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Elsijane Trimble Roy Papers

Personal and professional papers, 1944-1999

Manuscript Collection 1394


Elsijane Trimble Roy was born in Lonoke on April 2, 1916, the daughter of Elsie Jane Walls and Thomas Clark Trimble III. Her father and her grandfather, Thomas Clark Trimble II, were well-established attorneys and law partners of Senator Joseph T. Robinson. She enrolled at the University of Arkansas in 1934, and chose to major in law. Graduating in 1939, she was the only woman in her class and the third woman in the university's history to graduate with a law degree. She was admitted to the state bar in 1939, and began practice with the law firm of W.W. McCrary, Jr., in Lonoke.

From 1940 to 1942 she served as an attorney for the state revenue department, and from 1942 to 1944 she was the chief price attorney for the Office of Price Administration. About that time she married a former law school classmate, James Morrison Roy.  The couple had one son, born in 1946.

After their marriage, the couple resided in Houston, Texas, where Mr. Roy worked with the FBI.  In 1947 they returned to Arkansas, and she joined the firm of Reid and Evrard in Blytheville. From 1954 to 1963 she worked as a partner with her husband in the firm of Roy and Roy; they were divorced in 1967. From 1963 to 1966 she served as a clerk for Justice Frank Holt of the Arkansas Supreme Court. In April 1966, she became the state's first woman judge, occupying the position of justice for Arkansas's Sixth District court through December of that year. From February to May, 1967, she served as the state's assistant attorney general. From June 1967 to 1975, she sequentially served as a clerk to judges Gordon E. Young and Paul X. Williams of the United States District Court. In 1975 Governor David Pryor appointed her an associate justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Judge Roy, the first woman appointed to the state Supreme Court, retained that position until 1977, when Governor Pryor nominated her for the position of justice of Arkansas's Eastern District of the Eighth United States Judicial Circuit. The post had been held by her father from 1937 to 1956. Receiving the endorsements of United States senators Dale Bumpers and John B. McClellan, she was appointed by President Jimmy Carter, and thus became Arkansas's first woman federal judge. She remained in that position until her retirement in 1988, when she assumed the status of senior judge.

Judge Roy's achievements earned her many honors. In 1969 the University of Arkansas awarded her an honorary Juris Doctor degree, and the Business and Professional Women's Club named her Woman of the Year. The John L. McClellan Senate of the Delta Theta Phi law fraternity recognized her for outstanding achievement in 1974.  In 1977 the Arkansas Democrat named her Woman of the Year.  In 1978 she was made a Distinguished Alumna of the University of Arkansas and received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The Women's Law Caucus of the University of Arkansas School of Law presented her with the Gayle Pettus Pontz Award in 1986, and in 1989 she was named Member of the Year by the McClellan Senate of the Delta Theta Phi law fraternity. In 1992 she was made a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International, in 1994 she received the Brooks Hays Christian Citizenship Award, and in 1995 she was included in Arkansas Business's list of the Top 100 Women in Arkansas.  And on March 19, 1999, she was made an honorary United States deputy marshal by the United States Marshals Service. Judge Roy died January 23, 2007.


Materials in the collection focus on Judge Roy's law career, especially her tenure as a Supreme Court and federal judge. They also include general information about the legal profession in Arkansas, and the Eighth United States Judicial Circuit. Other materials reflect her interest in issues relating to the status and achievements of women, as well as her involvement with women's groups. The collection also includes materials reflecting her deep religious faith. Finally, the collection includes materials on Judge Roy's father, Thomas Clark Trimble III.

The materials in the collection include letters and other documents, published journals of professional legal organizations, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, one photo album, plaques, both framed and loose photographs, framed certificates, and wall plaques.  Among the framed items is an autographed photograph of United States Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Other photographs include images of Judge Roy's parents and brothers, Judge Roy in chambers, and members of Arkansas's Supreme Court.


A proclamation signed by Arkansas governor Bill Clinton has been removed to the Special Collections vault. Researchers should use the photocopy that has been substituted for it.

The Elsijane Trimble Roy Papers were donated to Special Collections by Judge Roy on May 11, 1999.

