Storage Facility Committee Chairs - Archived Materials


The Storage Facility Committee Chairs meet regularly to coordinate facilities issues, collection selection and future processing, progress of move, processing materials, user policies and procedures, staffing, software development, and internal and external communication. The group is comprised of the chairs of the Storage Facility working groups, as well as key personnel working on the move and/or storage facility processes.


  • Lori Birrell
  • Molly Boyd
  • Debra Cheval
  • Tess Gibson
  • Beth Juhl
  • Matthew Kelly
  • Deb Kulczak
  • Kathleen Lehman
  • Lora Lennertz
  • Michele Reilly
  • Joel Thornton

Frequency of Meetings

The Storage Committee Chairs will meet weekly on Thursdays, or as often as needed complete implementation.