clippings, medals, and drawings.  Among the drawings are depictions of Larry Obsitnik by Arkansas Gazette cartoonist George Fisher.  The drawings also include one of Albert Alligator by cartoonist Walt Kelly.

Box 3 (continued)

 17.  Jimmy Carter Presidential Campaign Posters (OV; see Box 11)
 18.  Certificates
 19.  Certificates-Oversize (See Box 13)
 20.  Clippings
 21.  Clippings-Oversize (See Boxes 11 and 13)
 22.  Correspondence and Notes
 23.  Drawings
 24.  Drawing-Albert Alligator by Walt Kelly (Oversize; see Box 15)
 25.  Drawings-Larry Obsitnik and Sam Harris by George Fisher (Oversize; see Box 13)
 26.  Orval Faubus Poster (OV; see Box 11)
 27.  Layout for Article on Presidents Photographed by Obsitnik (OV; see OV Folder)
 28.  Larry Obsitnik's Medals-World War II (Oversize; see Box 15)

Oversize Materials (Boxes 11-15; OV Folder)

Items that are too large to be stored in their logical locations are stored here. Most of the photographic prints in boxes 11 and 12 are mounted on posterboard.  The items in Box 15 are framed.

Box 11

 1. OV Photographs-Images 8b (Jimmy Carter), 25b (Dwight Eisenhower)
 2. OV Photographs-Images 39c (L.B. Johnson), 48 (John F. Kennedy)
 3. OV Photographs-Images 52a (Ted Kennedy), 54c (Douglas MacArthur)
 4. OV Photographs-Images 67b (Richard Nixon), 68c (Elvis Presley)
 5. OV Photographs, Winthrop Rockefeller and Spiro Agnew-Images 78a, 78b
 6. OV Photographs, Harry Truman-Images 87, 89
 7. OV Photographs-Images 441 (Little Rock Central Crisis), 502b (William Sixkiller)
 8. Jimmy Carter Presidential Campaign Posters
 9. Oversize Clippings
 10. Orval Faubus Poster

Box 12

 1. OV Photographs-Image 350 (2 copies)
 2. OV Photographs-Images 307, 362b
 3. OV Photographs-Images 517a (2 copies)
 4. OV Photographs-Images 518a , 519a
 5. OV Photographs-Images 520, 527a
 6. OV Photographs-Images 585-586
 7. OV Photographs-Image 622b (2 copies)
 8. OV Photographs-Image 623b (2 copies)
 9. OV Photographs-Images 630, 656
 10. OV Photographs-Images 657b, 663
 11. OV Photographs-Images 664, 665a
 12. OV Photograph-Image 672

Box 13

 1. OV Photographs-Images 12c (Glen Campbell), 13 (Johnny Cash)
 2. OV Photographs-Images 16 (Charlie Rich), 19 (John Yancey)
 3. OV Photographs-Images 32a (Fulbright and Kissinger), 37b (Hubert Humphrey), 44 (Lady Bird Johnson)
 4. OV Photographs-John F. Kennedy, Images 47, 51
 5. OV Photographs-Images 52b (Ted Kennedy), 53 (Ted Kennedy and Wife)
 6. OV Photographs-Walter Mondale and Bill Clinton, Images 65 (2 copies), 66 (2 copies)
 7. OV Photographs-Richard Nixon, Image 67c
 8. OV Photographs-Ronald Reagan, Image 73 (3 copies)
 9. OV Photographs-Ronald Reagan, Images 74-75, 77b (2 copies)
 10. OV Photographs-Images 79 (Winthrop Rockefeller), 94 (George Wallace)
 11. OV Photographs-Images 152 (Larry Obsitnik), 184 (Nina Obsitnik)
 12. OV Photograph-Bob Douglas, Image 254
 13. OV Photographs-Arkansas Gazette Photographic Staff, Images 257-258
 14. OV Photographs-Images 564, 568b
 15. OV Photographs-Images 571-572, 575-576
 16. Certificates
 17. Clippings
 18. Drawings-Larry Obsitnik and Sam Harris by George Fisher

