Manuscript Collections by Subject: Time Period: Cold War to Clinton

(Collection Number) (Collection Name)
MC 1580 ACLU of Arkansas. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 735, 889, 935, 1080 Aerial Photographs of Arkansas (Finding Aid)
MC 1449 Affirmative Action Plan. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1673 Alamo, Tony. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 623 Albin, Edgar A. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1695 Albrecht, Harold Denton. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1295 Albright, Gus. Scrapbooks; The Buffalo River (Finding Aid)
MS AL1 Alexander, Henry MacMillan. Research Files (Description)
MC 502 Alexander, Henry. Papers, 1963-1970 (Finding Aid)
MC 1122 Altrusa Club of Fayetteville Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1841 Alund, Theodore E. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1397 American Association of University Women, Fayetteville Branch Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 733 American Association of University Women, Fayetteville Branch, Papers (Finding Aid)
MC MS 3 357 Anderson, James Powell. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 942 Arkansas Archives of Public Communication (Finding Aid)
MC 1174a Arkansas Association Extension of Home Economists Records. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1174 Arkansas Association of Extension Home Economists Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1282 Arkansas Audubon Society Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1246 Arkansas Audubon Society Trust Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1250 Arkansas Committee Records (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 ACHR Arkansas Council on Human Relations Records, 1955-1963. (Finding Aid)
MC 476 Arkansas League of Women Voters Records (Finding Aid)
MC 934 Arkansas League of Women Voters Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 966 Arkansas League of Women Voters Records Addendum II (Finding Aid)
MS R245 Arkansas Music Collection, 1921-1980 (Finding Aid)
MC 932 Arkansas Native Plant Society Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1273 Arkansas State Horticultural Society Records (Finding Aid)
MC 440 Arkansas State Music Teachers Association Records (Finding Aid)
MC 602 Arkansas State Nurses Association District 9 Records (Finding Aid)
MC 865 Arkansas Writers Conference Papers (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 Con 89, 89A-D Arkansas. Constitutional Convention, 1969-1970. (Finding Aid)
MS Ar4 CRSC 7, 25, 70, 89 Arkansas. Constitutional Revision Study Commission Records, 1967-1968. (Description)
MC 1764 Army Specialized Training Program. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1377 Art Department, Notes on Faculty and History (Finding Aid)
MC 1235 Atteberry, Minnie E. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 766 Award of Merit, 1949 (Finding Aid)
MC 1322 Baerg, Eloise Farris. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 953 Baerg, William J. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1385 Baird, W. David. Research Files (Finding Aid)
MC 702 Baker, Virgil Lyle. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 19 Baker/Eubanks Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 882 Baldwin Church of Christ Records (Finding Aid)
MS B229 Sup. Baptists. Arkansas. Missionary Baptists Records, 1837-1971 (Description)
MC 1687 Bartlett, Vernie L. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1849 Barton, Loy E. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 582 Bates, Daisy. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1657 Bauxite Historical Association and Museum. Register (Finding Aid)
MC 1734 Beaty, Martin Elbert and Virgie. Journals (Finding Aid)
MC 1189 Bentonville Business and Professional Women's Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1508 Berry, Trey. Interviews, 1987 [Clinton, Faubus, McMath] (Finding Aid)
MC 1915.UA Black Americans for Democracy. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1482 Black, Charles R. Jr. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1632 Blair, Diane D. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 622 Blair, Herbert. Papers, 1934-1972 (Finding Aid)
MC 1364 Blossom, Virgil T. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1665 Bonar, Kent. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1677 Boyett, Tom. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1747 Bracken, Ben O. Photograph Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1713 Brickell, Beth. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2317 Brickell, Beth. Research Materials on Maud Crawford (Finding Aid)
B774 Brisco, Mary Susan High Casey. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1238 Britt, Maurice "Footsie." Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 475 Brown, Kent. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1089 Broyles, Frank. A Tribute to Coach Frank Broyles (Finding Aid)
MC 888 Brucellosis Control Survey (Finding Aid)
MC 444 Bryan, Horace Paul. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1204 Bumpers, Betty. Childhood Immunization Project Papers. (Finding Aid)
MC 1490 Bumpers, Dale. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 468 Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Historical Collection, CU (Finding Aid)
MC 960 Butterfield, Washington County Extension Homemakers Club Records (Finding Aid)
MS C127 209 (MC 209) Caldwell, Arthur Brann. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1622 Callahan, Martha M. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1932 Camp Joyzelle. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1340 Camp Ouachita National Historic District Feasibility Study (Finding Aid)
MC 1340a Camp Ouachita. Materials Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1392 Campbell, Booth. Scrapbook (Finding Aid)
MC 1427 Campbell, William Simeon. Photograph Albums and Papers, 1896-1960 (Finding Aid)
MC 1252 Cane Hill, Arkansas, Missionary Society Records (Finding Aid)
MC 705 Carney, Lettie Comstock. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 833 Carrigan, Arlie. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 1346 Carroll County Home Demonstration Club Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1026 Cartwright, Colbert S. Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 742 Case of the Missing Professor (Finding Aid)
MC 1669 Cazort Family. Memoirs (Finding Aid)
MC 873 Center Street Church of Christ Records, 1897-1986 (Finding Aid)
MC 426 Chi Omega, Psi Chapter Records (Finding Aid)
MC 765 Chicago Defender Award, 1951 (Finding Aid)
MC 580 Chicken of Tomorrow Contest Papers (Finding Aid)
MS C49 Citizens' Councils of America Literature. (Description)
MC 1328 Clark, G. Thomas. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 818 Cochran, Robert. Vance Randolph Research Materials, 1865-1980 (Finding Aid)
MC 915 Coffin, Maude K. and Fairy Coffin Lynd. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1773 Collison House. Documentation (Finding Aid)
MC 981 Combs Chapel Extension Homemakers Club of Washington County (Finding Aid)
MC 1453 Compton Family Papers, 1807...1840-1980 (Finding Aid)