Processed by Todd E. Lewis, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas,  in July 1999.

CONTENTS OF THE COLLECTION (11 linear feet; 26 boxes)

Series 1. Documents, Publications, and Newspaper Clippings. Boxes 1-17.

     Subseries 1. Elsijane Trimble Roy Personal and Family Materials.
     Subseries 2. Correspondence.
     Subseries 3. Judge Roy's Career and the Legal Profession
     Subseries 4. Women and Women's Issues
     Subseries 5. Materials on Religion and Miscellaneous Topics
     Subseries 6. Oversize Materials

Series 2. Scrapbooks and Photo Album. Boxes 17-20.

Series 3. Framed Items and Wall Plaques. Boxes 20-26.

     Subseries 1. Framed Photographs
     Subseries 2. Framed Certificates
     Subseries 3. Wall Plaques

Series 1.  Documents, Publications, and Newspaper Clippings (Boxes 1-17)

This series includes documents, publications by professional legal and other organizations, and clippings from newspapers. It is divided into six subseries. The first subseries includes materials concerning Judge Roy's personal life, her speeches, and awards and honors presented to her; it also includes materials concerning her father and family. The second subseries contains correspondence to and from Judge Roy.  The third subseries contains materials on the legal profession, including items pertaining to Judge Roy's career, cases heard by her, the Arkansas Supreme Court and the Eighth United States Judicial Circuit, and the legal profession in general. The fourth subseries focuses on women's issues, and includes materials from women's organizations with which she was involved. Also included are materials she collected concerning the status of women, including items pertaining to women in the legal profession. The fifth subseries includes materials on religion and miscellaneous topics. The sixth subseries is comprised of oversized materials from the other five subseries in this collection.

Subseries 1. Elsijane Trimble Roy Personal and Family Materials.
Subseries 2. Correspondence
Subseries 3. Judge Roy's Career and the Legal Profession
Subseries 4. Women and Women's Issues
Subseries 5.  Materials on Religion and Miscellaneous Topics
Subseries 6.  Oversize Materials

Subseries 1. Elsijane Trimble Roy Personal and Family Materials.

 This subseries includes materials concerning Judge Roy's personal life. Among these are biographical materials, including curriculum vitae, information forms for "Who's Who" publications, and clippings from newspapers and magazines. Also included are a pair of transcripts of interviews with Judge Roy, detailing her experiences as an attorney and judge, as well as essays documenting her career as a "Lady of Many Firsts" and her encounters with prominent persons such as United States presidents. This subseries also includes materials concerning the many awards and honors presented to her, as well as the texts of speeches and remarks made by her. Finally, this subseries includes materials relating to her father and family.

Box 1

 1. ETR-Biographical Information
 2. ETR-Biographical Information, OV Items (See Box 16)
 3. ETR-OV Clippings (See Box 17)
 4. ETR-Allyson Jane Roy, "Arkansas' Lady of Many Firsts," 1989
 5. ETR-80th Birthday
 6. ETR-80th Birthday, Cards
 7. ETR-81st Birthday
 8. ETR-Essay, "Meeting Presidents and Other Exciting Moments"
 9. ETR-Interview by Frances Ross, 29 July 1987
 10. ETR-Interview by Frances Ross, 22 October 1987
 11. ETR-Personal Materials
 12. ETR-Portrait Hanging, 1991
 13. ETR-Portrait Hanging, Correspondence, 1991-1999
 14. ETR-Trips
 15. ETR-Washington, D.C., 1961 (OV; see Box 16)
 16. ETR-Buffalo River, 1965
 17. ETR-Los Angeles, 1969
 18. ETR-San Francisco, 1977
 19. ETR-University of Arkansas