Box 14

 1. OV Photographs-Images 235-236, 237 (2 copies)
 2. OV Photographs-Images 238-243
 3. OV Photographs-Images 244-245, 270
 4. OV Photographs-Images 308-315
 5. OV Photographs-Images 328-333
 6. OV Photographs-Images 349, 351, 356-357
 7. OV Photographs-Images 363, 392, 396-397
 8. OV Photographs-Images 400-403
 9. OV Photographs-Images 411-415
 10. OV Photographs-Images 426-439
 11. OV Photographs-Images 440, 446-449
 12. OV Photographs-Images 454-465
 13. OV Photographs-Images 475-478
 14. OV Photographs-Images 494-497
 15. OV Photographs-Images 506b, 517b, 518b, 519b, 521
 16. OV Photographs-Images 522-526
 17. OV Photographs-Images 527b-534
 18. OV Photographs-Images 619-620, 622c, 623c, 624
 19. OV Photographs-Images 625-626, 628
 20. OV Photographs-Images 643-649
 21. OV Photographs-Images 662b, 665b-669
 22. OV Photographs-Images 670-671, 679

Box 15

 1. Larry Obsitnik's Medals-World War II
 2. Drawings-Albert Alligator by Walt Kelly

Oversize Folder

  Layout for Article on Presidents Photographed by Obsitnik

Appendix. Index of Photographic Prints and Negatives

All the prints in the collection are in Series 1 and all the negatives are in Series 2, except that prints and negatives relating to A Battery 206 Coastal Artillery (AA) comprise Series 3.

Prints were numbered in the course of processing the Obsitnik Photo Archives in special Collections. Negatives were arranged in Series A through K and assigned identification numbers before the collection was acquired by Special Collections.  No Series B was present when the donation was received.

Consequently, in the index below, the letters A-K denote negatives; the letter P denotes prints.

Subject identifications for the negatives are derived from information sheets included in cases A and C through K.  The sheets provide more detailed descriptions of the negatives.  The identifications, which were transcribed by donor Don Drake from notes on the photographer's envelopes, may contain some inaccuracies.

This index is divided into two sections, People and Things and Places.


