Access Through the Campus Network

Campus Wired Connections

If your computer directly connected to the campus network, you should be able to connect to most library databases and electronic journals without a login or password.

If you are having trouble accessing or searching a particular database or electronic journal:

  • check the library catalog to verify that the Libraries provide that resource for the years you are trying to access.
  • make sure that you are connecting to the resource by following a link from the Libraries' Web site and not by using a personal bookmark.
  • check that your browser is set to allow cookies.
  • turn off any pop-up blocking software.
  • determine whether the resource is passworded. A very few electronic journals and databases still require a username and password.
  • contact the Reference Department at 866-818-8115 (toll free), 479-575-6645 (local) or email for help with passwords or any other database or ejournal problems.

If you are having trouble connecting to any services on the campus network, you may wish to call the University Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk at 479-575-2905 or send email to

Campus Wireless

Wireless networks available on campus include:

UARK Wi-Fi (formerly UARK 2G and 5G Wi-Fi)

This is the recommended network for UARK users, offering unrestricted and secure access to all Web locations and services.

Read more about getting connected to UARK Wi-Fi at the ITS web site.

UARK Guest (formerly UA Wireless)

Can be used by anyone on campus with any valid email address, but it is not secure and does not allow access to all online services.

UARK Guest does not support some library services, such as Find it! or Index Arkansas.

Read more about UA Guest at the ITS web site.


The University of Arkansas is an eduroam member, providing secure wireless access to visitors from participating institutions, as well as making wireless access available to UARK users when traveling to participating institutions.

Eduroam is an international research and education community offering visitor wireless access at participating institutions, funded in part by the National Science Foundation and Internet2 Net+. With eduroam, the home institution verifies credentials and the visited network provides access.

Read more about eduroam at the ITS web site.

Mobile Devices

Using your smartpone, iPad, or other mobile device on campus? If you are relying on your service provider's data network, your device will look to us as if it is "off campus." Take a look at our off campus instructions for information on connecting to library resources.