Remote Access Policies

In most cases, only current University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, students, faculty, and staff may access databases, electronic books, and electronic journals remotely.

Researchers, alumni, and community members who are not current U of A students, faculty, or staff are welcome to use most databases, electronic books, and electronic journals while in the library, but they may not access these resources remotely. Certain further restrictions apply to some databases.

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Alumni Access

Alumni may use most subscription databases, electronic books, and electronic journals while in the library building or through the UA Guest Wireless connections on campus. However, due to licensing restrictions, these resources are generally not available to alumni from off-campus.

Read more about open access resources available to alumni, as well as special database access through the Arkansas Alumni Association portal.

Visiting or Affiliated Faculty Access

Visiting or adjunct faculty should contact their sponsoring department regarding their status on the campus student and faculty information systems.

Continuing Student Access

To be eligible for remote access to electronic resources, students must be enrolled in at least one hour of credit or be pre-registered for the following semester. (Graduate Student Handbook, "Use of Electronic Resources of the Library").

Students who wish to retain library privileges for a short time while they complete theses or other academic requirements may be granted "Affiliate" status in the UAConnect student information system by their college or the Graduate School. Students seeking such extensions must appeal to the appropriate college or school office. Extensions and length of time granted are determined by academic departments, colleges, and the Graduate School, not by the library.

Once an extension is approved, and the student record has been updated in UAConnect, the student will then need to request short-term reinstatement of library privileges at the Main Circulation Desk in Mullins Library or by contacting Circulation staff will confirm the student's Affiliate status in UAConnect and update the student's record in the Libraries' online system. Affiliate status requires the use of the last name and the nine-digit University ID number to log into one's library account or into databases and electronic resources.

Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service / Experiment Station System

Researchers affiliated with the Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service or the Experiment Station System should contact the Associate Dean's Office in Bumpers College regarding affiliate status.

Once the Bumpers College enters an affiliate record on the campus system, the researcher will then need to contact the Main Circulation Desk in Mullins Library (479-575-4104, so that their library record can be updated.

Affiliated faculty may use their last name and nine-digit University ID number to log into their library account or into databases and electronic resources.

Copyright and Fair Use

All users of library databases and electronic journals should remember that these materials are copyrighted. Fair use provisions of U.S. Copyright Law permit reproduction of single copies of copyrighted material for personal, non-commercial and private use. Publication, redistribution, transmission, or resale of articles, images or other content from electronic databases or journals would not be considered fair use.

In addition, fair use guidelines address the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted material as a whole. Electronic archiving or systematic downloading of entire journal issues or volumes are not considered fair use and are prohibited in most license agreements . Users who systematically download entire issues or volumes of journals will be blocked from future access. Repeated electronic archiving or systematic downloading may imperil access for the entire University of Arkansas community.