GIS Day Open House 2009

Each year the University Libraries and the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies host a local celebration of Geographic Information Systems Day to give the public the opportunity to view real-world applications of GIS technology by specialists from around the region. This year, in addition to the open house held on the second floor atrium area of the J.B. Hunt Transport Services Center for Academic Excellence, outdoor presentations included a Geocache Treasure Hunt for K-12 students. Teams of 3 students used GPS units to locate waypoints for a dash to the treasure. The second outdoor event featured David Shaver of the Mid Continent Geographic Science Center in Rolla, Missouri, a division of the US Geological Survey, demonstrating how dogs fitted with GPS tracking devices can enhance search and rescue missions. The demonstration was made with the assistance of Ronnie, a mine detection dog who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. The final outdoor event was a land survey demonstration by Dr. Rod Williams and other staff of the Civil Engineering Department on campus, using survey equipment and 2 and 3 point triangulation to plot the landscape near JB Hunt building.

Meanwhile, presenters in the EAST lab (JBHT 263/265) discussed techniques for generating and manipulating GIS data in numerous applications and a gallery of poster presentations in the atrium provided examples of numerous GIS projects from the region, including the city of Fayetteville Master Street Plan, Master Trail Plan, City Plan 2025, Existing Land Use, Police data, Water and Sewer System maps, school districts and bus routes, and monitoring forest growth in the Ozark National Forest.

11/18/2009, J. B. Hunt Center for Academic Excellence

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