 African-American Student-1st in LR Central  D804-D806
 Agnew, Spiro   P78; A383-A393; A474-A483
 Albright, Aubrey  K1-K4
 Albright, Charlie  P246; P255-P256
 Alford, Dale   J229-J243; J253-J263; K151-K153
 Ali, Muhammed  P11
 Ashmore, Harry  P247-P249; D738-D744; K169-K179
 Becker, Bill   D111-D112
 Benson, Sec.   J167-J170
 Bennett, Bruce  J202; J217-J219
 Bentley, George  K493-K495
 Berry, Harold J.  D1090-D1103
 Best, Eddie   K81-K82
 Blaylock, Jay   P255-P256
 Blossom, Virgil  J171; J179-J181; J208-J216
 Boswell, Fred   A506-A507
 Brandon, Doug  P1-P3
 Brown, Minnijean   I223-I235
 Broyles, Frank  P4-P5
 Bumpers, Dale  P6-P7; A409-A442; A508-509; A522-527; A612-A618
 Camble, Judge  K531-K535
 Campbell, Glen  P12
 Canterbury, Archbishop of A604-A606
 Carter, Jimmy   P8-P10; A514-A521
 Cash, Johnny   P13
 Chambers   J53-J79
 Chambers, Paul  K74-K79
 Cherry, Francis  A317-A325; J53-J79; J275-J278; K74-K79
 Clinton, Bill   P20-P24; P65-P66
 Coe, "Evangelist"   D636-D654
 Cole, Carson   P500
 Courts, Kirby   K308-K235
 Custanedine   J172
 Davies, Judge   J158-J160
 Davis, Charles  F26-F34
 Donald, Leroy  F26-F34
 Donway, Ed   K96-K108
 Doolittle, Jimmy  P14
 Douglas, Bob   P246; P254-P256; D548-D550
 Douthit, George  A186-A188
 Downie    K94-K95
 Drake, Don   K1-K4
 Duff, Frank   P250; K393-K395; K399-K401
 Dunaway   D614-D631
 Dulkersh, Betty  K527-K530
 Eisenhower, Dwight  P25; A8-A26
 Farrar, L.   K56-K62
 Faubus, Orval   P26-P30; P43; P49; P91; A2-A7; A306; A326-332; A550-A552; A626-A632; I104-I125; J49-J89; J113; J142; J173-J178; J182-J201; J264-J270; J299-J303; K74-K79
 Fletcher, Albert Lewis K149-K150
 Fletcher, John (Arkansas Gazette Staff)  D676-D677; J203-J207; K63-K68
 Foster, Chief   J1-J12
 Ford, Gerald   P31
 Fountain, Pete  D945
 Frman (sic), Gene  K83-K84
 Fulbright, William  P23; P32; P42; A162-A170; A171-A185; A528-A535; A558-A571; A607-A611; A626-A632; J271-J274
 Fulk, Gus   K72-K73
 Gardner, John   J304-J339
 "Gene"   D678-D679; K52-K55
 Gibson, Dan   P498-P499
 Gilmore, Mrs. W.T., Jr. K88-K93
 "Greg"   D678-D679
 Griffin, Marvin  J153-J157
 Harris, Sam   P246; K463-K464; K519-K525
 Hays, Brooks   P33-P36; A398-A408; J225-J228
 Heiskell, J.N.   D156-D159; D551-D589; D868-D877; D1000-D1012
 Henry, Orville   K80; K500-K505
 Hickman, Darrel  A189-A192
 Hill    D614-D631
 Hinkell, Fred   K46-K47
 Humphrey, Hubert  P37-P38; A487-A488
 Hurst for Governor  A193-A194
 Johnson (Conway)  J123-J135
 J. Johnson Children  K180-K182
 Johnson, Lady Bird  P44
 Johnson, Lyndon  P39-P46; A114-A142; A359-A362
 Jones, Guy "Mutt"  D113-D114; J80-J85
 Jones, Jerry   D933
 Joymer   K86-K87
 Karam, Jimmy   D382-D394; J244-J252; K163-K168
 Keesee, Steve   P257-P258; P261-P262
 Kennedy, John F.  P47-P51; A143-A158; A443-A450
 Kennedy, Ted   P52-P53
 Kennedy, Mrs. Ted  P53
 Kennly, Fred   D135-D410
 Kissinger, Henry  P32a; A162-A170
 Knoop, Werner  K43
 Lafferty   D940
 Lamb, Mrs. Ted and children D757-D761
 Lamb Family   K134-K138
 Laney, Ben   A333-A340
 Lauck, Chester  D926-D927
 Layman, Mayor  A510-A513
 Lewis, Bill   F26-F34
 Lodge, Henry Cabot  A484-A486
 Lower, A.   D941-D944
 MacArthur, Douglas  P54-P58; A27-A67; A219-A220
 McClellan, John  A221-A222; A374-A382; A540-A549; J53-J79; K74-K79
 McConnell, General  A528-A535
 McGovern, George  A105-A113; A363-A371; D1016-D1019
 McMath, Sid   P59-P63; P88-P89;  J1-J12; J53-J79; K74-K79
 Mann, Woodrow  A341-A354; J114-J116