Box 2

 1. ETR-Honors and Awards
 2. ETR-Honors and Awards, Clippings
 3. Arkansas Alumni Association Distinguished Alumna, 1978
 4. Arkansas Business Top 100 Women, 1995
 5. Paul Harris Fellow Award, 1992
 6. Brooks Hays Memorial Christian Citizenship Award, 1994
 7. Brooks Hays Award--Correspondence, 1994
 8. Gayle Pettus Pontz Award, 1986
 9. University of Arkansas Honors Convocation, 1980
 10. University of Arkansas School of Law-Outstanding Alumna, 21 September 1982
 11. UALR, Honorary Doctorate, 1978
 12. Photographs
 13. Photograph-Arkansas Supreme Court ca. 1975-1977 (OV; see Box 17)
 14. ETR-Reception Guest Book, Altrusa Club of Little Rock, 29 November 1977
 15. ETR-Reception Guest Book, 20th Anniversary as a Federal Judge, 5 December 1997
 16. Arkansas Democrat--Woman of the Year, 1977

Box 3

 1. ETR Speeches-Index
 2. ETR Speeches-1-10
 3. ETR Speeches-11-18
 4. ETR Speeches-19-30
 5. ETR Remarks-Index
 6. ETR Remarks-1-29
 7. Notes for Speeches and Remarks
 8. Notes for Speeches and Remarks-OV (See Box 16)
 9. Thomas Clark Trimble-Biographical Information
 10. TCT-Clippings
 11. TCT-Death
 12. TCT-Death, Letters of Condolence
 13. Thomas Clark Trimble Scholarship
 14. Trimble Family-Clippings

Subseries 2. Correspondence

This subseries includes correspondence to and from Judge Roy dating from 1944 to 1999. A large portion of it consists of congratulatory notes upon her appointment to the Arkansas Supreme Court in 1975 and to the Eighth United States Judicial Circuit in 1977.

Box 4

 1. Correspondence, 1944-1950
 2. Correspondence, 1966-July 1975
 3. Correspondence, 1-27 August 1975
 4. Correspondence, 28 August 1975
 5. Correspondence, 29-31 August 1975
 6. Correspondence, 1-9 September 1975
 7. Correspondence, 10-19 September 1975
 8. Correspondence, 20-30 September 1975
 9. Correspondence, 1-15 October 1975
 10. Correspondence, 16-31 October 1975

Box 5

 1. Correspondence, November-December 1975
 2. Correspondence, 1976
 3. Correspondence, 1975-1976, n.d.
 4. Correspondence, January-August, 1977
 5. Correspondence, 1-10 September 1977
 6. Correspondence, 11-20 September 1977
 7. Correspondence, 21-30 September 1977
 8. Correspondence, October 1977
 9. Correspondence, 1-10 November 1977
 10. Correspondence, 11-20 November 1977

Box 6

 1. Correspondence, 21-30 November 1977
 2. Correspondence, 1-20 December 1977
 3. Correspondence, 21-31 December 1977
 4. Correspondence, January 1978
 5. Correspondence, February-December 1978
 6. Correspondence, 1977-1978, n.d.
 7. Correspondence, 1984-1986
 8. Correspondence, 1987
 9. Correspondence, 1988
 10. Correspondence, 1989
 11. Correspondence, 1980s, n.d.

Box 7

 1. Correspondence, 1990
 2. Correspondence, 1991
 3. Correspondence, 1992
 4. Correspondence, 1993
 5. Correspondence, 1994
 6. Correspondence, 1995
 7. Correspondence, 1996
 8. Correspondence, 1997-1999
 9. Correspondence, n.d.

Subseries 3. Judge Roy's Career and the Legal Profession

  This subseries contains materials on Judge Roy's career, with items dating from her tenure as  assistant attorney general of Arkansas, a state Supreme Court justice, and a federal judge. Also included are clippings on cases heard by her. This subseries includes materials on both the Arkansas Supreme Court and the Eighth United States Judicial Circuit. In addition, it includes more general materials on the legal profession in both Arkansas and the nation, as well as items on particular judges such as Henry Woods and Paul X. Williams. Issues of several legal journals in this subseries contain articles about Judge Roy. Materials pertaining specifically to women lawyers and women judges are located in Subseries 4.

