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Manuscript Collections by Subject

Collection Number Collection Name  
MS AL1 Alexander, Henry MacMillan. Research Files Description Online
MC 502 Alexander, Henry. Papers, 1963-1970 Finding Aid Online
MC 454 Archer, Laird. Papers, 1918-1981 Finding Aid Online
MC 942 Arkansas Archives of Public Communication Finding Aid Online
MC 1250 Arkansas Committee Records Finding Aid Online
MS Ar4 ACHR Arkansas Council on Human Relations Records, 1955-1963. Finding Aid Online
MC 971 Arkansas Equal Suffrage Central Committee Records Description Online
MC 476 Arkansas League of Women Voters Records Finding Aid Online
MC 934 Arkansas League of Women Voters Records Addendum Finding Aid Online
MC 966 Arkansas League of Women Voters Records Addendum II Finding Aid Online
MC 2240 Arkansas Sesquicentennial Commission Materials Finding Aid Online
MS L34 Arkansas State Grange. Clipping, c 1874. Description Online
MS Ar4w 352 Arkansas Woman's Suffrage Association Records Description Online
MC 47 Arkansas. Board of Finance Finding Aid Online
MS Ar4 Con 89, 89A-D Arkansas. Constitutional Convention, 1969-1970. Description Online
MS Ar4 CRSC 7, 25, 70, 89 Arkansas. Constitutional Revision Study Commission Records, 1967-1968. Description Online
MS Ar4 13 Arkansas. State Highway Audit Commission Records, 1933-1934. Description Online
MC 1764 Army Specialized Training Program. Materials Finding Aid Online
MC 1385 Baird, W. David. Research Files Finding Aid Online
MC 1256 Bales, James David. Papers, 1914-1995 Finding Aid Online
MC 1541 Barton, T.H. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 582 Bates, Daisy. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 20 Benton County, Arkansas Court Dockets Description Online
MC 1372 Berry, Dickinson, Peel Family. Papers, 1833...1890-1960...1977 Finding Aid Online
MC 100 Berry, James Henderson. Correspondence Finding Aid Online
MC 744 Berry, Mary. Hon. James H. Berry Finding Aid Online
MC 1508 Berry, Trey. Interviews, 1987 [Clinton, Faubus, McMath] Finding Aid Online
MS B54 Bishop, Albert Webb. Letters, 1866, 1873. Description Online
MC 1632 Blair, Diane D. Papers Finding Aid Online
MS B61 Bliss, James M. Correspondence, 1871. Description Online
MC 1643 Boyce, Sam. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1238 Britt, Maurice "Footsie." Collection Finding Aid Online
MS Im8 Bronson, William. Warrant, 1833. Description Online
MS B79 Brough, Charles Hillman. Papers, 1895-1935. Description Online
MC 1490 Bumpers, Dale. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 468 Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Historical Collection, CU Finding Aid Online
MS C127 209 (MC 209) Caldwell, Arthur Brann. Papers Finding Aid Online
MS C176 Caraway, Hattie Wyatt. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1489 Cazort, Alan and Cazort, Mary Japanese Interment. Files Finding Aid Online
MC 256 Chase, James S. Arkansas American Revolution/Bicentennial Celebration Papers Finding Aid Online
MS L34 Cheatham, Elijah. Letter, 1844. Description Online
MS C49 Citizens' Councils of America Literature. Description Online
MC 576 Clark, August Barnwell. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 704 Clark, August Barnwell. Papers. Addendum Finding Aid Online
MC 1323 Commonwealth College Files, Federal Bureau of Investigation Finding Aid Online
MC 1411 Conway League of Women Voters Records Finding Aid Online
MC 1696 Conway Post Office. Ledger Finding Aid Online
MS Ar4 3.2 Conway, Elias Nelson. Broadside, 1860 Description Online
MC 353 Cotnam, Florence Brown. Collection Finding Aid Online
MC 1028 Court Records, Jackson Township, Little River County, 1897-1942 Finding Aid Online
MS C86 Creekmore, D. H. Broadside Description Online
