EndNote Basic Citation Manager

What is EndNote Basic?

EndNote Basic is a Web-based bibliography manager that allows users to create their own personal database of citations by importing references from text files or online databases. They can use these references in writing their papers and automatically format the paper and the bibliography in seconds.

What is the Difference between the Web and Client Versions?

The Libraries pay for EndNote Basic access for the campus, while students and faculty must purchase copies of the client software if they wish to install it on their own computer. Client software for Windows or Mac computers can be purchased at an academic discount from the University of Arkansas Campus Computer Store.

Beyond cost, the main advantage of EndNote Basic is the ability to access your citations from anywhere. However, the EndNote client offers unlimited storage and more functionality than the Web version.

Since the University Libraries support both RefWorks and EndNote Basic, we recommend that you try those programs first. If you are an EndNote client user who needs help with custom connection filters for University of Arkansas subscription databases, please contact the Library Web Services. We also have client connection file information for the library catalog available.

How can I get an EndNote Basic Account?

First-Time Users: First-time users will need to create an EndNote Basic account with a personal login and password.

If you are on campus, follow the instructions on our EndNote Basic guide:


If you are off campus, you can either:

Once your account is created, you may access it from anywhere whether on or off campus. 

What is Cite While You Write?

Cite While you Write is a plugin for Microsoft Word that allows you to insert citations into your paper with the click of a button. Cite While You Write is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems.
More info on Windows requirements.
More info on Mac requirements.

To install Cite While you Write:

  1. Login to EndNote Basic
  2. Under the Format tab, click Cite While You Write Plug-In
  3. Select the hyperlink corresponding to your system (Windows/Mac).  Once downloaded, run the installation file.
  4. Open Microsoft Word and verify installation by locating the EndNote Basic tab

More info on Cite While You Write is available in our Research Guide.

How can Export Citations from Databases into my EndNote Basic Account?

Many of our databases and ejournals can export records into EndNote. We've listed step-by-step instructions on our Research Guide.

How can I get More Help with EndNote Basic?