 Medons, Jim   K44-K45
 Mills, Wilbur   A558-A562
 Moasis Children  D655-D659
 Mondale, Walter  P64-P66
 Monroe, Vaughan  K159-K161
 Moore, Billy   K123-K124
 Moore, Henry   K123-K124
 Morley, D.   K381-K392
 Munds, Louis   K506-K510
 Murray, Ike   D773-D783
 Nash, Vernon   K1-K4
 Native Americans  P498-P502
 Nelson   D473
 Nelson, A. R.   P255-P256
 Nelson Family   K143-K145
 Nixon, Richard  P67; A159-A161; A484-A486
 Obsitnik, Billy   D115; K140-K141
 Obsitnik, Larry  P20; P32b; P85; P246-P248; P251-P252; P257-P258; P261; A358; C628-C629; D238-D246; D474; D551-D558; D678-D679; D745; D939-D940; D949; D959-D961; D963-D964; D1079-D1089; K52-K55; K147; K402-K407
 Obsitnik, Larry, Jr., and Diane  D120-D124; K470-K474
 Obsitnik, Larry's Father D451; K140-K141
 Obsitnik, Larry's Mother K140-K141
 Obsitnik, Nina   P9-P10; P61-P62; C469-C474; C714-C723
 Obsitnik Family  K139-K141
 Party, Debra and Donna K368-K373
 "Pat"    D607-D613
 Patterson   K350-K363; K486-K491
 Patterson, Hugh  P247-P249; D156-D159; K69-K71
 Patterson, Mrs. Hugh G. K459-K462
 Patterson, W.L. "Pat"  P249; P257-P258; P262
 Patterson Family  K127-K133
 Penick, James   D5-D9
 Portis, Bob   D125-D127
 Portis, Charles  P535; K162; K539-K547; see also unnumbered prints at end of Negative Case K
 Portis, Jerry   D125-D127
 Portis, Larry   D125-D127
 Portis, Richard  D116; D125-D127
 Prescott, Gene  P247-P249; P251-P253; P257-P258; P261-P262
 Presley, Elvis   P68-P71
 Pryor, David   P72; A374-A382; A489-A505
 Pusser, Buford  P15
 Quatie    D682-D683
 Rafford   K48-K51
 Reagan, Ronald  P73-P77; D1064-D1066; J360-J571
 Remmel, Mrs. A.C.  D484-D485
 Remmel, Pratt C.  D484-D485
 Rickenbacker, Eddie  A395-A397
 Riley, Bob   P62
 Rockefeller, Nelson  A467-A473
 Rockefeller, Winthrop P76; P78-P84; A1; A355; A383-A393; A464-A483; A536-A552; A556-A557; A572-A575; A586-A603; A619-A625; A633-A636; J142; J220-J224; J304-J359; J572-J902
 Rockwell, George Lincoln D82-D84
 Roosevelt, Eleanor  A307-A316
 Roosevelt, Franklin D. P85; A358
 Rose, Governor  J53-J79
 Ross, Margaret  F26-F34
 Ross, Mrs. John  See Quatie
 Ross--, John (Gazette Photographer) P258
 Running, Bernard  J360-J571
 Rush, Jerry   P610-P612
 Saltzgaver, Jack  D499
 Sanders, Colonel  P17-P18
 Scott    D1055-D1060
 Scott, Jim   D962
 Seckel, Lloyd   K492
 Sevenstar, Martin  P501
 Shelton, Bill   D379-D381; K511-K516
 Shriver, Sergeant  A637-A640; D1016-D1019
 Simmoak, John  D958
 Simmons, John  P257-P258; P261
 Sixkiller, Bill   P502
 Smith, Bobby   D954-D956
 Speed, Gary   P257; P261
 Stenvisas   K125-K126
 Stephen, W.   K396-K398
 Stevenson, Adlai  A582-A585
 Stevenson, R. Redding J47-J48
 Suomi, Neal   J117-J118
 Teller, Edward L.  P81
 Terry, D.D.   See D.D. Terry Home
 Thornton, Ray  P86
 Touchy, James  K1-K4
 Truman, Harry  P87-P91; A68-A104; A195-A218; A223-A305
 Tucker   K281-K307
 Tucker, Jim Guy  P92-P93
 Upton, Wayne  K148
 von Braun, Wernher  A633-A636
 Wagus, Jim   K475-K485
 Walker, Edwin A.  P442
 Walker, George  K326-K349
 Wallace, George  P94; A451-A463; A576-A581
 Wayne, John   K162
 Weaver, Dloyd  A187
 Weigr, Jr., Jim  J279-J298
 White, Frank   P95-P99
 Whitworth, Bill  K85
 Willinson, Jim   K517-K518
 Wilson, Hank   P258
 Wilson, Woodrow  P100
 Winder, Ray   D499
 Witherspoon, Cpt.  J114-J116
 Wolf, Red   D499
 Woods, Henry  P63
 Woods, Russell  D1061-D1063
 Worthen, Booker  D13
 Wright, Ed   P536
 Wright Family   K142
 Yancey, John   P19; P61-P62