Box 8

 1. ETR-Career and Employment Record
 2. ETR-Ethics Disclosure, 1977 (OV; see Box 16)
 3. ETR-Assistant Attorney General, 1967
 4. ETR-Supreme Court, 1975-1977
 5. ETR-Supreme Court, OV (See Box 16)
 6. ETR-Federal Judge Application, 1977
 7. ETR-Federal Judge Application, 1977, OV (See Box 16)
 8. ETR-Federal Judge Application, Hearings November 1977
 9. ETR-Federal Judge Investiture, 1977
 10. ETR-Federal Judge Investiture, Transcript
 11. ETR-Federal Judge Investiture, 1977, OV (See Box 16)
 12. ETR-8th Circuit Court, 1977-1988
 13. ETR-First Federal Trial (OV; see Box 16)
 14. ETR-Retirement, 1988
 15. ETR-Senior Status, 1989
 16. ETR-20th Anniversary as a Federal Judge
 17. ETR-Court Cases
 18. ETR-Court Cases, OV (See Box 16)
 19. ETR-Court Cases, Appeals of Death Sentence
 20. ETR-Court Cases, Bank Robbers
 21. ETR-Court Cases, Ben Hogan Company
 22. ETR-Court Cases, Camden News Publishing Company
 23. ETR-Court Cases, Carjacking
 24. ETR-Court Cases, Disabled Persons
 25. ETR-Court Cases, Drug-related
 26. ETR-Court Cases, Drug-related, Bandido Gang
 27. ETR-Court Cases, Drug-related, Tommy Voyles
 28. ETR-Court Cases, Education and Schools
 29. ETR-Court Cases, Elderly Persons
 30. ETR-Court Cases, First Amendment Rights
 31. ETR-Court Cases, Government Officials and Corruption
 32. ETR-Court Cases, Eugene James "Yankee" Hall
 33. ETR-Court Cases, Inmates' Rights
 34. ETR-Court Cases, Insurance Fraud
 35. ETR-Court Cases, Jerry D. Jewell
 36. ETR-Court Cases, Labor Disputes
 37. ETR-Court Cases, Miscellaneous
 38. ETR-Court Cases, Noxell Corporation
 39. ETR-Court Cases, Racial Discrimination
 40. ETR-Court Cases, Racial Discrimination, LR Police
 41. ETR-Court Cases, Sexual Harassment
 42. ETR-Court Cases, Taxes
 43. ETR-Court Cases, Ward Bus Company
 44. ETR-Court Cases, Weapons Possession and Trafficking
 45. ETR-Court Cases, White Supremacists

Box 9

 1. 8th Circuit Court
 2. 8th Circuit Court, OV (See Box 16)
 3. 8th Circuit Court-Correspondence, 1979
 4. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1977
 5. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1978
 6. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1979
 7. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1980
 8. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1981
 9. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1982
 10. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1983
 11. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1984
 12. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1985
 13. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1986
 14. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1987
 15. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1988
 16. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1989
 17. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1990
 18. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1991
 19. 8th Circuit Court-Judicial Conference, 1993
 20. 8th Circuit Court-Portraits of Judges
 21. 8th Circuit Court-Workshop With 10th Circuit Court, 1980
 22. 8th Circuit Court-Workshop With 10th Circuit Court, 1982

Box 10

 1. American Bar Association, 1997-1998
 2. Arkansas Bar Association, 1977, 1997-1998
 3. Arkansas Bar Association-OV (See Box 16)
 4. Arkansas Courts and Law
 5. Arkansas Law Record, Fall 1993
 6. Arkansas Lawyer-January 1976; January 1985
 7. Robert H. Bork-Speech, 9 August 1975
 8. Delta Theta Phi, 1972-1996
 9. Delta Theta Phi-OV (See Box 16)
 10. Federal Bar Association, 1998
 11. Federal Judiciary
 12. Judges-Arkansas
 13. Lawyers
 14. Lawyers-Arkansas
 15. Miscellaneous Legal Materials
 16. Naturalization Ceremonies
 17. Pulaski County Bar Association, 1967, 1996-1998
 18. Seminar-"Education and the Courts," 1980
 19. Seminar-Federal Practice, 1982
 20. Seminar-Federal Practice, 1983
 21. Seminar--Newly Appointed Judges, 1978
 22. Seoul Conference, 6-11 September 1987
 23. Supreme Court-Arkansas
 24. Supreme Court-United States
 25. UALR-School of Law
 26. Volunteers Organization, Center for Arkansas Legal Services
 27. Paul X. Williams
 28. Henry Woods

