Performing Arts and Media Borrowing Policies

Circulation Privileges

Check-out of performing arts and media library materials is permitted for currently enrolled students, currently employed faculty and staff, and other individuals who have been approved for affiliate status. All patrons must present a valid university photo identification card. The patron is responsible for all materials borrowed against his/her ID. Affiliate status may be obtained by completing the Application for Library Privileges Form available at the Circulation Desk. A fee may be assessed for affiliate privileges. Circulation privileges are not transferable from one person to another.

Loan Periods

Check-out periods for performing arts and media materials are dependent on patron status and item type. In general, the following loan periods are applied:

  Under-Graduates Graduates Faculty Staff Community Borrowers
Scores 16 weeks 16 weeks 16 weeks 16 weeks 4 weeks
Audio Materials 1 week 1 week 4 weeks 1 week In house
Video Materials 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week In house
Multimedia Materials 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks
Historical Sets,
Collected Works
In house In house 3 days In house In house

In order to use library performing arts and media materials within the department, borrowers must present a valid University ID.

Faculty Authorization

Faculty authorization enables graduate students and staff members to check out materials for the faculty member. Authorization may be requested by completing the Faculty Authorization Request Form at the Circulation Desk. Faculty members are responsible for all materials checked out by individuals they authorize.


Scores and multimedia materials may be renewed two times as long as they have not been requested by another patron. Audio and Video materials are renewable one time. Renewals can be made by logging into My Library Account and viewing your patron record, by phoning (575-5517), by bringing in the items, or by presenting a valid University ID at the service desk.


Scores and other performing arts and media materials checked out for at least two weeks may be recalled if needed by another person. A recall request is completed at the Performing Arts and Media Desk. A recall may also be requested by using the "Request an Item" option available through the library computer system. A notice to return the item is sent to the patron to whom the item is currently checked out. Individuals who fail to respond after one recall notice will be fined $1.00 per day until the item is returned ($30.00 maximum). Failure to respond to the final notice will result in an invoice for the cost of the item and for the total fine.


Scores and other performing arts and media materials may be placed on hold at the service desk for pick-up within forty-eight hours when a patron does not have valid identification to check them out. Holds may also be requested for items not yet returned by another patron. Notifications for these items are sent to patrons indicating the last day the item will be held for pick-up before it is reshelved. Rush holds may also be placed on items on order or in process, and special efforts will be made to process the items as quickly as possible.

Overdue Fines for Media Materials

A fine is assessed on an item that is three or more days overdue. The charge is three dollars ($3.00) for the third day and one dollar ($1.00) for each day thereafter.

A fine of one dollar ($1.00) an hour or fraction of an hour is charged for reserve materials which are not returned within one hour of the time due.

A fine of two dollars ($2.00) per day is charged for overdue recalled items.

Damaged or missing materials

Due to the nature of music materials, many recordings and scores are issued with multiple pieces. Materials which are returned incomplete are not usable by others and will be fined for the complete replacement cost of the item. While performance with library scores may be a necessity, please refrain from marking on library materials. If marking is necessary, please return the score to the library with markings erased. Patrons returning parts with excessive markings may be billed for the replacement cost of the entire item.


Email overdue notices are sent to all patrons with valid email accounts. When materials are thirty days overdue, an invoice is sent. The amount of the invoice is a fifteen dollar ($15.00) fine for thirty days overdue plus replacement costs for the item based on current replacement prices.

Overdue reserve materials and recalled items may be fined up to thirty dollars ($30.00)

Invoices must be paid to the cashier in Hunt Hall. If materials that have been invoiced are returned to the library, an adjustment notice will be sent to the Treasurer's Office reducing the billed amount to the overdue fine. No refunds or adjustments to billing records will be given to patrons who have been billed and/or have paid for missing materials and have returned them after a year.

Patrons who are invoiced for materials are blocked from circulation privileges until materials are returned or the invoice is paid.

Questions about an invoice or requests for adjustments are handled at the Circulation Desk Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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