Things and Places

 Aerial Photos (unidentified)  C78-C79
 Air Force Base-Jacksonville  D928-D930; D934-D937
 Airbase (unidentified)   D298-D300; K5-K11
 Aircraft    P228-P245
 Aircraft-AF-KC 135 Jet Tanker D904-D905
 Aircraft-B 47    D660-D671
 Aircraft-New Bomber  D928-D930
 Aircraft-Forced Landing, Jan. 1954 E150-E159
 Airplane Crash   C219-C233
 Airplane Crash-USAF Plane, 1973 D1042-D1047
 Alcoa Plant, Benton   P497
 Aluminum Bowl Football Game, 1956  K14-K40
 Animals-Birds   See Birds
 Animals-Cats    See Cats
 Animals-Crocodiles   C798-C813
 Animals-Dogs   See Dogs
 Animals-Frogs   C783-C785
 Animals-Great Cats   C760-C763
 Animals-Polar Bears   C774-C778
 Animals-Squirrels   P613-P620; C438-C440; C510-C516; C548-C558; C587-C589; C593-C606; C755-C759
 Arkansas Gazette   J119-J122
 Arkansas Gazette-Personnel  P246-P263; P535; D684-D699; D931-D932; D1020-1041; F1-F296
 Arkansas Gazette-Photo Staff D497-D498
 Arkansas Gazette Building-Fire D210-D224; D672-D675
 Arkansas Gazette Building-New C258-C259; C340-C344; D61-D68; D234-D236
 Arkansas Gazette Building-Old D210-D233; D302-D303; E114-E128
 Arkansas Girls State   D500-D506; D508-D522
 Arkansas Kraft Corporation  E42-E46
 Arkansas National Guard  K1-K4; see also Battery A, 206 Coast Artillery (AA)
 Arkansas Post    D846-D848
 Arkansas Power and Light-Protest D357-D378
 Arkansas Power and Light Tower D746-D747
 Arkansas Revenue Department D97-D98
 Arkansas Rice Corporation  E26-E31
 Arkansas River   P416-P439; C61-C63; C74; C81-C82; C87-C89; C163-C173; C275-C278; D89-D96; D306-D307
 Arkansas River-Bridges   See Bridges-Arkansas River
 Arkansas River Project  C250-C252
 Arkla Chemical   E37-E41
 Armistice Day Parade, 1939  K1-K4
 Arts/Crafts     P264-P269
 Automobile Accident   D951-D953; K5-K11
 Bank on West 5th Street  D816
 Baptist Hospital   See Hospitals-Baptist
 Baseball    D499
 Basketball-Girls'   D71-D77
 Bath House-Hot Springs  P270
 Battery A, 206 Coast Artillery (AA)  P490; Series 3 passim
 Bauxite Pits    E114-E128
 Beebe-Tornado   D475-D483
 Benton Highway   See Highway-To Benton
 Benton State Hospital  See Hospitals-Benton State
 Bicentennial    P271
 Big Rock    E114-E128
 Billy Mitchell Boy's Club  A372-A373
 Birds     P272-P348; C550-C563; C650-C652; C662-C684; C693-C694;  C755-C759; C764-C766; C771-C773
 Birds-Blue Jays   C488-C508
 Birds-Brown Thrashers  C564-C586
 Birds-Cardinals   P332-P338; C509-C516
 Birds--Cedar Waxwings   P339-P343
 Birds-Chickadees   C410-C437
 Birds-Finches    C455-C457
 Birds-Humming   P 344-P348; C452-C454; C517-C518; C640-C641
 Birds-Owls    C450-C451; C796-C797
 Bridge Construction (unidentified) C271-C274; C336-C338
 Bridges-Arkansas River  P416-P439; C59; C61; C64; C71-C73; C83; C134-C138; C146; C148-C150; C234; C260-C268; E103-E104
 Bridges-Broadway   D46; D336-D346; D349-D350; D814-D815; D834
 Bridges-Interstate   C73; E103-E104
 Bridges--LR Railroad Bridges C64; C71-C72; C153-C154
 Bridges--LR-NLR    C61; C73; C146; C148-C150; C234; C260-C268; E103-E104
 Bridges-Main Street   C59; C71-C72; C83; D336-D346; D814-D815; D832-D833; G1
 Bridges-Mississippi River  C235-C246
 Buildings (unidentified)  P349-P357; D260-D264
 Building-Center Street  D266
