Manuscript Collections by Subject: Agriculture and the Environment

(Collection Number) (Collection Name)
MC 1295a Albright, Gus. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1295 Albright, Gus. Scrapbooks; The Buffalo River (Finding Aid)
MC 2320 Allured, Janet. Oral History Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1282 Arkansas Audubon Society Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1246 Arkansas Audubon Society Trust Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2372 Arkansas Delta Oral History Project Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1569 Arkansas Gardening Catalogs. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 600 Arkansas Lumber Company Photographs, 1906-1907 (Finding Aid)
MC 932 Arkansas Native Plant Society Records (Finding Aid)
MS L34 Arkansas State Grange. Clipping, c 1874. (Description)
MC 1273 Arkansas State Horticultural Society Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1322 Baerg, Eloise Farris. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 709 Bardwell Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1113 Bass, T. L. Video and Audio Cassette Tapes (Finding Aid)
MC 2353 Bedell, Calvin Wallis Journal (Finding Aid)
MS L58 .B39 Bedford, Benjamin W. Account Book, 1879. (Description)
MC 622 Blair, Herbert. Papers, 1934-1972 (Finding Aid)
MC 1665 Bonar, Kent. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1677 Boyett, Tom. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 834 Britt, Hugh D. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 888 Brucellosis Control Survey (Finding Aid)
MC 1490 Bumpers, Dale. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1876 Butler, Harold J. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1340a Camp Ouachita. Materials Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1427 Campbell, William Simeon. Photograph Albums and Papers, 1896-1960 (Finding Aid)
MC 580 Chicken of Tomorrow Contest Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1418 City Roller Mills. Ledger (Finding Aid)
MC 1651 Colonial Garden Club. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 657 Commissioner's Sale Notice (Finding Aid)
MC 689 Commonwealth College Auction Broadside (Finding Aid)
MC 1453 Compton Family Papers, 1807...1840-1980 (Finding Aid)
MC 1091 Compton, Neil. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS C77 Cook, Gertrude Fallin. Family Papers, 1830-1878 (Description)
MC 1380 Core Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 713 Currie Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1835 Daniel, Harriet Bailey Bullock. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 837 Decatur All-America City Award (Finding Aid)
MC 977 Dellinger, Samuel C. Arkansas Archaeology and Anthropology (Finding Aid)
MC 204 Dellinger, Samuel C. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1425 Dellinger, Samuel C. Papers. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1383 Demeter Garden Club. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 955 Durham Canning Company Records (Finding Aid)
MC 189 East, Henry Clay. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2156 EcoCenter Records (Finding Aid)
MC 793 Elms Planting Company (Finding Aid)
MS En89 Environmental Defense Fund, Inc., et al. Legal Proceedings, 1961-1972 (Description)
MC 670 Farmers' Educational and Co-Operative Union Broadside (Finding Aid)
MC 1034 Faubus, Orval E. Speech [Buffalo River] (Finding Aid)
MC 1225 Fayetteville Garden Club History Collection, 1932-1950, 1991-1992 (Finding Aid)
MC 603 Fayetteville Garden Club Records, 1955-1987 (Finding Aid)
MC 390 Fayetteville Wastewater Management Study Records, 1971-1981 (Finding Aid)
MS F637 Fletcher, Susan Bricelin. Reminiscence, c. 1908 (Description)
MC 1249 Ford, Horace J. Diary (Finding Aid)
MC 1428 Fordyce, Col. John R. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 2104 Funkhouser, Jacob. Collection. (Finding Aid)
MC 1298 Future Farmers of America, Des Arc, Arkansas (Finding Aid)
MC 1914 Garvan, Verna Cook. Papers. (Finding Aid)
MC 1907 German P.O.W. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 844 Gilstrap, Marguerite. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 844a Gilstrap, Marguerite. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MS G44 79-B Gist, Thomas Hottel. Business Records, 1898-1954 (Description)
MC 2292 Goshen Extension Homemakers Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1137 Graves, Irwin and Gaynelle Parker. Family and Business Records, 1899-1943 (Finding Aid)
MC 1897 Gregory, Ernest D. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1179 Griffee, Carol. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 959 Growing 59ers Extension Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1505 Hall, Orville, Sr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 560 Hamilton, Don. Arkansas Wilderness Act Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2370 Hawkins, James Collection of Food Cooperative Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1203 Hedges, Margaret. The Justice Douglas Trip, 1962 (Finding Aid)
MC 2360 Hendrix-Kral, Connie Photograph Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1533 Highlands Chapter of the Ozark Society. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1757 Hudson, J.W. Farm Account Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2285 Iris Garden Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 460a Jackson, Nannie Stillwell. Diaries (Finding Aid)
