Certificate Errors

Update: The Libraries have recently moved to a new proxy server setting that should cause fewer certificate errors.

Still having problems? Please contact us.

The Libraries use a proxy server to authenticate users when they are off-campus.

You can recognize a proxied url because it will contain the string library.uark.edu. For example:


Occasionally, when making a secure (https://) connection to a library database, you may receive a Security Exception Error from your browser.

That is because the secure certificate on the database site does not match the library.uark.edu domain.

We don't recommend that you routinely allow these kinds of exceptions. The Web is a dangerous place!

But, in those cases when you need to access a library resource and are following a link from our web pages, here are instructions on bypassing this error message.

In Google Chrome

Secutiry error in Chrome

  1. Click "Advanced."
  2. Click "Proceed to [web site]"

Chrome Exception error

In FireFox / Mozilla

Firefox error: "This Connection is Untrusted"

  1. Click "Advanced."
  2. Click "Add Exception" towards the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click "Confirm Security Exception."

In Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Certificate Exception

  1. Select "Continue to this website (not recommended)"

In Safari (Mac)

Security Exception in safari

  1. Click "Continue."