 Bull Shoals Dam   P87
 Bus Strike, 1951   D708-D737
 Cabot-Tornado, 1976  D984-D994
 Cal Collier Party, 1984  D950
 Camp Robinson   D748-D756
 Cato Methodist Church  See Methodist Church-Cato
 Cats     P360-P363; C593-C603; D925
 Cattle Sale    A553-A555
 Cavern    P364-P367
 Central Flying Service  C196-C216; D265
 Central High-Class of 1940  K146
 Central High Crisis   P440-P443; H33-H68; I69-I386
 Chancellor Guy Williams Court J161-J166
 Cherry Valley-Tornado, 1953 C174-C195
 Christmas Season   P619; P625-P626; C550-C558; D237; D963-D964
 Citizens Council   H34-H44
 Clouds    C814-C828
 Conference of Christians and Jews  P368
 Cotton     P369
 Cotton Gin    D57-D59
 Council Oaks Historic Site  D457-D462
 Country Farm Bridge   D69-D70
 County Jail    G58-G92; J117-J118
 Court House     D903
 Court House (old)   D304-D305; D327-D329
 Crop Dusting    C219-C233
 Cult     P370
 Dam (unidentified)   C67-C89
 Dam-Near Cammack Village  D420-D423
 Dardanelle    D457-D462
 Delta Airlines    D946-D948
 Democratic Convention, 1954 J90-J111
 Democratic Convention, 1956 J136-J141
 Democratic Convention, 1968 A626-A632
 Desegregation    P440-P443; H33-H68; I69-I386; J229-J243; J253-J263; K151-K153; K163-K168; K204-K280
 Dierks Paper Corporation  E11-E18
 Dog Racing    D430-D450
 Dogpatch    D133-D134
 Dogs     P371
 Dogwood Trail   C521-C531
 Downtown Organization, 1964 D976-D982
 East-West Expressway  C331
 Eiffel Tower    P372-P373
 Election Night, August 1954  J86-J89
 Election Night, November 1972 D117-D119
 ERA Demonstrations, 1973  D880-D897
 European Sites   See Tourist Attractions-Europe
 Fall Scenes    See Seasons-Fall
 Fashion Show, October 1965  D849-D853
 Federal Bureau of Investigation J151-J152
 Federal Building   D319-D320
 Fire-North Little Rock, 1973  D898-D902
 Fires     P380-P392
 First National Bank   C370-C388; D53-D54; D160-D166; D168-D173; D817-D818
 Fishermen    E188-E212
 555 Building    D348
 Flood     C96-C102
 Flowers    P393-P394; C630-C635
 Football    P395-P397; D983; K14-K40
 Football-Aluminum Bowl, 1956 See Aluminum Bowl Football Game, 1956
 Forest Heights Jr. High-Rally, 1959 K263-K280
 Forrest City-Tornado, 1974  C279-C288
 Fourche    E114-E128
 Foxville Highway   See Highway-Foxville
 Freedom Train, 1976   D906-D921
 Freeways    See Little Rock Freeway and Wilbur Mills Freeway
 Frog Jumping Contest, 1970  C783-C785
 Funeral (unidentified)   D523-D547
 Gas-Public Hearing   K125-K126
 General Assembly-60th Session J112
 Girls' Basketball   See Basketball-Girls'
 Golf Tour, 1969   D427-D428
 Governors' Convention, 1951 J13-J46
 Governor's Mansion   A356-A357
 Grady Manning Hotel   D968-D970; G1
 Gulf Miles Discount Store  D45
 Heiskell Award   D152-D155
 Hendrix College   D1000-D1012
 Highway (unidentified)  C75
 Highway-Cloverleaf Patterns  C269-C270
 Highway-Foxville   E160-E181
 Highway-I-30    C607-C615
 Highway-To Benton   C139-C145; C461-C467
 Highway-To Hot Springs  E51-E101
 Highway Audit Commission  H1-H32
 Highway 67    C114-C123
 Hippie Haircut   D85-D88
 Hitching Posts   D141-D145
 Holland    P379
 Horses/Horse Racing   P398-P403; E188-E212
 Hospitals-Baptist   C249
 Hospitals-Benton State  E129-E149; G1-G15
