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Dates: earliest times to 2000
Full-Text: Yes
Description: The Oxford DNB is the successor to the original Dictionary of National Biography (DNB), first published between 1885 and 1900, and then updated in supplements, published between 1901 and 1996.

Every person whose biography appeared in the original DNB is included in the Oxford DNB. All the articles in the original DNB can be accessed from the corresponding Oxford DNB article.

No living persons are included. The DNB is a dictionary of national biography, but does not take a narrow view of 'Britishness'. It includes:
  • people who were born and lived in the British Isles;
  • people from the British Isles who achieved recognition in other countries;
  • people who lived in territories formerly connected with the British Isles at a time when they were in contact with British rule;
  • people born elsewhere who settled in the British Isles for significant periods, or whose visits enabled them to leave a mark on British life.
The essays are signed and include bibliographies. Search by name, occupation, gender, time period, place, religion, or keyword. Includes many portraits and illustrations. The printed version can be found in Reference at DA28 .O95 2004.
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