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About the Cataloging and Acquisitions Department

Cataloging and Acquisitions Department Units

 Database Maintenance/Music Cataloging Unit

Unit Head: Deb Kulczak

Staff: Cathy Reineka, Rose Cody

Primary responsibilities:

 * Authority control: Establishing correct form of heading and applying it consistently, using cross references to direct users to the correct form of the heading names/subjects/series titles)
* Database maintenance: Adding or correcting information in InfoLinks records: call numbers, location codes
* Music cataloging: Scores, music video and sound recordings. Also responsible for labeling re-cataloging, transfers and withdrawals of music materials
* Catalog non-music media formats as needed
* Analytics copy cataloging, print and electronic books    
* Labeling books and placing security strips and date due slips in books
* Work on metadata for digital projects, as assigned

Unit services: InfoLinks change requests

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Monographic Unit: Acquisitions and Copy Cataloging Unit

Unit Head: Mary Gilbertson

Staff: Carol Warriner, Melissa Gatlin, Patty George, Janell Prater

Materials ordered and cataloged are monographs; monograph is a term which literally means a single written item, and is often used to refer to a single book. The Monographic Unit orders and catalogs the new books, including added copies and rush books.  The unit also receives and catalogs gift books.  The unit is also responsible for transferred monograph titles and volumes and for withdrawn monograph titles and volumes. It is important that monograph transfers have the location codes corrected in both the bibliographic and item record to direct the patron to the correct branch or department within Mullins. It is also important that materials are withdrawn in order to prevent patrons searching for missing or lost titles/volumes.

Workflow of materials: Materials are received and cataloged in the unit; then forwarded to the Database Maintenance Unit for physical processing.   After this is complete, the books are delivered to the Circulation Department. 

Unit Services:

  1. RUSH books are ordered in a timely manner.  RUSH books usually are ordered the same day the unit receives the request.  Generally, they are ordered directly from the publisher and priority shipping is authorized.  When the item arrives at the library, Shipping and Receiving staff bring it directly to the Unit, where it is immediately received and given to copy catalogers.
  2. RUSH books are cataloged with 48 hours, and many times within 24 hours for patrons (with the exception of the weekend if a request is received late on Friday afternoon)
  3. On-the-fly records are verified and corrected as necessary when Circulation gives the returned book to the unit to prepare the book to circulate again.

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Serials Cataloging Unit

Unit Head: Cheryl Conway

Staff: Julie Thacker, Lisa Lindsey

Materials cataloged: All serials including computer files, internet resources, microfilm or microfiche. By definition, a serial is intended to be published indefinitely and must have an enumeration system. Serials have the added complication of title changes.  The unit is also responsible for entering summary serials holdings in the bibliographic records.
Other tasks: the unit also creates union list records in the OCLC union list system for the purposes of interlibrary loan; processes dropped serials, withdrawals, and added titles and volumes,
Workflow of materials: New titles, title changes, dropped titles forms are from the Serials Dept. Added volumes or new titles (which have no subscription) may come from the Acquisitions Unit.  Gifts may arrive from the Serials or Acquisitions Unit.

Unit services: The unit is very responsive to the need for adding URLs to records or cataloging internet journals.

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Special Collections Cataloging Unit

Unit Head: Mikey King

Staff: Judy Culberson

Materials cataloged: All materials in the Special Collections Department collections except serials, including:

monographs, maps, manuscript collections (and online finding aids), some compact discs (CD-ROM and audio cds), broadsides, etc.

Judy also catalogs Reference monographs and RUSH books.

Unit services:

  1. Original cataloging of Arkansas related titles (excepting Arkansas documents)

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Special Formats Cataloging Unit

Unit Head: Jason Dean

Staff: Cedar Middleton

Materials cataloged: Theses and dissertations, and original and copy cataloging for special formats materials including Internet monographs and non-music audiovisual materials such as CDs, DVDs, videocassettes, audio books, microforms, and playaways.

Workflow of materials: Theses and dissertations are received from the Graduate School; other materials are received from the Acquisitions Unit.

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