MC 718 Davis, Jeff. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1150 Davis, Jefferson. Letter, 1888 Finding Aid Online
MC 1679 Deisch, Peter. Materials Finding Aid Online
MS D58 Dillard, Tom W. Collection, ca 1967-1970 Finding Aid Online
MC 1177 Dinsmore, Hugh Anderson. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 445 Dolan, Thomas F. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 489 Dollar, Clyde D. Fort Smith Historic Building Photographs Finding Aid Online
MS D714m Donaghey, George Washington. Miscellaneous Material Finding Aid Online
MS L34 Drew, Thomas L. Letter, 1860 Description Online
MC 1212 DuVal, Benjamin T. Family Papers Finding Aid Online
MS L34 Dwight, John Sullivan. Letter, c. 1860 Description Online
MC 192 Earle, Fontaine Richard. Letters Finding Aid Online
MC 68 Earle, Fontaine Richard. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 189 East, Henry Clay. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 326 Ellis, Clyde T. Letters Finding Aid Online
MC 1034 Faubus, Orval E. Speech [Buffalo River] Finding Aid Online
MC 1324 Faubus, Orval Eugene. Federal Bureau of Investigation Finding Aid Online
MC 512 Faubus, Orval Eugene. Interview Finding Aid Online
MC MS/F27/301/FAUBUS Faubus, Orval Eugene. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 922 Faubus, Orval Eugene. Papers. Addendum Finding Aid Online
q MS F27 Faulkner County, Arkansas, Office of County Clerk Records Description Online
MC 2247 Fayetteville Sister Cities Program Materials Finding Aid Online
MS L63 Fellows, Homer F. Commission and Bond, 1861 Description Online
MS F38 Ferguson, John Lewis. Historical Sketch [of the Arkansas Penitentiary] Description Online
MC 870 Fernandez, Alina. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1001 Fernandez, Alina. Papers. Addendum Finding Aid Online
MC 216 Fort Smith National Historic Site Records Finding Aid Online
MS F77 Fort Smith, Arkansas Collection, 1848-1908 Description Online
MC 2102 Freedom of Speech Periodical Collection Finding Aid Online
MC MS/F956/144/Fulbright Fulbright, J. William. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1473 Fulks, Clay. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1662 Futrell, J.M. Materials Finding Aid Online
MS L34 Futrell, Junius Marion. Letter, 1913 Description Online
MC 1543 Garland, Augustus H. Letter Finding Aid Online
MS G21 and MS G18 Garland, Augustus Hill. Letter, 1886 Description Online
MC 190 Gilbert, William A. Papers Finding Aid Online
MS G591.300-E Good Good Government League Records Finding Aid Online
MC 1004 Gordon, Nathan. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1803 Green Party of Arkansas. Materials Finding Aid Online
MC 675 Hall, C. G. "Crip" Campaign Folder Finding Aid Online
MC 1847 Hall, C.G. "Crip" Materials. Finding Aid Online
MC 560 Hamilton, Don. Arkansas Wilderness Act Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1230 Hammerschmidt, John Paul. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1335 Hanks, James Millinder. Diaries Finding Aid Online
MC 945 Hardy, Fannie. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1412 Hargis, Billy James. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 138C Harris, Oren. Supplementary Papers Finding Aid Online
MS H334p Hays, Brooks. Papers Finding Aid Online
MS H334s Hays, Brooks. Supplementary Papers Finding Aid Online
MS H321 Hays, George Washington. Miscellaneous Papers, 1881-1927 Description Online
MC 1203 Hedges, Margaret. The Justice Douglas Trip, 1962 Finding Aid Online
MC 1142 Hempstead County, Arkansas Register's Office Finding Aid Online
MS H347 Hempstead, Fay. Petition and Warrants, 1861, 1871 Description Online
MC 542 Henry, Morriss M. Papers Finding Aid Online
MS L34 Hill, A. G. Letter, 1840 Description Online
