Japanese Americans Interned in Arkansas

Jerome Relocation Center; Source: U. S. War Relocation Authority, Jerome Relocation Center Records.

Between 1942 and 1945 thousands of Japanese Americans were "relocated" from their homes in California to camps in Arkansas. The following list of collections provides an introduction to the related holdings in Special Collections. Please consult the University of Arkansas Libraries' catalog or contact Special Collections to obtain the latest information about additional holdings.

New Online Collection

Rising Above: Rohwer Reconstructed offers more than 500 documents and photographs, 3D visualizations, and timelines. A collaborative project from the University of Arkansas Libraries Special Collections, University of Arkansas Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST), Arkansas State University, the Central Arkansas Library System, and the National Park Service.

Manuscript Collections in Special Collections

Barnhart, Ralph Clayton (Loc. 1497-1498)
(23 items) Legal opinions, proceedings, memoranda, and clippings. Barnhart served as solicitor at the center in Topaz, Arizona, and on the legal staff in Washington, D.C.
Caldwell, Arthur Brann (Loc. 946-962)
(8 1/2 linear feet) Correspondence, memoranda, addresses, reports, photographs. Caldwell served as Chief of the Japanese Section of the U. S. War Department's Military Intelligence Division during World War II.
Friedlander, Jay.
(1 item) "A Place Called Rohwer," 1980, a 3/4" videocassette.
Griswold, Nathaniel R. (Loc. 731-737)
(4 linear feet) Correspondence, memoranda, reports, bulletins, lists, budgets, scrapbooks, etc. Griswold served as Superintendent of the Community Activities Section at Rohwer.
Heinke, Rosa A. (MC 1896)
Materials include a diary, school materials, and Japanese relocation camp materials. Finding aid online.
Jerome Relocation Center Collection (MC 629)
(144 items) Correspondence and memoranda of Phillip M. Glick and Robert Leflar, censuses of Japanese-Americans at the camps at Jerome (Chicot County) and Rohwer (Desha County), reports, and pamphlets. Finding aid online.
Jerome Relocation Center Final Report, Legal Division (MC 695)
(1 item) Typed carbon copy. Report includes information about personnel, evacuees' property, legal assistance to evacuees, the Jerome Cooperative Enterprise Trust, the Community Council, trials for crimes at Jerome, etc.
Leflar, Robert A. (Loc. 73-88)
(7 linear feet) Correspondence, clippings, articles, and other papers. Includes material on the agency's operations, public relations program, handling of evacuees' property, resettlement problems, and constitutional principles pertaining to the relocation centers. Leflar served as an assistant solicitor with War Relocation Authority. Description online.
Lovell, Ulys A. (Loc. 945)
(42 items) Correspondence, memoranda, and photographs. Lovell served as project attorney at Jerome.
Tidball, Virginia (Loc. 824)
(315 items) Correspondence, school essays, clippings, and other records. Tidball taught in the high school at Jerome. Description online.
U. S. Jerome Relocation Center, Denson, Ark. Records (MC 360 Loc. 1457)
(37 items) Correspondence, memoranda, transcripts of hearings, and records of various internment procedures.
U. S. War Relocation Authority, Jerome Relocation Center Records (MC 452)
(123 items) Photographs, reports, yearbooks, clippings related to life at the Jerome center.

Related Manuscript Collections in Other Repositories

Available as microfilm or other copies at the University of Arkansas Libraries (location and call number follow each entry)

United States. War Relocation Authority. (1 reel) Arkansas related records from the files of Edward H. Spicer, head of the WRA Community Analysis Section. Originals are located at the University of Arizona Library, Tucson. (Periodicals, Microfilm/D/769.8/.A6/U54)

U. S. War Relocation Authority. (744 items) Photographs and copies of photographs. Thirty-one taken at the Rohwer center and thirty-three at the Jerome center. Originals at the National Archives and Records Service in Washington, D.C., Record Group 210, series 14. (In Special Collections)

United States. War Relocation Authority. (1 reel) Relocation center construction specifications for Jerome and Rohwer Relocation Centers. Originals at the National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D.C., Record Group 210, Series 54. (Periodicals, Microfilm /D/769.8/.A6/U55)

United States. War Relocation Authority. (1 reel) Relocation center layout drawings for Jerome and Rohwer Relocation Centers. Originals at the National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D.C., Record Group 210, Series 53. (Periodicals, Microfilm/D/769.8/.A6/U56)

Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives

Life Interrupted: The Japanese-American Experience Collaboration between UALR and the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.

Newspapers and Other Publications Available at the University of Arkansas Libraries

Communique. No. 1 - No. 41 (October 23, 1942 - February 26, 1943). Camp newspaper at Jerome. Continued by the Denson Tribune. (Periodicals, Microfilm/F/419/.D45/C6, and in Special Collections, ARK COLL/ov/F/419/.D45/C6)

Condensor. Vol. 1, No. 2 - Vol. 4, No. 7 (April 22, 1943 - May 30, 1944). High school newsletter at Jerome. (Periodicals, Microfilm/E/184/.J3/C64)

Denson Tribune. Vol. 1, No. 1 - Vol. 2, No. 45 (March 2, 1943 - June 6, 1944). Camp newspaper. Continues Communique. (Periodicals Room, Microfilm/F/419/.D45/C6)

Duty Manual/Jerome Relocation Center (Denson, Ark.: The Center, [1943]) (Special Collections, ARK COLL/D/769.8/.A6/D87/1943)

Henry Sugimoto: Painting an American Experience. Kim, Kristine. Berkeley, Calif: Heyday Books, 2001. (Special Collections, ARK COLL/ND/237/.S84/A4/2000)

Rohwer Hi-Lites, winter 1942-1943. [Rohwer, Ark.: N.p., 1943] (Special Collections, ARK COLL/LB/3621.5/.R74/1943)

Rohwer Outpost. Lil Dan'l; One Year in a Relocation Center [Rohwer, Ark.: 1943] (Special Collections, A/940.54727305/.R63)

Rohwer Outpost. Vol. 1, No. 1 - Vol. 7, No. 6 (October 24, 1942 - July 21, 1945). Camp newspaper. Merged with the Rohwer Relocator. Also included a section titled Rohwer Jiho. (Periodicals, Microfilm/F/419/.R63/R6)

Victoria [Denson, Ark.: Denson High School, 1944] (Special Collections, A/940.54727305/.V66)

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