Special Collections Lockers

Lockers are provided at no charge for patrons storing briefcases, book bags, backpacks, purses, and other belongings while they are working in the Special Collections Reading Room. For large coats, umbrellas, or other items which do not fit in a locker, the staff will provide another space. Only loose sheets of note paper, note cards, lap top computers, cassette recorders, or other approved special equipment or materials may be used at study tables, and only after they have been inspected by reading room staff. Personal items brought into the reading room must be inspected again when the researcher leaves.

To use the lockers:

  1. Obtain a locker token from the first desk in the reading room. COINS WILL NOT WORK IN LOCKERS.
  2. Place items to be stored inside locker.
  3. Deposit token in grooved slot inside locker door. Notice that the token will fit into the slot from only one position.
  4. Close and lock the door and remove the key.
  5. Notice that the key chain has a printed number which corresponds to the locker number.
  6. An additional token is necessary if you open and re-lock the locker.
  7. In the unlikely event that you lose the key to the locker, the replacement charge is $45.00.
  8. Security of items in the lockers cannot be guaranteed against the possibility of theft through vandalism. Therefore,valuable items should not be left in lockers, especially when the library is closed.

We appreciate your cooperation for the security and preservation of research materials in the Special Collections Division.

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