Subseries 4. Women and Women's Issues

This subseries includes materials on women and women's issues, including women lawyers and women judges. It contains clippings on the debate over the Equal Rights Amendment in Arkansas, as well as  materials on women's organizations to which Judge Roy belonged. It also includes clippings on women from two series of  biographical articles published in newspapers.  The first, Deb Hillard's "Arkansas Women" series, includes articles on:

    Ida Jo Brooks
    Sarah Caldwell
    Florence B. Cotnam
    Laura David Fitzhugh
    Clara McDiarmid
    Bessie Boehm Moore
    Lily Peter
    Florence Price
    Charlotte Schexnayder
    Carrie Still Shepperson
    Charlotte Stephens
    Louise M. Thaden

  The second, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's "High Profile" series, includes articles on:

    Missy Wright Anderson
    Lucille Babcock
    Margaret Rose Windsor Clark
    Ann Patton Dawson
    Rita Williamson Gruber
    Bernice Irene Young Jones
    Jane Gray Krutz
    Carolyn Tee Long
    Betty Ann Lowe
    Evelyn Greene McCoy
    Ann Lehman Pride
    Carol Burns Smelley
    Joyce Elise Williams Warren

Other "Arkansas Women" and "High Profile" articles, such as ones on Senator Hattie Caraway or Arkansas First Lady Janet Huckabee, have been integrated with materials about the subject.

Box 11

 1. Abortion
 2. African-American Women
 3. African-American Women-Arkansas
 4. American Association of University Women
 5. Arkansas Association of Women Lawyers, 1976-1997
 6. Arkansas Association of Women Lawyers-OV (See Box 16)
 7. Arkansas Professional Women of Distinction Awards, 1988
 8. Arkansas Women's Conference-1977, 1989
 9. Arkansas Women's Political Caucus, 1975, 1983
 10. Daisy Bates
 11. Diane Blair
 12. Erma Bombeck
 13. Hattie Caraway
 14. Carter Administration-Policies Towards Women
 15. Chi Omega-Correspondence, 1965-1997
 16. Chi Omega-Materials
 17. Hillary Rodham Clinton
 18. College Sports-Participation of Women, 1980
 19. Delta Kappa Gamma

Box 12

 1. Equal Rights Amendment
 2. First Ladies of Arkansas
 3. Roberta Fulbright
 4. Governor's Commission on the Status of Women, 1976
 5. Ann Henry
 6. Deb Hillard-"Arkansas Women" Series
 7. Janet Huckabee
 8. Elizabeth Young Huckaby
 9. Judges-Women in Arkansas
 10. Judges/Lawyers-Women in the United States
 11. Judicature-Women in the Judiciary
 12. Lawyers-Women in Arkansas
 13. Little Rock-Downtown Business and Professional Women's Club, 1969
 14. Deborah Mathis
 15. National Association of Women Judges, 1979-1982
 16. National Association of Women Lawyers, 1977-1985
 17. National Association of Women Lawyers-OV (See Box 16)
 18. National Association of Women Lawyers-Publications, 1978, 1983
 19. National Association of Railway Business Women, 1956
 20. Willie Oates
 21. Sandra Day O'Connor
 22. Madalyn Murray O'Hair
 23. P.E.O. Sisterhood-1960, 1978-1988
 24. P.E.O. Sisterhood, OV (See Box 16)
 25. Politicians-Women in Arkansas
 26. Religion-Women and Women's Issues

