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Vance Randolph Collection

Certificates, Notebook, and Published Articles 1918-1980

Manuscript Collection 1009


Vance Randolph was born in Pittsburg, Kansas, on February 23, 1892, and died in Fayetteville, Arkansas, on November 1, 1980.  Vance Randolph was a folklorist who collected, annotated, and published different folklore genres for over a thirty-year-period in the Ozark region.  For biographical information on Randolph see Ozark Folksong Transcripts (MC 952).

The collection consists of certificates and awards pertaining to the public and private life of Vance Randolph; a typescript notebook and other notes dealing with folk sayings and greetings; published articles of and about Randolph; and clippings and photographs.

Special Collections acquired these papers from Ernie Dean of Fayetteville, Arkansas, on November 27, 1989.

Processed by Norma Ortiz-Karp, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas, in September, 1990.

98 items (one container)

Box 1

 1. Certificate of honorable discharge from the United States Army, Jan 10, 1918; warranty deed to Vance Randolph, Dec. 3, 1940; certified copy of birth certificate, Dec 17, 1941; award from Kansas State Teachers College, Pittsburg, Mar, 1958; last will and testament, May, 1961 and Christmas, 1978; certificate of the Kansas State College Alumni Association, May 31, 1964; proclamation of Vance Randolph Day by Governor David Pryor, Jan 12, 1976; funeral service contract for Vance Randolph, Nov 1, 1980.

 2. Marriage certificate of Vance Randolph and Mary C. Parler, Mar 27, 1962; copy of the census record of 1910 in Sumter, South Carolina listing Mary C.Parler, Jun 18, 1971; correspondence: Gordon [McCann] to Frances Lott (sister of Mary C. Parler Randolph), Nov, 1980 and Ernie Deane to Frances [Lott], n.d.; account book of Arkansas Folklore Society, May 17, 1941-Feb 3, 1954.

 3. Folklore greetings, sayings, etc. collected by Vance Randolph, n.d.
 4. Membership cards of Vance Randolph, n.d.
 5. Notes on log cabin building by Gregg Hlavaty, 1975.
 6. Arkansas Times. "Folklorist Vance Randolph," by Bob Cochran, Vol. 6, No.4 (1980): 42-51; Bittersweet, "Vance Randolph," by Ellen Massey, Vol. 8, No. 3 (1981): 38-41; Maledicta (catalogue) "Change the Name of Arkansas?  Senator Johnson's Great Speech," by Vance Randolph. Vol. 2, No. 1 and 2 (1978): 229-230.
 7. Mid-South Folklore.  Articles by and about Vance Randolph, Winter, 1975-Fall, 1979.
 8. Arkansas Folklore.  Publication of the Ozark Folklore Society.  Articles by Vance Randolph and Mary Celestia Parler, July 6, 1950 - Aug, 1955.
 9. Newspaper clippings, Jan 17, 1971-Jan 1, 1977.
 10. Newspaper clippings, Jan 31, 1977-July 6, 1980, and n.d.
 11. Obituaries, Nov 3, 1980-Nov 13, 1980.
 12. Prints of George Fisher's cartoon of Vance Randolph.
 13. Photographs and postcard.
          Photograph 1:  Vance Randolph, Joanie O. Bryant, and Max Hunter.
          Photographs 2, 3:  Mary Celestia Parler Randolph and informants.
          Photographs  4-7:  Aunt Sukey and other musicians.
          Photograph  8: Portrait of Mary Jo Davis [Friend of Vance and Mary Celestia Parler Randolph].
          Photographs 9-16:  Mary Jo Davis and family.
          Photograph 17:  Postcard of the Church of the Holy Cross, Stateburg, South Carolina.  Burial place of Mary Celestia Parler Randolph.

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