 Hospitals-North Little Rock  E102
 Hospitals-St. Vincent   C247-C248
 Hospitals-State   C217; E114-E128
 Hospitals-Veterans   C77; C86; E105
 Hot Springs    E188-E212
 Hot Springs Highway   See Highway-To Hot Springs
 Hotel (unidentified)-Demolition of D267-D270
 Hurricane Creek   C730-C734
 Indian Mound    K364-K367
 Indian Relics    D954-D956
 Industrial Development Company C1-C47
 Insects-Butterflies   P358-P359; C642-C649
 Interstate Bridge   See Bridges-Interstate
 Interstate Routes   C48-C58
 Iron Horses    D463-D472
 Jacksonville    C129-C133
 Jacksonville Air Force Base  See Air Force Base-Jacksonville
 Judsonia-Tornado, 1953  D590-D606
 Lake Conway    E188-E212
 Lake Norfork    A255-A282
 Little Rock    P404-P439; C84; C147; C234; C308-C329; E188-E212; G20-G24
 Little Rock-City Hall   G16-G19
 Little Rock-Downtown  P444-P449; C70; C103-C105; C108-C113; C124-C128; C146; C148-C152; C155; C163-C173; C253-C257; C260-C268; C289-C294; C340-C344; C636-C639; D301; D319-D320; D424-D426; E47-E50; E103-E104; E113; E160-E181
 Little Rock-Eastern   C76; C80
 Little Rock--Industrial District P466-P478; C1-C47; C156-C162; C352-C369; E1-E10
 Little Rock-Main Street  D47-D50; D336-D346; K374-K380
 Little Rock-Railroad Bridge  See Bridges--LR Railroad Bridge
 Little Rock-Riverfront  C163-C173; C275-C278; D321-D324; D354-D355; D452-D456
 LR-South Industrial Park  C7-C16; C352-C368; E1-E10
 Little Rock-Tornado, n.d.  K427-K458
 Little Rock-Traffic Patterns  G44-G57
 Little Rock-Winter Scenes  C345-C351
 Little Rock Airport   C65-C66; C106; D271-D273
 Little Rock Arts Center  G94-G97
 LR Central High Crisis  See Central High Crisis
 Little Rock Country Club  D427-D428
 Little Rock Freeway    P450-P465
 Little Rock Housing Authority D971-D975
 Little Rock Junior College  D680-D681
 Little Rock Medical Center  G93
 LR-NLR Bridges   See Bridges--LR-NLR
 Little Rock Public Library  C107
 LR School Board, 1957-1959 H33; H45-H68
 Little Rock Zoo   C760-C763; C774-C782; C786-C795
 Louisiana Street   D318
 MacArthur Park   D51-D52
 McKesson-Robbins Building  D330
 Magnolia Centennial   P589
 Main Street Bridge   See Bridges-Main Street
 Manhole Covers   P479-P489; D105-D110
 Mann Junior High School  C90-C91
 Markham Street   E103-E104; E113
 Marion Hotel    D101-D104; D325-D326; D429; D1067-D1078
 Marion Hotel-Meeting, 1950  K257-K262
 Martin Building   D331; G24-G43
 Masonic Lodge Building  D351-D353
 Memorial Day, 1950   D700-D707
 Methodist Church-Cato  D57-D59
 Military Scenes   P490-P494
 Minnesota Mining   E114-E128
 Minute Man Restaurant  D128-D132
 Wilbur Mills Freeway   C260-C268; C289-C294; C299-C307; D831; E129-E149
 Mississippi River   C235-C246
 Missouri Pacific Station  D274-D275
 Mohawk Rubber Company  J142
 Morrilton Democrat   J279-J298
 Mothers League   K156-K158
 Murton Photos   D854-D862
 National Guard Armory (old)  D51-D52
 Nekoosa-Edwards   E19-E25
 New Theater    D332-D335
 New Year's Celebration, 1973 D60
 North Little Rock   C332-C335
 North Little Rock-Main Street D356
 Nursing Home-Benton  G98-G105
 Observation Tower   E188-E212
 Obsitnik and Other Homes-Benton C389-C444; C469-C474; C532-C603; C630-C635; C755-C759
 Oklahoma-Farm Land  E107-E112
