Art Exhibit Policy for Mullins Library

In the spirit of the intent of Mullins Library to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for students and faculty that is conducive to the pursuit of intellectual study and cultural enrichment, Mullins Library provides a venue for rotating art exhibits in designated open public spaces on the Lobby Level.

The library's Art Advisory Committee serves as the vehicle for identifying accomplished area artists willing to submit their work for review and, if their work is accepted, willing to provide an exhibit appropriate to the spaces available. Works of art chosen for these temporary exhibits are lent to the library by the individual artist for a period of time specified by written contract. Other responsibilities of the library and the artist are stipulated in the contract, as well. The library neither purchases these works nor profits from exhibiting them. Responsibility for the mounting and dismantling of the exhibit is the artist's. While Mullins Library will provide reasonable security for such exhibits, security cannot be guaranteed and insurance cannot be provided to the artist by the library or the university.

For inquiries or more information on art exhibits in the University Libraries, contact Martha Guirl-Phillips, member of the Exhibits Committee.