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Dates: Primarily 4th century BCE - 6th century CE.
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Description: Brill's New Jacoby contains the complete Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker, commonly abbreviated FGrHist or FGrH (Fragments of the Greek Historians), a collection, by Felix Jacoby, of text fragments, citations, extracts or summaries from ancient Greek historians whose works have largely been lost. The FGrHist project consisted of three parts. The first included the mythographers and the most ancient historians (authors 1-63); the second, the historians proper (authors 64-261); the third, the autobiographies, local histories and works on foreign countries (authors 262-856). The collection has been supplemented with more recent work and published as Brill's New Jacoby. Browsing and searching can be done in all volumes, old and new. A list of authors is provided.
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