 Old State House   P503-P505; D254-D259
 Omnibus Layout   C532-C547
 Outdoor Scenes   P506-P534
 PT Boat    P492
 Pinnacle Mountain   P506; C735-C754
 Polio Shots    D762-D767
 Pul. Hts. School-Hearing, May 1959 K224-K256
 Railroads/Trains   P627-P632; see also Missouri Pacific Station
 Rain Maker    P566
 Raindrops    C653-C651
 Rebsamen Park   C255-C257
 Recall Organizing   K204-K223
 Redfield    C74; C81-C82
 Revival, 1951    P569; D636-D654
 Revilo Hotel    D347
 Reynolds Complex   C295-C298
 Rice Industry    E26-E31
 Rockefeller Youth Rally  D146-D151
 Roosevelt Road   E160-E181
 Rural Scenes (unidentified)  E182-E187
 Saint Louis Arch   D965-D967
 St. Mark's Cathedral   P376
 St. Mark's Square   P375
 St. Vincent Hospital   See Hospitals-St. Vincent
 Salvation Army   D784-D803
 Seasons-Christmas   See Christmas Season
 Seasons-Fall    C616-C627; C699-C708
 Seasons-Winter   P657-P671; C345-C351; C445-C449; C590-C592; C607-C615; C685-C692; C709-C713; C730-C734; C755-C759; C767-C770; D903; D995-D999
 Sertoma Club    D152-D155
 Sewage Treatment Plant  E160-E181
 "Shoot Out"    See U.A.-U.Tex Football Game, 1969
 Shrine Parade    D486-D496
 6th Street Cave-in, 1957  D622-D635; D807-D812
 Snow Scenes    See Winter Scenes
 Society (unidentified)   D99-D100
 State Auto Finance Company  D167; D507
 State Capitol Building  P621-E626; C155; D252-D253; E1-E10; E213
 State Capitol Building-Old  See Old State House
 State Hospital    See Hospitals-State
 Stock Show    K109-K122
 Street Markers   K12-K13
 Sunrises    C461-C467
 Table Rock Dam   D276-D297
 Terry Dam    C250-C252
 D.D. Terry Home   D1013-D1015
 Texaco Location   C60; C92-C95
 35th Division    A283-A305
 Titan II    D1048-D1054
 Toltec Mounds   D922-D924
 Tornados-n.d.   K427-K458
 Tornados-1953   C174-C195; D475-D483; D590-D606
 Tornados-1974   C279-C288
 Tornados-1976   D984-D994
 Tourist Attractions-Europe  P373-P379
 Traffic Lights     D878-D879
 Trains     See Railroads/Trains
 Trees     P633-P649; C519-C531; C636-C639; C695-C698
 Trees--Banana   P650-P656; C391-C440
 Trees-Cypress   C445-C449; C767-C770
 Trees-Pecan    C475-C487
 Trinity Nursing Home  G106-G132
 206th Coast Artillery Regiment K1-K4
 Union Bank    C330
 Union Carbide Corporation  E32-E36
 Union National Bank   D820-D824
 Union Station    D56
 USMC-15th Infantry Battalion D400-D419
 USO Building    D55; D819
 U.S.S. Kitty Hawk   P493
 University of Arkansas  E106
 U.A.-U.Tex Football Game, 1969  D863-D865
 UALR Trojans   D382-D394
 Unknown Soldier-Tomb  P374
 Valley Forge Freedom Foundation D835-D845
 Venice    P375-P377
 Veterans Hospital   See Hospitals-Veterans
 Victor Emmanuel-Monument P378
 Waldenburg-Tornado, 1953  C174-C195
 War Memorial Stadium  C217-C218; D395; D400-D419
 Watermelons    D78-D81
 Weather Scenes   C724-C729; D768-D771; D772
 West Memphis Dog Track  D430-D450
 Winn-Tornado, 1953   C174-C195
 Winrock Farm   J143-J150
 Winter Scenes    See Scenes-Winter
 Woodland Scenes   C458-C460; C468; E188-E212
 World War II    D242-D251; see also Battery A, 206 Coast Artillery (AA)
 Worthen Bank   D1-D3; D5-D44; D174-D209; D825-D829
 Zoo      P672-P679

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