MC 1207a Johnson County Extension Homemakers Club. Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1275 Johnson, William "Major" and David Wilson Family Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1373 Jones, Fay. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1108 Jordan, Juletta Ashby. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2117 Kisor, Lucy Beth. Collection. (Finding Aid)
MC 1299 Lakeport Plantation Ledger (Finding Aid)
MC 1209 Lakeport Plantation Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1644 Lavallard, Marie Louise. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1780 Letsch Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1640 Mabelvale Home Demonstration Club Records (Finding Aid)
q MS L58 .M15 Mabry, M. P. Ledger, 1882-1893 (Description)
MC 1650 McCracken Willis R., Diaries (Finding Aid)
MC 2405 McKinnon, Ray Farmstead Plan (Finding Aid)
MC 1810 Merritt, James. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 654 Millar, Alexander Copeland Address (Finding Aid)
MC 593 Moore, Dwight. Papers, 1896-1975 (Finding Aid)
MS M82 Morgan, Winfield Scott. Papers, 1890-1928 (Description)
MC 1850 Omni Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2160 Orton, Marion. Posters. (Finding Aid)
MC 2327 Osceola Drainage District Office Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 801 Ozark Gardens Records, 1956-1967 (Finding Aid)
MC 252 Ozark Institute Records (Finding Aid)
MC 252 Ozark Institute Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1811 Ozark Society Foundation. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2162 Ozark Society Sugar Creek Chapter Records (Finding Aid)
MC 477 Ozark Society. Records (Finding Aid)
MS Oz1 219 (MC 219) Ozark Society. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1158 Peter, Lily. Interview (Finding Aid)
MC 1799 Phillips County. Levee Construction Film (Finding Aid)
MC 2400 Pomeroy & McGowin, Inc. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 214 Purdue, Albert Homer. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2352 Rector, Nancy Mooney Memoir (Finding Aid)
MC 605 Remmel, Harmon Liveright, Jr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1161 Rice Millers' Association Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1161a Rice Millers' Association Records Addendum 1985-1995 (Finding Aid)
MC 1777 Rural Home Economics Home Demonstration Club Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1075 Shugart Plantation Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2124 Smith, Edwin B. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1423 Smith, Kenneth L. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 706 Southern Forest Experiment Station, Ozark Branch Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1558 Spain, Richard Leon. Papers 1916 - 2004 (Finding Aid)
MC 2143 Stolen Water, Forgotten Liberties Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2192 Stout Lumber Company Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1556 Taylor, William Minor. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1404 Templeton, George. Research Files (Finding Aid)
MC 1474 Thomas, Roy Edwin Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 556 Tucker Plantation Records (Finding Aid)
MC 696 Tucker Plantation Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1132 Turner, Lewis M. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS Un4ce 373 U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District "All along the Arkansas: The McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System" Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1565 U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps Photographs and Album (Finding Aid)
MC 1902 U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps, Company 1732. Photograph Album (Finding Aid)
MC 499 United States Farm Security Administration. Photographs of Arkansas, 1935-1939 (Finding Aid)
MS Un3r (MC 184) United States Federal Emergency Relief Administration. Records (Finding Aid)
MS Un3f 286 (MC 286) United States Forest Service. Ozark-St. Francis National Forest. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1268 United States Weather Bureau. Daily Weather Map Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1267 United States Weather Bureau. Record of River and Climatological Observations, Arkansas (Finding Aid)
MS Un3 (MC 104) United States Work Projects Administration. Arkansas. Administrative Files (Finding Aid)
MC 510.UA University of Arkansas Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Department Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2195.UA University of Arkansas College of Agriculture Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1145 University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2196.UA University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1983 University of Arkansas Geology Club. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 81 University of Arkansas Office of the Business Manager, University Property Appraisals (Finding Aid)
MC 420 Upper Eleven Point River Association Records (Finding Aid)
MS V453 402 Vater, Robert W. Records Pertaining to Proposed Buffalo National River (Finding Aid)
MC 1766 Walls, Joseph Edward. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 508 Ware, George W., Jr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 871 Ware, George W., Sr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1709 Watson, Sedgwick. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 555 West, W. W. Company Records, 1915-1968 (Finding Aid)
MC 1289 Wilson, Lee and Company Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1180 Women's Library Collection (Finding Aid)
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