Manuscript Collections by Subject: African American History and Culture

(Collection Number) (Collection Name)
MS Ar4 ACHR Arkansas Council on Human Relations Records, 1955-1963. (Finding Aid)
MC 582 Bates, Daisy. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1795 Beals, Melba Pattillo. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1915.UA Black Americans for Democracy. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 2113 Cartwright, Colbert S. and Nathaniel Griswold. Manuscripts. (Finding Aid)
MC 1026 Cartwright, Colbert S. Scrapbooks (Finding Aid)
MC 688 Church of the Living God Papers (Finding Aid)
MS G38 Gatewood. Willard Badgett, Jr. Photographs of African American Legislators in Arkansas (Finding Aid)
MC 138C Harris, Oren. Supplementary Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1782 Hunt, Silas. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1481 Jacoway, Elizabeth. Oral History Interviews, 1976 (Finding Aid)
MC 1738 Jones, Fred T. Family. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1345 Kennedy, William. Correspondence (Finding Aid)
MC 1027 Little Rock Central High Integration Crisis, Federal Bureau of Investigation (Finding Aid)
MC MS L72 310 Little Rock Little Rock Desegregation Crisis Oral History Transcripts (Finding Aid)
MC 1703 Lyon, David. Student Activism Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1641 McNeil, Elaine. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1844 Morgan, Gordan Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1321 Murphy, Sara Alderman. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1253 Murphy, Sara Alderman. Papers. Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 1389 National Organization for Women Arkansas Chapter and Northwest Arkansas Chapter Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1280 Obsitnik, Larry. Photo Archives (Finding Aid)
MC 988a Price, Florence Beatrice Smith. Papers. Addendum. (Finding Aid)
MC 988b Price, Florence Beatrice. Papers Second Addendum (Finding Aid)
MC 988 Price, Florence. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS SL4 Slavery Documents (Finding Aid)
MC 697 Smith, Alfred E. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1837 Smith, Ray S. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 577 Southland College Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 2036 St James United Methodist Church Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1125 Still, William Grant and Verna Arvey. Papers (Finding Aid)
MS St54 L187 Still Still, William Grant, Letters (Finding Aid)
MC 1797 Still, William Grant. Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 1845 Stubblefield , John Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1710 Taylor, Kerry. Elaine Race Massacre Research Materials (Finding Aid)
MC 437 Thomas, Herbert L. Papers (Finding Aid)
MC 1474 Thomas, Roy Edwin Collection (Finding Aid)
MC 2112.UA University of Arkansas Black Alumni Society and Multicultural Center Records (Finding Aid)
MC 1921.UA University of Arkansas Board of Trustees, Branch Normal College Records (Finding Aid)
MC 2163 White, Mildred E. Essay (Finding Aid)
MC 2037 Zimmerman, David. Research Materials (Finding Aid)
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