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Priority Initiative Coordinating Committee 1-2

Chairs: Deb Kulczak and Sherryl Robinson

Current Members: Andrea Cantrell, Elaine Contant, Karen Myers, Necia Parker-Gibson, Janell Prater, Kathy Riggle, Kareen Turner

Administrative Liaison: Janet Parsch


Create a staff development and in-house training program for library faculty and staff; support scholarly efforts of library faculty.


  1. Complete work on the new employee orientation process, including the online orientation manual. The manual should reflect those items that are of common interest to existing as well as new employees.
  2. With input from supervisors, develop a training program for new and existing supervisors.
  3. Consolidate training initiatives into a comprehensive library employee training program, including, but not limited to, OPAC and other library web training, student worker training, and information technology competencies.

Note This group will have two working sub-groups: one that deals with student training and one that deals with implementing the staff training program.



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Last updated: 2009-09-10