MS H62 Historical Records Survey. Arkansas. Records Inventory Files, 1935-1942 Description Online
MC 534 Hudgins, Mary D. Collection Finding Aid Online
MS L34 Jackson, Andrew. Letters, 1830, 1831 Description Online
MS L34 Johnson, Andrew. Letter of Pardon, 1868 Description Online
MC 1429 Kell, George. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 741 King Jeff the First Finding Aid Online
MS L52 Leflar, Robert Allen. War Relocation Authority Papers, 1942-1946 Description Online
MC 1559 Lighton, Suzanne. File Finding Aid Online
MS L34 Lippincott, L. K. Letter, 1876 Description Online
MC 1517 Little, John Sebastian. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 261 Mabry, Lynn McWhorter. William Hope "Coin" Harvey Finding Aid Online
MC 1511 McIvor, Marcia. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 957 McMath, Anne. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 899 McMath, Sidney S. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 899a McMath, Sidney S. Papers. Addendum Finding Aid Online
MS M244 McRae, Thomas Chipman. Papers, 1879-1938 Description Online
MS M465 Mechin, Gustave V.R. Souvenir Materials, 1894-1921 Description Online
MC 1744 Megginson, W.J. Materials Finding Aid Online
MC 1810 Merritt, James. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1140 Miller, Bradley County, Arkansas Township Election Materials Finding Aid Online
MC 279 Miller, John Elvis, 1888-1981. Oral History Interview Finding Aid Online
MC 1358 Miller, John Elvis. Papers Finding Aid Online
MS M78 Moore, Benjamin L. Deed, 1841 Description Online
MC 1031 Moose, James S., Jr. Papers Finding Aid Online
MS N16 Napoleon, Arkansas, Ordinances, 1841-1843 Description Online
MS N213 National Greenback Party, Arkansas. Broadside, 1879 Description Online
MC 1389 National Organization for Women Arkansas Chapter and Northwest Arkansas Chapter Records Finding Aid Online
MS N44 Newell, Robert W. Autograph Album, 1891 Description Online
MC 1236 Norrell, William F. and Catherine D. Finding Aid Online
MC 732 Oates. Willie. Papers, 1928-1985 Finding Aid Online
MC 1280 Obsitnik, Larry. Photo Archives Finding Aid Online
MC 1456 Oldfield, William A. Letter, 1909 Finding Aid Online
MC 1007 Oldfield, William A. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1850 Omni Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology. Records Finding Aid Online
MC 2160 Orton, Marion. Posters. Finding Aid Online
MC 242 Ozark Institute Records Finding Aid Online
MS Oz1 219 (MC 219) Ozark Society. Records Finding Aid Online
MS P14 Page, John Herbert. Notebook and Correspondence Description Online
MS P226 Parker, Isaac Charles. Correspondence and Employment Contract, 1885, 1888 Description Online
MC 723 Parks, Myrtle McCormick. Family Papers Finding Aid Online
MS P24 Parnell, Harvey. Speeches and Scrapbooks, 1928-1932 Description Online
MC 907 Peace Links Records Finding Aid Online
MC 907a Peace Links Records, Addendum Finding Aid Online
MC 907b Peace Links. Records Second Addendum Finding Aid Online
MS L34 1844 Pierson, Benjamin H. Letters, 1844 Description Online
MS P63 Pike, Albert. Correspondence, Literary Manuscripts, Photographs, 1866-1889 Description Online
MC 904 Pine Bluff League of Women Voters Records, 1952-1983 Finding Aid Online
MC 971 Political Equality League Records, 1914 Description Online
MC 1903 Prudden, Halsey. Correspondence Finding Aid Online
MC 336 Pryor, David H. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 2146 Pulaski County Collector's Bond Finding Aid Online
MC 1126 Pulaski County Democratic Central Committee Records Finding Aid Online
MC 1329 Ragsdale, John Gails. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 755 Reagan Family Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 605 Remmel, Harmon Liveright, Jr. Papers Finding Aid Online
