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Glaphyra Wilkerson Stafford Scrapbook

Photographs, programs, correspondence, news clippings, and momentos, 1917-1926

Manuscript Collection 905


Glaphyra "Bucket" Wilkerson Stafford originally from Aurora, Missouri graduated from the University of Arkansas with a B.A. in economics in 1922.  During her student days, she kept a scrapbook which highlights her student experiences as a Delta Delta Delta.  After leaving the University, Glaphyra Wilkerson Stafford married Edward Raven "Marty" Stafford.  She worked for his family newspaper, the Springdale News, from 1939-1973 writing feature articles.

The scrapbook consists of photographs of Delta Delta Delta sisters and other sorority and fraternity members; tuition receipts; grade cards; calling cards; dance and luncheon booklets; programs of the Ozark theater; some letters, notes, and telegrams; news clippings, and momentos.  Items that have become detached from the scrapbook have been placed in file folders in their original order.

Glaphyra Wilkerson Stafford of Fayetteville, Arkansas donated her scrapbook to Special Collections in November, 1988.

Processed by Norma Ortiz-Karp, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas, in February, 1989.


Vol. 1  Scrapbook, 1917-1926.

Box 1

 1. Ten school photographs and one Ozark theatre program, 1919.
 2. Seven school photographs, c. 1919.
 3. Calling cards and Delta Delta Delta banquet invitation, 1921.
 4. Ozark theatre programs, telegrams, and invitation,    c. 1922.
 5. Invitations, place markers, and postcard, 1922-1924.
 6. Delta Delta Delta banquet books, photos and cards of Mrs. Stafford, 1924, 1925.
 7. Roll Call book, 1919-1920, and athletic program brochure.
 8. Telegrams, mementos, and University of Arkansas physical education program, 1924.
 9. Invitation, and program of the Springfield Rotary Club, 1923.
 10. Ozark theatre program, Arkansas Press Association program, note, telegram, and clipping, 1923-1924.
 11. Name tags, invitations, momentos, clippings, and credit check for Glaphyra Wilkerson, 1922.
 12. Three buttons: school button; Charles Evans Hughes presidential campaign button, 1916; and Woodrow Wilson campaign button, 1916.

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