RazorRush Document Delivery Service

What is RazorRush?

RazorRush is a service that can help you manage your study time more effectively. Upon request, library staff will retrieve, scan and electronically deliver articles from print periodicals in the collection of the University of Arkansas Libraries.

Who can use RazorRush?

This service is available to all University of Arkansas students, faculty and staff.

What items are eligible for the service?

What items are not eligible for the service?

How do I place a request?

Look for the Request an Article Scan and Request a Chapter Scan buttons when viewing a detailed record for a title in OneSearch.

Just click the button, log into your ILLiad account, and the form will be populated for you with the name of the journal or book. Then, fill in the specifics on the article or chapter you need.

Or, you can log into ILLiad directly and fill out an Article or Book Chapter request form manually.

Are there any copyright restrictions?

There are no copyright restrictions if you are using the copy for private research and study.

How will I know when my article is ready to view?

You will receive an email notification telling you that your article is ready. Please log into your ILLiad account and click on “Electronically Received Articles.” You can then download or print your article.

How long will my articles or chapters remain electronically available?

Your scans will be held on our servers for 14 days. It is your responsibility to download and save or print the articles. The Libraries will not repeatedly copy the same articles for the same person. Please save your items outside of ILLiad as soon as you receive them.

How long does it take to get an article or chapter?

The Libraries are committed to providing 48 hour turnaround time. This means we will deliver your requested items within 48 hours Monday through Friday. Weekends, holidays and closings are not counted in calculating delivery times. Library users should carefully consider the urgency of their need before submitting a request. Submitting a request for an item you need right away at 4:30 pm on a Friday means you will not have your item until Monday at the earliest.

Is there a limit to how many items I can request?

While you may submit as many requests as you like at any time, the Libraries will process ten requests per person per day. Users with urgent needs are encouraged to visit the library in person to obtain their items.

Is there a page limit?

Articles or chapters over 50 pages in length cannot be copied through this service.

Can you fill every request I submit?

Sometimes it is not possible to fill a request. Some reasons include:

If we are unable to fill your request, you will be notified by email.