MS R23 Remmel, Harmon Liveright. Papers, 1879-1927 Description Online
MC 1631 Riales, Roy. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1796 Robinson, Joseph T. Letter Finding Aid Online
MC 1959 Robinson, Joseph T. Research Materials Finding Aid Online
MC MS R563 Robinson, Joseph Taylor. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC MS R563 Robinson, Joseph Taylor. Papers. Supplement Finding Aid Online
MC 1193 Robinson, Joseph Taylor. Papers. Supplement 2 Finding Aid Online
MS R73 Ross, John. Correspondence, 1839 Description Online
MC 1394 Roy, Elsijane Trimble. Papers Finding Aid Online
MS L34 Royston, Grandison Delaney. Correspondence, 1863 Description Online
MC 1053 Rural Arkansas Community Development Records Finding Aid Online
MC 637 Seamster, Lee A. Papers, 1880-1981 Finding Aid Online
MS Ar4 3.1 Sevier County, Arkansas Voter Registration Lists, 1868 Description Online
MC 930 Sheid, Vada Webb Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1837 Smith, Ray S. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 406 Snelling, Lois. Collection: William "Coin" Harvey Finding Aid Online
MC 1531 Socialist Party. Documents Finding Aid Online
q MS St3 Stebbins, Albert Howard , Jr. Description Online
MC 2143 Stolen Water, Forgotten Liberties Research Materials Finding Aid Online
MC 1589 Storey, Frank A., Jr. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1210 Strong, Nathan. Family Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1221 Strong, Nathan. Family Papers. Addendum Finding Aid Online
MC 2088 Stuck, Dorothy D. Finding Aid Online
MS Su6 Sulzer, William. Scrapbook, 1905-1923 Description Online
MC 1101a Swartz, Sylvia. Papers Addendum Finding Aid Online
MS T362 12 Thomas, David Yancey. Collection, 1901-1938 Description Online
MC 1964 Thornton, Ray. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 557 Trimble, James W. Family Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1690 Tucker, Jim Guy. Materials Finding Aid Online
MC 438 Turner, Bolon B. Materials Finding Aid Online
MS T85 Turner, Jesse. Correspondence, 1831-1887 Description Online
MS Unlc 263 CCC (MC 263) U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps. Arkansas. Photographs Finding Aid Online
MS W56 United States District Court. Arkansas, Western District. Correspondence, 1872-1901 Description Online
MS Un3r (MC 184) United States Federal Emergency Relief Administration. Records Finding Aid Online
MS Un3f 286 (MC 286) United States Forest Service. Ozark-St. Francis National Forest. Photographs Finding Aid Online
MS Un3nps 367 (MC 367) United States National Park Service. Hot Springs, Arkansas Bathhouse. Records Finding Aid Online
MC 1548 Upham, D.P. Research Materials Finding Aid Online
MS W15 (MC 584) Walker, David. Letters Finding Aid Online
MC 720 Warner, Kenneth O. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1368 Washington County Historical Society Collection Finding Aid Online
MC 965 Washington County League of Women Voters Records Addendum Finding Aid Online
MC 606 Washington County League of Women Voters Records, 1920-1983 Finding Aid Online
q MS W45 Weisenberger, Royce Stewart. Broadsides, 1945 Description Online
MC 1384 Weller, Cecil Edward. Research Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 791 Wells, John F. Papers Finding Aid Online
MC 1464 Wiseman, Earl R., Sr. Collection Finding Aid Online
MC 45 Witness Certificates, 1911 Finding Aid Online
MC 2013 Women's Action for New Directions, Arkansas Chapter Records Finding Aid Online
q MS D29 Wood, Carroll David. Broadsides and Affidavit, 1903, 1912 Description Online
MC 1386 Woods, Henry. Papers Finding Aid Online
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