MC 1091 Compton, Neil. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1411 Conway League of Women Voters Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1770 Cooperative Emergency Outreach. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1719 Dean Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1679 Deisch, Peter. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1443 Donovan, Timothy. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1560 Duncan, Maud Dunlap. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1343 Elsass, Nannette Elizabeth Williams Genealogical. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1735 Episcopal Bishops of Arkansas Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1769 Eureka Springs Railway Research. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 922 Faubus, Orval Eugene Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MS F27 301 FAUBUS Faubus, Orval Eugene. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1627 Fine Arts Center 50th Anniversary. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1954 First Christian Church of Fayetteville (Disciples of Christ). Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1881 Foundation for International Exchange of Students. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2102 Freedom of Speech Periodical Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1774 Frick, Margaret. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1279 Fulbright, J. William. Foreign Scholarship Board. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2371 Fulbright: The Defining Hour Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1057 Gallaher, Rhyne, and Wilkerson Family. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1846 Ghostley, Alice. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1803 Green Party of Arkansas. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1847 Hall, C.G. "Crip" Materials. (Finding Aid)
MC 560 Hamilton, Don. Arkansas Wilderness Act Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1230 Hammerschmidt, John Paul. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1771 Hardgraves Family Research. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1865 Hardin-Stark Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1621 Henry, Lois DuPree. Memior (Finding Aid)
MC 1533 Highlands Chapter of the Ozark Society. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1573 Hughes, William "Bill" Wauters Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1782 Hunt, Silas. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1504 Ivy, Ralph, Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1740 Ivy, Robert A. Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1207a Johnson County Extension Homemakers Club. Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 2141 Jones, Norville Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1644 Lavallard, Marie Louise. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1871 Lichtenstein, Nelson N. Wal-Mart Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1905 Marinoni, Antonio European Tours. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1668 Mathews, Omega Crow. Memoir (Finding Aid)
MC 1742 Maxfield, Allen and McKee Family. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1922 May, Susan-Hays, Marion. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1935 Mayes, Rick Dickson Street. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1746 McGuffey's Electric Reader Newspaper Mock-up (Finding Aid)
MS M189 (MC 28) McIntosh, Gerald J. Dime Novel. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1511 McIvor, Marcia. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 899a McMath, Sidney S. Papers. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1722 McNally, James. Reminiscences (Finding Aid)
MC 1641 McNeil, Elaine. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1810 Merritt, James. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1436 Morris, Robert and Elizabeth Morris Walker. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1676 Myers, Margaret. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 715b NAFSA: Assocation of International Educators. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1370a Nichols, Guerdon David. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1850 Omni Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1775 ORFEO Production at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1811 Ozark Society Foundation. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 477 Ozark Society. Records (Finding Aid)
MS Oz1 219 (MC 219) Ozark Society. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 907b Peace Links. Records Second Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1789 Providence Baptist Church. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1831 Quapaw Tribe. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1448 Qui Vive Club. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1083 Reed, Roy. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1631 Riales, Roy. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1521 Riddle, Almeda. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1499 Roberts, Roy. Memoirs (Finding Aid)
MC 1958 Rutte, Martin. Spirituality in the Workplace. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1718 Schmitz, Elsa Juhre. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1574 Sigma Alpha Iota. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1134 Simon, Charlie May Hogue. Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1837 Smith, Ray S. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1751 Sprinkle, Robert M. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1354 Stevenson/Boyce Family. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS St71 236 (MC 236) Stone, Edward Durell. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1645 Strickler Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1556 Taylor, William Minor. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1553 Tebbetts, Jonas M. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1917 Thomas, Maymie. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1964 Thornton, Ray. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1909 Trapp, George F. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1965 Trulock Family. Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 1690 Tucker, Jim Guy. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1819 Union Baptist Church. Records (Finding Aid)
MS Un3f 286 (MC 286) United States Forest Service. Ozark-St. Francis National Forest. Photographs (Finding Aid)
MC 532 University of Arkansas Associated Student Government. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2195.UA University of Arkansas College of Agriculture Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2196.UA University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Records (Finding Aid)
MC 59 University of Arkansas Office of the President. Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1605.UA University of Arkansas Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1864.UA University of Arkansas University Relations Records (Finding Aid)
MC 838a Wagner, Constance. Papers Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1802 Walker, George D. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1760 Wallace, Edward Tatum. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1752 Warren Quartet. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1042b Warren Women's Club Records Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1806 Whitworth, Donna Axum. Papers (Finding Aid)
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