Box 13

 1. United Nations Mid-Decade Conference for Women, 1980
 2. White House News on Women, 1979-1980
 3. Women-Arkansas Democrat-Gazette "High Profile" Series (OV; see Box 17)
 4. Women-Status and Achievements, 1975-1980
 5. Women-Status and Achievements, 1981-1997
 6. Women-Status and Achievements, n.d.
 7. Women-Status and Achievements, OV (See Box 16)
 8. Women-Status and Achievements in Arkansas, 1975-1985
 9. Women-Status and Achievements in Arkansas, 1986-1990
 10. Women-Status and Achievements in Arkansas, 1991-1998
 11. Women-Status and Achievements in Arkansas, n.d.
 12. "Women and the Constitution," 1987
 13. Women's Education and Development Institute, Incorporated, 1978
 14. Women's Emergency Committee to Open Our Schools
 15. Elizabeth Young

Subseries 5.  Materials on Religion and Miscellaneous Topics

This subseries includes materials reflecting Judge Roy's religious faith, including items related to several Baptist and other churches. The Arkansas Baptist materials consist both of individual pages retained by Judge Roy and a few whole issues. Other materials in this subseries include correspondence between Judge Roy and her favorite charities, as well as topics of special interest to her. The materials on Ronald Reagan include an invitation to his second inauguration as well as a newspaper clipping on which Judge Roy has written comments.

Box 14

 1. Arkansas Baptist--1967, 1977-1997
 2. Churches-First Baptist, Blytheville
 3. Churches-First Baptist, Fort Smith
 4. Churches-First Baptist, Springdale
 5. Churches-First Methodist, Little Rock
 6. Churches-Immanuel Baptist, Little Rock
 7. Churches-Lonoke Baptist
 8. Churches-University Baptist, Fayetteville
 9. Churches-Westwego (Louisiana) Assembly of God
 10. Bill Clinton-Religious Leaders Breakfast, 11 September 1998
 11. Mike Huckabee-Sermon, n.d.
 12. Christoph Keller III-Sermon, St. Margaret's Episcopal, 8 September 1996
 13. National Conference on Christians and Jews-Arkansas Region, April 1977
 14. Ouachita Baptist University
 15. Religion-Clippings
 16. Religion-"Diary of a Family"
 17. Religion-Miscellaneous Materials
 18. Religion-OV (See Box 16)
 19. Religion-Sermons and Lessons
 20. ETR-Lesson, "Trial of Jesus"
 21. ETR-Religious Faith Notebook, 1956-1957
 22. ETR-Religious Faith Notebook, 1975
 23. ETR-Religious Faith Notebook, 1978
 24. ETR-Speech on Deborah, Immanuel Baptist, Little Rock, 5 January 1993

Box 15

 1. African Americans
 3. Arkansas Red Mass Committee, 1998
 4. Bicentennial-United States, 1976
 5. Blytheville
 6. Carter Administration--Federal Appointees (OV; see Box 17)
 7. Feed the Children, 1987-1993
 8. Friends of the Zoo, 1998
 9. Heifer Project International, 1989, 1996
 10. Robert E. Lee
 11. Lonoke
 12. James Bruce McMath (OV; see Box 16)
 13. Ronald Reagan
 14. Robert K. Rittenhouse
 15. University of Arkansas
 16. University of Arkansas-Sports
 17. UALR-Sports
 18. VIVA Club, 1988-1994
 19. Corliss Williamson Sports Club, 1995
 20. World Vision International, 1980-1982
 21. World War II

Subseries 6.  Oversize Materials

This subseries contains oversize materials from Series 1.

Box 16

 1. Biographical Information
 2. ETR-Washington, D.C., 1961
 3. Notes for Speeches and Remarks
 4. ETR-Ethics Disclosure, 1977
 5. ETR-Supreme Court
 6. ETR-Federal Judge Application, 1977
 7. ETR-Federal Judge Investiture, 1977
 8. ETR-First Federal Trial
 9. ETR-Court Cases
 10. 8th Circuit Court
 11. Arkansas Bar Association
 12. Delta Theta Phi
 13. Arkansas Association of Women Lawyers
 14. National Association of Women Lawyers
 15. P.E.O. Sisterhood
 16. Women-Status and Achievements
 17. Religion
 18. James Bruce McMath

Box 17

 1. Photograph-Arkansas Supreme Court ca. 1975-1977
 2. ETR-OV Clippings
 3. Women-Arkansas Democrat-Gazette "High Profile" Series
 4. Carter Administration--Federal Appointees

Series 2.  Scrapbooks and Photo Album (Boxes 17-20)

This series contains seven scrapbooks and a photograph album. The first two scrapbooks consist of unbound pages; they are stored in folders. The remaining scrapbooks are still bound. The scrapbooks deal primarily with Judge Roy's career as an attorney and judge. They include both news about her appointment to the Supreme Court and federal judiciary as well as information on cases tried by Judge Roy. Their contents are mainly newspaper clippings along with a few letters, flyers, and photographs.

Box 17 (continued)

 5. Scrapbook I, 1959-1961
 6. Scrapbook II, 1966-1967

Box 18

 1. Scrapbook III, 1975-1977
 2. Scrapbook IV, 1977-1978
 3. Scrapbook V, 1977-1988

Box 19

 1. Scrapbook VI, 1975-1977
 2. Photo Album, ca. 1975-1977

Box 20

 1. Scrapbook VII, 1976-1977

Series 3.  Framed Items and Wall Plaques (Boxes 20-26; Oversize Item 1)

This series consists of framed items and wall plaques.  The majority of these items were presented to Judge  Roy in recognition of her professional achievements.  These items also include photographs of Judge Roy during memorable moments of her career.  Notable is an autographed copy of a photograph of United States Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Note: Because many of the items are still in frames covered by glass, researchers are cautioned to handle them with care.

Subseries 1. Framed Certificates
Subseries 2. Framed Photographs and Pictures
Subseries 3. Wall Plaques

Subseries 1.  Framed Certificates

Box 20 (continued)

 2. ETR, Circuit Judge, Sixth Judicial Circuit of Arkansas, 18 April 1966
 3. ETR, Arkansas Constitutional Revision Study Commission, 23 February 1967
 4. ETR, Associate Justice, Arkansas Supreme Court, 3 January 1977
 5. ETR, Distinguished Alumna, University of Arkansas, 13 May 1978

Box 21

 1. ETR, Juris Doctor, University of Arkansas, 31 May 1969
 2. ETR, Woman of the Year, BPWC, 22 October 1969
 3. ETR, Participant in College of Advocacy, Hastings College of the Law, University of California, San Francisco, 1977
 4. ETR, Doctor of Laws, UALR, 14 May 1978 (OV; see Box 24)
 5. ETR, Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, 1992

Oversize Item 1
  Appointment of ETR, Honorary U.S. Deputy Marshal, 19 March 1999

Subseries 2. Framed Photographs and Pictures

Box 22

 1. Eighth U.S. District Circuit, 1967
 2. ETR with David Pryor at time of swearing in to the Arkansas Supreme Court, 1975
 3. ETR with Dale Bumpers, John L. McClellan, and Dennis DiConcini, 1 November 1977
 4. ETR with Dale Bumpers and John L. McClellan, 1 November 1977

Box 23

 1. ETR receiving honorary doctoral degree, UALR (?)
 2. ETR with Chief Justice Bruger and Justice Brennan, 1978
 3. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Box 24

 1. Thomas Clark Trimble and other judges of Eighth U.S. District Circuit, January 1950
 2. ETR with Sandra Day O'Connor, 19 October 1994
 3. Picture of UALR campus, 14 May 1978
 4. ETR, Doctor of Laws, UALR, 14 May 1978

Subseries 3.  Wall Plaques

Box 24 (continued)

 5. ETR, Member of the Year, Delta Theta Phi, 26 August 1989

Box 25

 1. ETR, In appreciation by members, Arkansas Supreme Court, 1977
 2. ETR, Gayle Pettus Pontz Award, 8 March 1986
 3. ETR, Outstanding Women in Arkansas Politics, 4 December 1989
 4. ETR, Brooks Hays Christian Citizenship Award, 10 July 1994

Box 26

 1. ETR, Outstanding Achievement, Delta Theta Phi, 30 March 1974
 2. ETR, In appreciation for service, Arkansas Baptist Newsmagazine Board, November 1987
 3. "I Do Solemnly Swear," Poem by Mary Susan Holmes

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